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Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with a yeast allergy about 2 years ago. I do not get yeast infections, but whenever I eat something with a high amount of yeast, my throat itches and swells, and I get a horrible sinus headache that covers my whole face. I have been having recurrent UTI's recently and want to try drinking cranberry juice. Do cranberries have yeast, or would they be okay?
Avatar f tn What kind of problems did you go through before you found out it was allergies and did the allergy shots work for you? What other things did you do to control your allergies?
Avatar m tn I don't know what an allergy can do
Avatar f tn I'm not sure it covers the IUD. You might have to keep trying to call your insurance to make sure. BCBS is like the best insurance out there so I'm thinking it should be fine but I think it would be better to check first.
Avatar m tn Another thought would be your dust and pet allergy. Do you have allergy proof bedding covers on your matress, boxsprings and pillows. Those will go a long way to help reduce morning allergy symptoms. Also, you should keep any pets out of your bedroom. Lastly, showering before bed will wash away any allergens you have picked up during the day.
Avatar f tn shower and change clothes when you come in from long periods outside, shower before bed, wash bedding every week in hot water, keep pets out of your bedroom, allergy proof covers for pillows, matress and boxsprins (mainly for dust/dust mite allergy), keep doors and windows closed as much as possible. 4) consider seeing an allergist, being tested and starting shots. They really work and do wonders for control after 6 months to a year.
Avatar f tn I felt pain around my eye for 2 days and then i woke up with my upper eyelid swollen to the point it covers my eye if I relax my eyes.It has happened before a few times.Is it some kind of allergy or something more serious like an infection?
Avatar f tn t seem to respond well to medication or if you have year-round allergies and prefer not to be on medication all the time. Medications can control symptoms, but allergy shots -- if they work in your case -- are a more lasting solution. Allergy shots have a high success rate -- as high as 70 to 90 percent. The downside is that immunotherapy requires a substantial time commitment. During the initial series of shots, your doctor will need to see you every week or two for three to six months.
Avatar m tn You may also want to consider a HEPA air system for his bedroom. Have you put allergy covers on his pillows, mattress and box springs? It is also recommended the non-washable fabrics (stuffed animals, upholstery, carpets, drapery...) be removed from a dust allergy patients bed room. It is also advised to keep pets out of the bedroom. Dust allergies can be hard to control, but these measures (as difficult as they are) really do help.
Avatar n tn its been a week since i experienced this kind of problems beside my nose and under my covers almost my whole face. it peels, it gets itchy that caused it to irritate and became red. i also had a history of asthma since then. i wanna asked your opinion in my problem.. can i call it a cold sores? or just allergy or ??? i need your help and solution for my problems.. hoping for your reply soon.
Avatar n tn I buy hypo-allergenic pillows (which are just a few dollars more than the regular ones), and allergy covers for them (which can be washed). Don't forget to wash any stuffed animals regularly, too, as well as change the filters in the air conditioner and dust his room. Allergy testing is a good idea, too. I hope he feels better!
Avatar f tn It's summer - it's a big time for allergies. Even if you've never experienced allergies before, they can develop at any time. Or are you exposed to something new? Are you living in a house with mold? Working in a building with mold? Allergy-proof your house as much as you can - vacuum regularly, get new hypoallergenic pillows (old pillows hold a LOT of dust and all kinds of nasties) and get allergy covers for them.
Avatar n tn I was thinking about getting the implant.The birth control that goes in your arm. Can anyone give me some ideas on how it a be like? And did it work well? Did you gain any weight ect.?
Avatar f tn For the past few months evertime my period ends my vagina is irritated,i am on birth control im not sure If that could be causing a ph imbalance. I thought it was a yeast infection but its not because i would treat it, it would go away and the next month when my period comes the irritation comes back. My vagina lips have tiny bumps all over i think thet have always been there its jus now the are inflamed,red and itchy at times...
Avatar n tn now 2 years later i have what looks like a massive birth mark the covers my back and breasts.. it seems that it reacts to heat.. in the shower it appears worse and if i am really hot it seems to stand right out and it gets really itchy when it is irritated. I have been to a gp about it and he prescribed cortizone cream, it has not made a difference at all. now it seems to be in patches down the back of my legs and making it's way onto my stomache in patches.
Avatar f tn Be sure that you are taking exposure prevention measures like keeping doors and windows of your home and car closed, showering and changing your clothes immediately when you come in from outside, and showering before bed. If you suspect dust mite allergy, get allergy proof covers for your pillows, mattress and box springs and wash your bedding weekly in hot water. Fianally, keep all pets out of your bedroom. My favorite allergy treatment is the nasal rinse. I absolutely love it.
Avatar f tn Have you previously had any allergy symptoms? Or is it just the puffy, swollen lids that are a new symptom? My first thought was a dust mite allergy, but other symptoms would've probably appeared before now (sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose when you do housework, sweep, dust, etc.). I have a severe dust and dustmite allergy and had problems with allergies during the night until I got pillow and mattress covers.
Avatar n tn i have a constant cough,running nose and sneezing and gets worse when i go to bed,any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I have tried every available birth control on the market. Such as the pill, patch, nova ring, diaphragm, sponge, IUD, to condoms. Any hormonal variation causes sever and lasting yeast infections. I also have a latex allergy so we use non-latex condoms which break 1out of 3 times. Other then a tubal is there anything I'm missing? I also strictly chart my ovulation so I can keep and eye on that too. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
490398 tn?1319940717 Once it is under control, think about getting allergy shots because they will greatly help your allergies (completely got rid of mine - including blood and skin tests went from +4 (cats) and +2 (dust mites) out of 5 to negative results. If your asthma is mainly allergy based, it would greatly help that as well.
4774515 tn?1359650004 When are you planning on using the nursing cover, just in public? I've found nursing covers to be more trouble than they're worth! I've never used that brand though, so bump!
Avatar n tn My son has some allergies. He has been sneezing and his nose itchy in the day time but at night his nose is clogged up and has a hard time breathing. He is currently not taking anything. I have tried in the past Triaminic cold & allergy which helps but you have to give every 4 hours is there anything else and if so can it be used long term like a few months?
Avatar n tn hydrocodone? Causes everyone to itch, but some ARE allergic. Call poison control, a pharmacist, or a doc.