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865758 tn?1285952904 My biggest problem is sinus pressure, headaches and equilibrium problems. I contantly feel lightheaded and off balance. I have had balance tests done by my ENT and all were normal. I do have severe allergies requiring 6 allergy shots a week. My question is, can my allergies be causing all my problems? Is there anything I can do in the meantime while I am waiting for the allergy shots to build?
709686 tn?1277432159 About an hour later I became dizzy and lightheaded, chest pain and every joint in my body hurt and had all kinds of muscle. This lasted 5-6 was misserable. Over the past 7-8 months I have changed my diet to eliminate gluten as this protein can cause all kinds of inflamation and other problems. Well all of my meals have been gluten free which is why I am so frustrated as to my pain situation.
709686 tn?1277432159 Symptoms are severe abdominal pain, dizzy, lightheaded, brain fog, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, weakness in legs and knees. At first I eliminated dairy and that seemed to help. Next came gluten, sugar and nightshades. Today for lunch I had grilled chicken, gluten free pasta with tomato sauce and spinich salad. About an hour later I was dizzy, confused, lightheaded, mouth sores and my legs really hurt.
1208279 tn?1289020783 I really get these same reactions from my body. headache, dizziness, lightheaded, the general feeling of body weakness, body malaise and sometimes if it gets really worse i'd get palpitations. it's really not a good feeling. after the great drink comes the great consequence of all the symptoms. I just don't get it why I experience this. and also i only experience this when the drink is cold.
901600 tn?1242069620 I'm 56 5'5" 200 pounds. I am on medication for low thyroid, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The last couple days I get light headed if I look up. Normal activity is ok, walking doing things around the house but when I look up I get that inbalanced feeling. Everyone around me is complaining of allergies, I've been put on Allegra diferent times for my ears being full of fluid. Could this be allergy related?
Avatar n tn Wow same with just had septoplasty done i had a deviated septium and bone spur and polyps and narrowing of passages snd enlarge turbinites. And so i had the surgery done. You thinking having all that fixed id be better nope i think it brought my allergys to surface and thier constant we both need help i think .
Avatar f tn If you get rashes and possibly 'brain fog' or bowel habit changes/gas along with the fatigue and lightheadedness, consider getting checked for gluten issues - either a gluten 'allergy' or celiac disease. The symptoms could relate to that. You'd be surprised at just how many people find out in their 40s to 60s that they're intolerant to foods they've eaten all of their lives.
Avatar f tn Two days ago I went for a run, got incredibly lightheaded and started having a tad bit of anxiety, stopped running, sat down for a minute, got back up and started walking and then it started all over. Called someone to come pick me up and continued to feel lightheaded for the rest of the evening. The next day I noticed my lymph nodes in my neck (just on my right side) were a tad sore but not painful to swallow. I continued to get random bouts of lightheadedness and anxiety.
865758 tn?1285952904 I was referred to an allergist and have begun allergy shots but will take months for them to start working. I was just wondering if Hashi's plays a role in your immune system and its inablility to fight off infections. I am so tired of the lightheadedness that I am getting from my sinusitis and get not find anything to help it!
Avatar f tn For the last two weeks or so, it has been difficult to breathe and my chest feels constricted. Whenever I lay down and get up and I start walking, my vision goes fuzzy then I see only blackness, and then the blackness gradually goes away within 10-15 seconds. I know that happens to a lot of people when they get up too fast, but it has been happening to me the last two weeks all the time!
Avatar n tn Hi, Can anyone tell me if there is a connection between seasonal allergies and stomach problems? For the last 4 years every April and again in the fall I have problems with my stomach. I don't get the normal sneezing and runny nose, but I do have a stuffy head (feel like I'm walking around in a fog) and get post nasal drip and headache. I start suffering from nausea and what I believe is heartburn. This is really affecting my every day life during this time.
Avatar m tn It will wane and go away for a period and come back. I have a general lightheaded feeling, and when bending over, washing car, playing with kids, any sudden movements I will sometimes see stars or glitter spots. I feel fine otherwise, just have this floating head feeling. I do have sudden wakeups at night occasionally where I'll be gasping to get my breath and heart to slow down.
568429 tn?1216770861 I have been on allergy shots for about a year and have yet to get to maintenance because of the size of the hives I develop after. After each injection I feel such extreme tiredness that I basically write off my day and sleep. Is this a normal response and will it ease up as time goes on? Regards Sleepy Head.
Avatar n tn Hi! I have been suffering the same thing this year. Where do you live. I'm from NJ and mine also started about 4 weeks ago. I posted a little while ago under allergies and anxiety. I really don't get dizziness, but I feel lightheaded. I also get tightness in my neck. That in turn brings on anxiety, which makes everthing worse. My whole head feels like its swimming. I hope that in a few weeks I will be starting to feel better. What did the doctor tell you to take? Did it help?
Avatar m tn For example, just today I tried to do cardio and instead of breaking a sweat, I just started to itch all over and got extremely lightheaded and had to quit after 10 minutes, and I still feel very lightheaded right now, which was triggered by my attempt to exercise today (I thought I was feeling better this morning, my mistake!). Very weird. Is this something that will clear up or could there be something going on?
