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Avatar n tn Even months later. Cortisone can have some serious sideeffects, perhaps do a search on the net to find out more. Definitely, tell your doctor about your reaction.
Avatar f tn My mother has chronic diarrhea and headache problem since 2005 which seems celiac disease. Through net I have surfed she might be also having gluten sensitivity and we have conducted food allergy panel test for ascertaining gluten allergy but test is negative for wheat but positive for peanut and sesame. Now I realized that wheat allergy is different from gluten allergy and have wasted money in allergy panel test.
974371 tn?1424653129 Great additional information. I had one of my puppy buyers once tell me he hadn't filled out so much paper work since he bought a car. :-) Odd you would bring up Labradoodles ( which I fell will be recognized one day). A friend of mine was asking me about them the other day as her employer has two ( she is a health home nurse). They paid big bucks for these dogs. I proceeded to do some checking as I am not all that familiar with the breed.
1530342 tn?1405016490 Sales were led by smaller, more fuel-efficient models, but GM says cheaper gas also lured more truck buyers. Chevrolet Silverado sales rose 5 percent and GMC Sierra sales rose 8 percent compared with a year earlier. The new Chevrolet Cruze compact led GM's sales gain. Cruze sales were more than double those of the old Chevrolet Cobalt. GM's small-car sales were helped by earthquake-related shortages of Japanese cars. GM is one of the first car companies to report U.S.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with a yeast allergy about 2 years ago. I do not get yeast infections, but whenever I eat something with a high amount of yeast, my throat itches and swells, and I get a horrible sinus headache that covers my whole face. I have been having recurrent UTI's recently and want to try drinking cranberry juice. Do cranberries have yeast, or would they be okay?
Avatar n tn I have herard of this before , it was even discussed on the Oprah Winfrey Show but only as something that does exist with out giving any specifics. The symptoms I am discovering are not life threatening and I cannot find anything on the net yet. My girlfriend only expressed that what I am experiencing could possibly be an allergic reaction after my first weekend of intimacy with a man I have been seeing for 3 mos. Since I have cme back home the signs are practically gone...
9884089 tn?1406756206 Mine came with a warning in the instructions saying dont caover it with netter its a hazars and dangerous.
535822 tn?1443976780 Have you heard of that ,The Federal Commision says that net-neutrality rules would apply to all parts of the internet ..OBamas FCC is set to vote on proposed' regulations,' this Thursday..Socialism not freedom, they is to rescue the public from nefarious Corporations that control technology..
Avatar f tn Please do be tested for titanium metal allergy before you get that implant removed. As I said, titanium allergy is so very rare it's almost non existent, and you'll notice the net only has "comments", nothing proven, as that is the same material used for hip implants and pacemakers (look up allergies relating to them for more information). Not that it can't happen, but it's a one in a muiltimillion shot. There are SO many other things it could be.
Avatar m tn Hi Now am taking treatmemt for myindigestion problem , my doctor advised me to take food allergy test .. and the result was am allergic to food and am having high yeast allergy, my question is .. did the yeast allergy will cause Indigestion food in stool ? and some times am my stools look like a fungus .. really am worried about ..
Avatar f tn I have a latex allergy... and HSV2... and there is a super-huge difference. Latex allergy (for me at least) is itchy VERY itchy, and leaves me looking swollen and red. HSV outbreaks are very different for everyone, but usually start as muscle pain and soreness, then maybe a headache, then you notice some red/tingling sore/s.
Avatar m tn t work, you could discuss with your doctor about immunotherapy or allergy shots. Each shot contains a tiny amount of the substances that trigger allergic reactions. Allergy shots contain just enough allergens to stimulate your immune system but not enough to cause a full-blown allergic reaction. This helps your body becoming accustomed to the allergen and hence, your immune system will build up a tolerance to the allergens, and allergy symptoms will diminish over time. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Does anybody know of such a place, or can you recommend any other anti-counterfeit measures that buyers can take to minimize the risk?
