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Avatar f tn Thank you- The Dallas buyers club has caused some stress.
Avatar f tn Just so you know the doctor from the buyers club in Australia has bought a huge amount of powders from Mesochem and tested each and every one and never had a problem. Not only that, there's a ton of ppl who have ordered from Mesochem and are SVR today, check out the link. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Email Greg Jefferies for US delivery he knows and its possible to import it there, ACTUALLY IF YOU DONT WANT TO TRAVEL TO iNDIA then just contact Greg, that buyers club is the correct place.
3224409 tn?1356206827 So when i fell pregnant i joined there parenting club.. Recieved vouchers for free changing bag etc so i redeemed thm at 28wks i think... Thn lucky me got another welcome pack again. With same voucher. .... Now my brain is telling me to redeem this one aswell.. Lol. But all i m not sure it ll work with my asvantage card anymore. .. But i cant seem to find ny details on it... Has ny of u ladies had this b4....
Avatar m tn That is nothing more than a follow up for people who have treated with generics that they got from other countries, it is not a drug trial. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Reviewing DAA Efficacy Managing Patient Treatment In Online Neighbourhoods (REDEMPTION) Identifier: NCT02657694 This study is enrolling participants by invitation only.
798555 tn?1292787551 I went on NP Thyroid a few years ago to avoid any future hassles of Canadian ERFA shipments. NP was cheap to, Its pays to compare who you get it from as brick and mortar pharmas use different distributors sometimes. That diff alone for NP is $90 cash vs $250 cash for 90 days in my case. 1 Mile can save me that much $. Walgreen's has a discount club for cash payers.....then its $50 for 90 days. If that "club card" goes, I'll be paying more.
Avatar f tn I love the Breakfast Club(no comment Limodan!!!
1415482 tn?1459702714 Hi there! So I just posted in the MedHelp suggestions forum about starting a "hobbies club". Lets face it, Medhelp can be a tad bit depressing sometimes for all, whether posting or assisting with an issue. I know for certain communities which deal with mood disorders and other emotional aspects, it would be nice for members to relate in a way that makes them feel good. Getting lost in a hobby or the discussion of same, can be quite a relief.
Avatar f tn I have eaten shrimp and lobster for years with no problem. The other day I sampled a lobster spread at Sam's Club. Later that night I vomited and then red spoltches were all over my face. No swelling or itching with them. Why now? I'm 68 and never had this happen before!
Avatar m tn Hey Tom, Greetings to you too! And welcome to the forum. (Congratulations on the London Olympic Games - great job!) I understand your need to rub this information on the allergist nose, however,your primary objective is to clear this serious allergy to dogs. I'm afraid I cannot access the sNDC. (It is pet dander based immunotherapy allergy serum.) Your allergist's office probably did not have any, or the secretary was just misinformed.
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Avatar f tn I know I'm not loosing it. To send a message to someone on a discussion, you have to copy a code. If you can't get the code correct, you don't get through. Again, I don't understand how to read or put the code down correctly. O really hope I'm making sense.
1438412 tn?1315507919 This asked me to enter code but where code should be there was nothing
Avatar f tn I would suggest since your son is only 3, that you start spreading the word to friends and people who sit near you at the club that your son has a serious allergy and could they help keep and eye out that kids are not nearby or on his blanket with nut products. I think my sons allergies are well known around the area. I worked very hard at his young age to start spreading the news to the children and parents he was in contact with that it was serious.
Avatar f tn * Allergy: Causes and Symptoms * Allergy Relief Chlorine is an irritant in general, so as soon as one comes in contact with it, one must wash it off, or apply a soothing cream. Most chlorine allergy occurs in people who visit swimming pools very regularly, so make sure you maintain the chlorine level in your swimming pool. Discard clothes that have been washed in detergents that have a high level of chlorine, and take a wash after every swim.
Avatar m tn Hi, Check out this clinical trial:
Avatar m tn pick the type, usually a code on the page ordering your blood draw, or ask the doctor for it. Would be like CBC maybe CBC/D, or like TSH. Pick it. Under 'conditions/disease' pick Hepatitis. Hit enter. The link I gave you was for the CBC test. It looks like your test, perhaps ordered a little differently. Having recently started treatment myself, I can't even pretend to comment with authority about your numbers. FWIW though .. I have seven numbers rated Lower. Good news.
Avatar m tn Yep, generics definitely work!! The Redemption clinical trial proves that. If you have any doubts, go to The bottom link is of some pharmacies that have been totally vetted by Dr. James Freeman and friends or staff. They are totally trusted, some are from India, one is from Bangladesh, another from Australia etc. Since Gilead is charging $94,000 for a 12 week supply of Harvoni some people think it costs a lot of money to make.
1569133 tn?1310464416 This is deep and very put the words together well ..