Avatar m tn I was more or less stuck on the couch, and the lightheaded feeling was there whether I was standing or sitting. Some days were better than others but the feeling stayed. I was never really dizzy (no spinning), but on a few occasions I had some balance issues where it felt like my body was tipping to one side. I started with going to a walk in clinic, and proceeded to see every specialist I could think of - ENT, neurologist, cardiologist, and optometrist.
Avatar m tn about a week ago i was having heartburn problems so i added some baking soda to some water and drank it but the next day i was feeling really lightheaded when i stood up and i was constipated so i took some magnesium citrate and it cleared me all out. i still have the lightheadedness when i stand up and it effects the whole body, almost like my body wants to give out on me.
709686 tn?1277432159 An hour later all the joints in my body hurt like mad, it became difficult to walk, muscles hurt all over, I was dizzy and lightheaded and very scared. I first wrote it off as food poisioning and suffered through the next day and a half. The salad has all the typical ingrediants like, lettuce, spinich, tomatoes, cheese, egg, ham, turkey..etc. I was so frustrated becuase I was careful not to ingest any gluten yet still felt bad.
Avatar n tn I've had a few episodes of facial flushing and I want to know if this is allergy related. I'm at top doses of allergy shots but I hard this is not allergy related and and now I'm worried about carcinoid syndrome. The symptoms of flushing usually occur within 20 minutes of waking up and being overheated and go away with claritin and a shower. Any info is greatly appreciated! I've been terrified of carcinoid syndrome!
Avatar n tn 2) Constant Pain in center of abdomen and just above belly button. When this is worse I feel sicker and even more lightheaded. 3) Constant pounding headach that moves around but seems pretty generalized most of the time. Neurologist at a loss to diagnose or treat. Also extremely lightheaded, usually the pain is so bad I'll pass out multple times a day.
Avatar m tn That paticular doctor kinda laughed at me and said the 50 heart rate was nothing and that the EKG he ran show I was ok. I do feel lightheaded still and do not seem to get and answer as to the cause. I am 58 years old and been sedentary for a few years due to helping watch my father who has alzheimer's. I feel I was left with no real explaination for my low heart rate.
Avatar n tn Anyone dealing with the tingling/numbness and balance issues since taking Flagyl? How long does this last? It has been over a month, and although things have improved, I'm still having chills, muscle weakness, tingling/numbness in limbs, lightheaded, memory issues, and feeling off balanced when I'm walking.
Avatar m tn I go through periods where I am light-headed/fuzzy and have some tingling in my feet and lower legs, with no energy at all. I don't have any classic allergy symptoms like watery eyes or sinus trouble. The symptoms also seemed to go away over the cold months. I went to a doc last fall about them and had a CT scan and x-rays done on my back, since I had trouble there before, but that didn't reveal anything. Just wondering if I should look into the allergy possibility.
Avatar n tn it felt like a panick attack and I thought i was having a heart attack. went to the emergency room, had stress test and echocardiogram with doppler. Doctor said I was fine, all negative test results. I experienced 3 more dizzy, panick, tightness in the chest episodes so i had a 64 slice ct scan. results showed no calcium/ no blockage but my left ventricle had increased substantially since me my last CT of 2 years ago and my lv ejection fract had gone from 58% to 88% since last ct.
Avatar f tn 15 minutes after taking the first pill (with water) my face started to burn, i was feeling lightheaded, my heart started beating. my face was red, gotten really scared and called my doctor, she told me to take an antihistamine. after a couple of minutes i was great. so i thought i was allergic to lysine, but after some time i tried to take another pill, just to see what would happen, and nothing did, i finished the box with no problem, no reaction.
Avatar f tn I sometimes feel lightheaded as if i'm going to faint and it's terrifying . I'm currently taking xanax 0.5 mg twice a day I was taking it 3 times a day my dr. is trying to ween me off this medication slowly i've been on it for almost 2years now . I also see a psychologist so i'm already in therapy she said she thinks I have agoraphobia because I can't go to grocery stores or malls or anywhere pretty much without feeling anxious or lightheaded this is pure torture .
Avatar f tn I have fatigue, headaches, monthly migraines, lightheaded, a bit dizzy at times, and at time nausea. Years ago I had a brain MRI / 8 protocol with & with out contrast. Also went to an ENT, Neuro -Ophthalmologist, Blood doctor, & dentist/ specialist. Recently I have had a sleep study, which showed mild apnea, went to an ENT and had a CT scan of my mastoid & sinuses- I suffer from allergies badly, but that looked good. I also go to a neurologist every other month, but not much change.
1818558 tn?1366884583 Im turning 19 on July and I randomly felt dizzy and light headed at times this started 5 years ago and Iv collapsed 3 times only. Im doing my first year in varsity and I feel really worse I get these regurlaly(every month). Yesterday i almost passed out in campus but a guard saw the danger I was in and quickly rushed me to the school clinic.