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Avatar n tn My ankles began to swell on a regular basis and has been attributed to the medication. When I started taking the Omega 3, I already had experienced some swelling of the ankles, but a week later, my eyelids started to get puffy and developed a rash. I've been on Omega 3 for five weeks now and the puffiness has turned into swelling and the skin rash is getting itchy and scaly. Could there be some by product in the capsules that may cause this problem?
Avatar n tn OMEGA-3 SUPPLEMENTS THAT FAILED! (TOTOX = RANCIDITY) (TOTOX values above 26 indicate spoilage) Softgels: Master Omega-3 Natural Lemon Flavor (360 mg EPA and 240 mg DHA per softgel, 2 per day) Freshness (TOTOX value = 54.4) Natural Factors RxOmega-3 Factors EPA 400mg/DHA 200 mg (400 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA per softgel, 1 to 3 per day) Found only 83.
1655526 tn?1330655629 ve read in this forum that others have also had adverse reactions to taking this supplement. So I wanted to put this poll out to see how omega 3 affects you. The first time I suspected krill oil, which is supposed to be the best omega 3, I used the process of elimination. Still not believing it I did it a second and third time. Now I don't dare take it even after my ablation for SVT because I don't want the other arrythmias.
Avatar f tn you know, I haven't been taking the Omega 3 since I got pregnant - they make me nauseous. I just take my prenatals daily. I try to eat healthy(doesn't always happen) but i do try. I didnt take any Omega 3 with my other kids and their fine, so oh well.
518994 tn?1212242047 There are various vitamin-mineral supplements available that contain this or you could just add a little (~1/2 teaspoon) extra virgin olive oil to your dogs meals. Olive oil is a great source of Omega-3 Fatty acids. The omega-3's are the same for people and pets. If you give too much the result would be a bit of gas and/or loose stool.
Avatar f tn I take my prenatal pill one times a day. And It has everything I need But No omega 3 an I heard to take it 2nd or 3rd trimester. Just don't remember what was said.
Avatar f tn The omega-3 fatty acids should be in your prenatal.
Avatar m tn Few side effects can occur with omega-3 supplementation like hypotension, high blood sugar, allergies etc. Do not stop statins without consulting your doctor. It is suggested to consult your doctor for more queries and assistance. I hope it helps. Best wishes and kind regards!
Avatar f tn I am a middle age female with a reaction to Omega supplements which I hope to find a way to avoid since I know that Omega would help me in many ways if I could take it. These supplements, along with acidic foods like citrus and many other fruits, ascorbic acid additives, Vitamin C supplements and vinegars cause rectal swelling, pain, bleeding and if I don't avoid the cause soon enough, proctitis symptoms.
Avatar n tn First, no one is allergic to iodine. It is an atom and you cannot be allergic to an atom. Atoms are too small for the immune system to see. Your NORMAL thyroid gland is full of iodine. You are allergic to the organic molecule to which the iodine is bound, and this molecule is different for topical iodine skin preps vs shrimp vs IV x-ray dye.
Avatar n tn While all children with ADHD are not deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, we believe that the addition of omega-3 fatty acids to the diet may be important for some ADHD children. In fact, studies show that children whose treatment program includes only medication, educational and psychological therapy continue to be at high risk for vandalism, petty crime, frequency of alcoholic intoxication, and possession of marijuana.
Avatar f tn Something that I kept in the back of my mind, but never had to do, was RAST testing or skin testing for allergies. I managed to work with her, her whole life, without having to go to the expense and trouble of that. But I would have, if I had had to. I did notice that she did not tolerate red meat or wheat in her diet, after the first few years of her life. You might try to see, by process of elimination, if there are any food triggers for your dog.
Avatar m tn I have been taking 4 1200mg of Omega 3 pills for about 2 years now. I read somewhere that Omega 3 pills can give you acid reflux. I take it right before I goto bed. I wonder if I take it in the morning or even spiltting it up could help. My throat just feels a little aggitated, much better than before. Oh, also I have been taking Tums before I goto bed, seems to help.
Avatar m tn I agree with Paxiled. Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation is a healthy and reasonable thing to do, but I can attest that I still have more than my share of inflammation.
Avatar m tn 1%) in participants who consumedat least 250mg per day of omega-3 oil compared to participants who consumed less than 250 mg per day of omega-3 oil (P<0.0001) (4). Sudden cardiac death was defined as death within 5 minutes to 1 hour of symptom onset. There was no significant difference in the risk of a non-fatal myocardial infarction (heart attack) between participants who consumed equal to or greater than 250 mg per day of omega-3 oils and those who consumed less than 250 mg per day.
Avatar m tn Many studies are exposed everyday. My opinion is this : try to eat food which contain omega 3 such as sardines or salmon etc If it is difficult for you I would suggest omega 3 capsules but I would also suggest you to confirm this with your doctor because all capsules are not the same!
Avatar m tn I am keen to balance out any hormone imbalance but i seem to have a sensitivity to omega 3, or perhaps is it iodine? Most of the literature online seems to suggest omega 3 will reduce inflammation, thereby helping reduce acne.
Avatar m tn Quite a complex topic this but at the same time an interesting one. Omega 3 isn't just one substance, Omega three are fatty acids just like Omega 6 fatty acids found in oils and meat etc. Omega 3 are EPA, DHA, and ALA . Some experts have said that the balance between Omega 6 fatty acids and Omega 3 is key, but just as many say this is nonsense. Omega 3 do have benefits, mainly reducing inflammation in the body, such as in the arteries or joints.
Avatar f tn I voted 10-20.
Avatar n tn I'm 19, I've recently started to take Omega-3 supplements. When i took them, after a while, it felt as if my chest and throat tightened a little, but it wasn't difficult to breathe at all. Also, when i woke up this morning it feels like something is crawling in my throat. Am I allergic? Should I keep taking these supplements?
317787 tn?1473358451 Hi there! I just found this group and was wondering if anyone had tried Omega 3 supplements. I am trying them now for stiffness in joints, body. I've also read it can help with brain fog or fuzzy thinking.
Avatar f tn My vet says my golden retriever has allergies - food and grass. Have tried various pet food for sensitive skin, some very expensive, and also using Malaseb shampoo weekly. Don't see fleas - ever. She's inside alot but takes lots of walk and plays in the back yard. She chews her paws, scratches everywhere. Have used Benadryl but I hate to think she will have to live on that. Nothing really seems to help. What to do? Have heard fish oil, Vit 3, Omega 3's, help.
Avatar f tn they are a good source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids.... i dont know why you wouldnt eat them.. I do remember reading somewhere that eating alot of nuts in your pregnancy can cause nut allergies but i dont know if this is true... it was on the internet.. I was never advised by my doctor to avoid them.. If its true though, my poor baby is screwed becasue I had peanut butter and almonds all through my pregnancy...