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1407713 tn?1290936875 I am talking to my allergist about allergy shots. I am hesitant to take them because I had a reaction to the testing and ended up in the ER. I am on Prilosec 40mg once a day. I will try the liquid benadry. I definitely do not let my dog in the same room with me anymore. I pretty much live on the couch right now because of my hiatal hernia and whatever else is bugging me at night. The couch is leather so it get wiped down regularly.
Avatar n tn Hi over the course of the last year i have become allergic to virtually everything in my enviroment. At fiirst was just soaps and building materials, howver it has movered to fabrics, leather, paper and a myriad of other irritants. Openinig one envelope is enough to trigger a severe reation... I have been taking benedryl contantly and hydroxine? I have an allergist appointment in a month, however neither of those medications are fully effective anymore...
Avatar f tn When I get a pimple, if I scratch it or pop it, the skins turns to leather and is real tough and itches beyond belief. I'm not sure what is going on but I mainly get them around my hairline on my entire head and around my mouth. I have recently started having problems with them on my back doing the same thing. They almost look as if they've been burnt. I'm just wondering what in the world is going on.
Avatar n tn Hello, Dark circles around the eyes are temporary and caused due to insomnia, smoking, a family history of dark circles,deficiency of vit K in diet, allergies like sinusitis and eczema, and adrenal gland disorders.In your case, sinusitis can be responsible for such symptoms. Take rest adequately and eat healthy nutritious food containing lots of green vegetables. Try to avoid caffeine, because it promotes water retention and leads to the dryness of the eye.
572280 tn?1217162785 The allergic type of contact dermatitis is caused by exposure to a material to which the person has become hypersensitive or allergic. Rubber is one of the common allergens that is associated with contact dermatitis. The skin lesion at the site of exposure may be redness, rash, papules (pimple-like), vesicles, or bullae (blisters). The description of your rash is very much in line with the symptoms of CD. You should stop wearing the shoes that causes this reaction.
Avatar n tn Hello, Burning feet and lumps under the feet can have several different causes like you may be having sensitivity to the fabric or leather dye in your shoes or socks, or even the detergent used to wash your socks. Also it can be due to improper socks textile. It may be due to calluses also. A callus is a rough, thickened patch of skin.They occur most often on the heels and balls of the feet, the knees, and the palms of the hands.
Avatar f tn what i mean by breakout is that when I wear the vinil (not latax or nitrile gloves) but vinil gloves I get redness with in two minutes and the more I wear them the more I get redness then raised pimple-like eruptions it goes up my arms my hands then begin to swell and the joints in my fingers get tight and hurt This is after one 8 hour day these symptoms appear the rash and itching stay for 3-4 days if I wear them only one day I have to work this weekend 3/4-3/9 six day stretch and was told b
Avatar n tn Allergies to some chemicals such as in perfumes, solvents, even shampoo can cause palpitations. I know someone who was using a particular type of shampoo. He didn't make the associaton, nor did his cardio, until it was pointed out to him by another. He stopped using that brand, and no suffers from tachy!! I also get palpitations in particular if exposed to solvents, paint fumes, etc..
Avatar n tn I am surprised about your allergy tests, I had small raised dots on at least 6 of the points and they itched like crazy but the nurse said I didn't have any allergies. I thought perhaps I had to have a real big dot for them to consider it to be an allergy. Back to square one? Pffft.
Avatar n tn i have been suffering from debilatating allergies/sinus probs, fatigue, and dizziness for about a year now. i do have allergies to mold, dust, milk products, and corn products. my allergy doc says my symptoms are all from allergies, but i have been trying everything 2 avoid the allergens, been getting allergy shots, tried numerous allergy medications, with no help from anything! does anyone else experience this type of thing? i seriously feel like i am getting so depressed.
Avatar f tn One thing my wife and I had to accept is that the goal is now to manage his allergies, and not worry about his appearance. He still licks his fur off especially in the dry seasons, but he hasn't made himself bleed in over 2 years and will occasionally go through periods where his coat is fully grown in. As a side note, Asian cats like the Bengal or Siamese are not only prone to stress, but vets are also seeing a large increase in allergies.
Avatar m tn My solution to the problem was to buy a strap with a leather backing to it keeping the stainless steel from coming in contact with my skin. This is great but sometimes I want to wear the stainless bracelet that came with the watch.
Avatar f tn a temporary tattoo can be fun but you can end up developing an allergy to PPD from it, a common ingredient of Hairdye, and that also may lead to allergies for certain medications" i mentioned it to my FORMER dermatologist and he didnt believe me, i now have a appointment for next month at a new dermatologist to get tested for PPD allergy. I hope i havent developed too many additional allergies/sensitivities.
Avatar n tn I am allergic to tea tree oil too, and it sounds like you have hives. Use only a gentle cleanser like eucerin until this is resolved. You may also need to take an anti-histamine to relieve hives such as Piriton. If you experience any swelling or difficulty breathing go to your hospital as you may need futher treatment.
