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Avatar n tn m 23 year old male , i started getting short breath and chest tightness on several occasions without any specific triggers it came also with high pulse rate low pressure and disorientation , then it became worse and i almost fainted several times and the worst episode of these symptoms lasted about an hour after that the case improved and i could breath normally , i suspected a cardiology condition and i went to a cardiologist he did ECG and echo tests and told me my heart is very good and the
Avatar m tn Is there any treatment, medicine or techniques that can help me calm down and help lessen the pain of my chest and shortness of breath? I have been to my doctor and she said it wasnt anything heart related but probably something muscle related under my "breastbone." She said there is really no medicines to help me feel better. Everytime i start getting shortness of breath i feel like im going to have a heart attack. Please give me input on how to control and manage the situtation.
Avatar f tn I also looked up the syptoms of an allergy to the formaldehyde found in carpet and the short term effects are flu like symptoms, and the long term effects are shortness of breath, chest pains or tightness, cough and weezing!! It all fits! I sure hope this is it because I want to get better before allergy season starts back up!!
Avatar m tn 2 months a go I had this episode of fast heart rate that then lead to shortness of breath and I felt I am going to pass out. So I went to emergency room. They did ekg of heart and CT scan of lungs along with blood tests. They all came back normal. Then they sent me to heart specialist. I did stress echo test which was normal. Also had zio patch for 2 weeks. They said that was also normal. In the mean time I followed low fodmap diet and I felt a lot better.
Avatar f tn Does allergy accompany by weakness, tiredness, palpitation and shortness of breath?
Avatar n tn I have wheezing, shortness of breath. Doctor has prescribed LAVOLIN inhaler - it works for a very short while and my wheezing, breathing difficulty returns back again. Can anyone please help?
Avatar f tn This morning I woke to an adrenaline rush. It lasted for 8 hours. I also had shortness of breath and I was really congested and my mouth really dry. I called the doctor and she just got back to me saying that ranitidine does not cause adrenaline rushes. She can't explain my shortness of breath. Could I have an allergy?
Avatar f tn I was not short of breath when I went there and not when I came out the same day. My bad shortness of breath came the last 8 days, yesterday it was better but today it got worse again, I have some mucous that comes up and it feels a little bit of relief but then goes back to SOB. I feel scared. Someone said the mild edema that day could of been cause of the vomiting.
Avatar m tn For years I suffered with shortness of breath and a naging itch in the center of my back (just out of reach). An alergy skin test revealed that I was alergic to over 100 compounds in my daily life... I am now on Alavert as I find it does the job of Zyrtec and is a lot cheaper and I also take Singulair for its anti-alergy benefits. I also take Advair which keeps me open and breathing normally and not keeping my wife up with my weezing.
Avatar m tn After a year I started noticing that after I slept at her house I would feel Lightheadedness and shortness of breath for the whole day and also anxiety feelings. After a year of trying to find out what causes this I gave up and stopped sleeping at her house. I can rule out sexual intercourse and/or alcohol for being the reason for these symptoms. As I no longer sleep at her place, every time we see each other, she sleeps at my place.
Avatar f tn I have some understanding of how frustrated and scared you are suffering from air hunger or shortness of breath and therefore I would like to tell you about my daughter and I hope by doing so I can help you a little. About 6 Years ago my daughter had a coughing fit and soon after she felt like she could not get enough air. She complained that she did'nt feel like her lungs were filling. She also started yawning and sighing alot.
Avatar n tn I bought a pack of pink ORBIT gum and chewed that earlier this week. Shortness of went away when I was not able to run the last two days. The shortness of breath was gone before my run today. I decided to try something --- chewed the gum and within moments, it came back!!!!!! So I spit it out, am done with my run, but that shortness of breath is still there. This is so interesting to me .....
Avatar m tn My wife is suffering from exactly same condition and no inhaler and no asthma medicine is working for her shortness of breath. Can you please confirm if your diagnosis was "Vocal Cord Disfunction" or something else. Thanks for your help in advance.
Avatar f tn and anxiety can and will cause tightness and shortness of breath and can prolong asthma attacks and make them seem worse than they seem to be based on physical symptoms.
233772 tn?1297353383 They probably make more sense to you than me. I am still having alot of shortness of breath even with my inhaler and my advair. I am seeing the Ent on wednesday. I hope he can really help me and give me answers. If you have any other advice or recommendations that I should share with my doctor please let me know. Thanks again for all your support.
2085202 tn?1373199740 s of sneezing and stuffy nose, green mucus, shortness of breath and at times some wheezing along with it. Thank you very much Paderla.
Avatar f tn Perhaps you have a tachycardia issue (rapid heartbeat) that is causing the sweating and and some of the shortness of breath. At any rate, it might be worth checking out. As you probably know, extra pounds can be hard on the heart, can be a risk factor for diabetes, etc.. I know it can be harder with menopause to lose the pounds.
Avatar n tn i am having the symptoms, shortness of breath, can't breathe normally, chest pains, cough, light headed, feeling faint and weak, also, left arm feels strange, what are these symptoms? They have been occuring at least 4 to 5 times a weak, but today I cant's breathe at all on my own.
2075728 tn?1331768901 Shortness of breath, abdominal cramping and excessive mucus are all listed symptoms of a possible food allergy or food intolerance. Allergies show up on labs tests, intolerances do not. An elimination diet is how to pinpoint food intolerance/s. An autoimmune disease called celiac disease should be ruled out. Also test for thyroid hormones. A few ideas to go with.
Avatar m tn I’ve been dealing with shortness of breath and dizziness since March of 2020 as well. All year I’ve been in and out of doctors... primary care physician, ears/nose/throat specialist, Gastroenterologist, pulmonary doctor, endocrinologist... (i don’t have a thyroid so I thought maybe the dizziness and shortness of breath had something to do with my levels.... all the scans, procedures, blood work all show that I’m normal. One doctor told me it was due to anxiety but...
374225 tn?1269899262 Hey y'all, sorry I haven't been by in a couple of days. I've been dealing with my own health issues and basically doing a lot of meditating on the couch. LOL! Tuck asked the same questions I do: do you have any underlying breathing issues like allergies, asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, etc.? ANY narcotic pain medication will slow and interfere with respiration until your body adjusts to it. Case in point, my husband has severe asthma along with terrible sinuses.
Avatar f tn Hello. I am a 19 year old active female and I am also feeling the chest tightness/pain, shortness of breath, and I am even having palpitations. I've gone to a primary care doctor, a cardiologist, and a pulmonogist and everyone says all the tests came back fine. But with these symptoms happening almost all day long, I just dont understand how everything can be fine. Can anyone help?
Avatar n tn Shortness of breath. Trouble getting a full breath/filling my lungs. Went from being an avid athlete and runner to barely being able to walk up and down stairs - all in one week. Nasal congestion. Throat congestion/mucus feeling, particulary when outdoors or immediately after eating, accompanied by a deep cough, which doesn't really produce any mucus. No problems while sleeping. Full throat feeling on occasion that feels like I am being choked and a gas is trying to push through my throat.