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974371 tn?1424653129 Not a question but just wanted to post this as a reminder to those getting pets. I showed dogs for years in Conformation and Obedience. I was in charfpge of Education fir our large Breed club and have helped with rescue over the years. If someone adopts a pet from a reputable Rescue organization, that animal has usually had health and dental issues addressed, updated on shots, wormed and temperament tested.
Avatar f tn By 2009 the Sinaloa drug cartel had made Phoenix its gun supermarket and recruited young Americans as its designated shoppers or straw purchasers. Voth and his agents began investigating a group of buyers, some not even old enough to buy beer, whose members were plunking down as much as $20,000 in cash to purchase up to 20 semiautomatics at a time, and then delivering the weapons to others. MORE: Too long to copy and paste here. Follow the link for the entire story. http://features.blogs.
1530342 tn?1405016490 Sales were led by smaller, more fuel-efficient models, but GM says cheaper gas also lured more truck buyers. Chevrolet Silverado sales rose 5 percent and GMC Sierra sales rose 8 percent compared with a year earlier. The new Chevrolet Cruze compact led GM's sales gain. Cruze sales were more than double those of the old Chevrolet Cobalt. GM's small-car sales were helped by earthquake-related shortages of Japanese cars. GM is one of the first car companies to report U.S.
Avatar f tn If you still have tags on anything, try returning them for store credit or exchanging them first. But otherwise try selling them online. There are "yard sale" pages all over Facebook, some that are specifically for baby things. Explain the situation and ask 50-70% of retail price and you should get some buyers. Especially if it's all essentially brand new!
Avatar f tn It does not mean that allergy will occur to every compound of that group. It is individual to every person and caution should be maintained before taking any medications of that group. Best.
Avatar f tn Does anybody know of such a place, or can you recommend any other anti-counterfeit measures that buyers can take to minimize the risk?
Avatar f tn But that actually gets me more business bc people charge by hr plus material and that scares off buyers. Guess how I learned. At home, on youtube! Lol its really great.
Avatar f tn If you have a strong family history of penicillin allergy, then amoxicillin group also should be avoided. Also please mention this fact to any doctor you or your daughter and other children visit. An antiallergic like Benadryl should be given and please stop the medicine. Discuss with your doctor as soon as possible. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
599170 tn?1300973893 I have seentwo houses so far not castles but 3 bedrooms old fashioned yet finished basements, remodeled bath, detatched garage. It is a buyers market big time. anyone renting an apartment look into this you will be shocked its cheaper to buy oneof these house than it is to rent. Yep Im excited gonna have my own little home YEAH!
Avatar f tn Just so you know the doctor from the buyers club in Australia has bought a huge amount of powders from Mesochem and tested each and every one and never had a problem. Not only that, there's a ton of ppl who have ordered from Mesochem and are SVR today, check out the link. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn She finally suggested that my son had a milk protein allergy, she switched our formula to hypoallergenic, and within 24hrs of being on his new formula, he was a changed, much happier baby who slept all through the night. My son however now suffers from severe throat issues. He has a thickened esophagus lining, and other gastrointestinal issues that will taunt him for the rest of his life.
199177 tn?1490498534 that as a seller, you CANNOT leave negative feedback on buyers anymore!! WTF is that all about??? how fair is that?! OMG that makes me so mad. So when some jackasss doesnt pay for the stuff they bought off you or whatever problem you have, you are still forced to leave either POSITIVE feedback or just none at all!! I sooooo do not understand this!!
Avatar f tn Thank you- The Dallas buyers club has caused some stress.
8227972 tn?1414913484 Amazon will guarantee their sellers and products. Better for buyers.
Avatar f tn Not silly - I posted a similar question on sulpha drug allergy in March - because the only comprehensive study that has ever been done on habits of a group of IGM sufferers, turned up a higher than normal incidence of sulpha drug allergies within the group, as opposed to general population, even though it is a common allergy. I am allergic to sulpha, and I believe I may have been treated for a UTI with a sulpha based drug shortly before my first IGM episode...
Avatar f tn After a couple of days I developed a severe rash over my whole body (I also have many food, chemical, animal and inhalant allergies). This was diagnosed by an allergy consultant as an allergy to my b12 injections - probably to the cobalt? My doctor basically shrugged this off saying we'd stop the injections in that case, and my treatment has ended despite previously being told I would need them for life. I have already had tests to show I dont absorb b12 orally.
Avatar f tn Those areas are much harder for the buyers to enter because they have thicker skin Genital are more Vulnerable.
Avatar m tn You want cold-pressed, organic products that are highly rated by buyers. You would take it with some high-quality raw honey such as you could buy at Whole Foods Research it for yourself.
Avatar n tn Rash all over your body may be due to some ingredient in the energy drink like sweetener, color or other exepients. Of the Vitamin B group only B3 and B6 are known to cause allergy, that too in injectable form. Orally rarely these cause allergic reactions. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage without an allergy panel test done to diagnose what substance is causing allergy. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
1423392 tn?1286590390 Well its been along time since I have posted but I have been reading post. I want to thank this group for all of its support. I still have not been dx with anything I"m still in limboland its gone from post viral to ms but no certain answers. Life has been changing for my family my husband got a new job we put our house up for sale whoo we sold it in 4 days whoo that is pretty exciting.
1554181 tn?1294328303 The exact cause for barbiturate allergy is not known. Research says it may be hereditary. In other cases, barbiturate allergy may develop in individuals who may be taking several other drugs at one time. Sometime the cause for Barbiturate allergy remains unknown. I suggest you to consult dermatologist. Take care and regards.
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Avatar m tn under current law, if you are on a terrorist watch list you can't board a plane, but you can purchase explosives and weapons. I hope they straighten this out soon.
Avatar f tn After having no effect he advised an exray which showed anterior group of paranasal sinus is clear and swollen turbinates.Again got treated with anti biotics,anti inflammatory and others.After having no effect doctor performed a turbinate reduction surgery to correct turbinates.There was no improvement after surgery.The xray after surgey showed anterior group of paranasal sinus is clear.
Avatar n tn Removal of mercury-containing dental amalgam in patients with mercury hypersensitivity may contribute to successful treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis.
Avatar m tn Did your chest pain start after the headache? Sometimes allergy medications will increase your heart rate or disturb the rythym of your heart. Do you have a history of allergies or heart problems? Have you ever been diagnosed with a heart murmur? Is this the first time you have ever had this feeling in your chest? You mentioned you are stressed and you take medication for depression?