Avatar n tn hi lowertech just wanted to say i have developed allergies to absoloutely everthing well no so much allergies as sensitivity-it is so bad but i cannot identify one specific culprit. Cant seem to tolerate anything at all the environment my home cannot get any respite from all this. i have terrible burning sensation/pain all over and cannot stand smells, purfume food hurts my stomach.
Avatar f tn pretty miserable, crazy cats. None of the normal techniques we use to make cats happy and mentally stable enough to be adopted work with them. They're a lot of work, and they tend to stay neurotic and high strung no matter what. Declawing is the equivalent of cutting of a person's fingers at the first knuckles. And a cat can't emotionally adjust and "come to terms". All it knows is it's crippled, can't defend itself normally, can't do half the things it used to be able to, etc...
Avatar n tn I felt like my face was on fire and it was so red and painful I went to the walk-in clinic because I didn't know what to do. Now my face is so dry it feels like leather and is flaking off and peeling. It's so dry I feel like it's made me look like I've aged 10 years! It makes me feel so gross and ugly. I've been using Hydrocortizone ointment and Benadryl per the doctor I saw. It's taking time to go away, and I wish it would just go away immediately!
Avatar m tn Nearly all rubber compounds contain rubber accelerators such as Carba chemicals and Thiuram. The best way is to avoid these products but it is generally difficult to do so and to determine which products contain rubber accelerators and which do not. It is best that exposure to all rubber products is minimized and alternative products made of vinyl, plastic, wood, leather or fabric is used. Take care and best regards.
Avatar m tn I cannot take much more. I was diagnosed with rubber allergies but i think theres more to it. My email is mndi.***@****. thanks!
461838 tn?1255793816 I went to the nose doctor and she said I had suffered from allergies for a very long time. The accident I was in two years ago people said I fell asleep , but in my heart and mind I know what I last saw and I remembered hacking coughing and having a hard time trying to get my breath.
Avatar f tn She at times ends up in tears due to frustration. Other items that make pull away are leather and wood. She can also not tollerate being caressed if I try and love her of comfort her. The dermatologist we took her to says it is simply a matter of her personal likes, but I think it is more as she claims it is is painful.
Avatar n tn heat deffinately make it worse but even in the winter, just wearing warm clothes or going from heated house to car etc, still gets me itching like crazy. There are days I just want to cry & just wish I'd die!! Just these past 6 to 9 months I've been noticing the itch spreading to my upper back. I'm so bummed!!!! This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dermatology/Severe-Itching-on-arms/show/241701">Severe Itching on arms</a>.
Avatar n tn If the allergy is to one particular shoe only then it could be due to fungus in the shoe. If you are allergic to shoes in general, then you could be having sweat dermatitis, so if there is sweat in feet then a rash appears. You could also be having fungal infection like tinea pedis that gets exacerbated when you wear shoes due to hot and humid environment in a closed shoe.
Avatar m tn At work, I wear cotton socks and leather dress shoes. (I've even tried changing the brand of socks I wear, to no avail.) The rash has not appeared anywhere else on my body? Any ideas as to what it could be and how I can get rid of it? In addition to being itchy, it's also unattractive. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn rash I am 56 years old and have had Psoriasis most of my life. I am taking steroid creams to control this condition. I have been tested for allergies, have had blood tests, met with several dermatologists and internists, and still have a recurring rash that is very problematic for me. It is heaviest around my neck and becomes inflamed and bright red when scratched. It is so itchy that I lose sleep at night. The skin has at times almost looked like leather in texture when it is inflamed.
Avatar f tn However, allergy as a possible cause of hand eczema, no matter what the pattern, should always be considered. The following lists some possible causes. You may want to check to see if your hands are being recurrently exposed to any of these substances.
Avatar f tn He said my symptoms indicate that I have allergies and gave me something for the allergies. Today I have a pimple under my tongue and white stuff on my tonsils. Is this really an allergy?
Avatar m tn The symptoms subside as the gases being given off from the vinyl become lower over time. I need to know if this allergy can be dangerous to me. That is to say, can it be more than just an irritant? Since I am overly sensitive to the allergen, can it therefore follow that I can be more prone to cancer due to any potential toxins that would be harmless to most people? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Just in the past couple of years, she has developed an allergy to something that is in LEATHER SOFAS. She can sit on one for just a couple of minutes...with her clothes on and she don't even touch it. In a matter of minutes her eyes look horrible. The second time, she thought she had touched the sofa on the first time, so the next time, she made a point not to touch it at all. It didn't matter. Still the same effect...each time has gotten worse.
Avatar n tn People with atopic dermatitis often test positive to allergy skin tests. However, atopic dermatitis is not caused by allergies. The condition tends to get worse when the person is exposed to certain triggers.