Avatar m tn They become worse after going into sun. I am under homeopathic treatment for 1 year. Doctor says it is bacterial allergy which is on face. My forehead become allergic read on sides. Also have seen tendencu of wart formation in some of these rashes. Which is controled, but have noticed in past. Need your help, please.
1571730 tn?1314725245 >.> it is defnately an allergy from my laptop fan. I have no clue what it is even made out of.
Avatar n tn A damp wall in the house, carpets, and ACs are all potential sources of mold. Please consult an allergy specialist. You may need to take the allergy test. Chronic sinusitis can also be due to EBV infection. The other possibility is deviated nasal septum. Nasal polyps and tumors, worms in stool causing high eosinophil counts, gastric reflux are the other causes. The treatment will be complete only on removing the cause.
Avatar f tn But that actually gets me more business bc people charge by hr plus material and that scares off buyers. Guess how I learned. At home, on youtube! Lol its really great.
Avatar n tn I had sinus allergy intermittently for about 50 years that gave me terrible headaches, 'stupid' brain (not thinking as well as normally), and tiredness. I never did have a sinus infection though, just allergy to pollen, dust, perfumes, cleaning products, etc. Antihistamines would lessen the swelling and congestion but did not help my thinking at all. I have solved this problem for the past 15 years by following the blood-type diet Eat Right 4 Your Type.
Avatar n tn when i put vaseline lotion all over my legs and yry not scratch it, it dissapear but the next day ans the next day it keeps appearixng and i always have to put pn lotion to ease the itchiness. i wonder what is this, is it an allergy or some kind of illness? its really annoyig me bcause its keep.appearing all ove my legs.
599170 tn?1300973893 I have seentwo houses so far not castles but 3 bedrooms old fashioned yet finished basements, remodeled bath, detatched garage. It is a buyers market big time. anyone renting an apartment look into this you will be shocked its cheaper to buy oneof these house than it is to rent. Yep Im excited gonna have my own little home YEAH!
Avatar m tn moisturising cream helped a lot and it eventually stopped by itself after 2weeks. I used oliv oil for intercourses so I assumed I developped an allergy. Anyway since then my penis skin has 2 different colors. I can't be sure it is discoloration or hyperpigmentation. I thought it would be back to normal after some times but I can see no improvements after 6 months. I've seen things like vilitigo on the net. Can it be acquiered this way? See pictures (nsfw) http://imgur.
Avatar n tn Has anyone dealt with sever congestion during pregnancy? I literally wake up every morning with a cough then ill throw up mucus. Then I'll have a post nasal drip that will have me spitting up mucus and usually lasts till I go to sleep. I've tried a netti pot, allergy medicine, teas, lemon. I hope someone can help! I'm pretty dang miserable and it *****.
Avatar f tn Just so you know the doctor from the buyers club in Australia has bought a huge amount of powders from Mesochem and tested each and every one and never had a problem. Not only that, there's a ton of ppl who have ordered from Mesochem and are SVR today, check out the link. http://www.medhelp.
199177 tn?1490498534 that as a seller, you CANNOT leave negative feedback on buyers anymore!! WTF is that all about??? how fair is that?! OMG that makes me so mad. So when some jackasss doesnt pay for the stuff they bought off you or whatever problem you have, you are still forced to leave either POSITIVE feedback or just none at all!! I sooooo do not understand this!!
Avatar f tn Thank you- The Dallas buyers club has caused some stress.
Avatar m tn Last Friday morning on Friday the 13th..I got results back from an allergy test....mold allergy of 1313 for the IgE levels in my blood....the regular max range is up to 170....I am on flonase and an antihistamine and a yeast mold powder for my stomach......the burning still comes and goes and feels more permanent now.....will the burning and swelling go down through time from an undiagnosed mold allergy? I wonder if there are still trigeminal nerve damage from this?
Avatar m tn I lately got some strange marks on my thighs. After searching through the net I found out that they look exactly like stretch marks, but there is no reason for me to get them (I am a young person and have not gained so much weight). What seems even more strange, I noticed that my roomate got the same kind of marks in the same parts of body and approximately the same time. That is why I am thinking of it as a kind of infection or allergy.