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Avatar m tn My solution to the problem was to buy a strap with a leather backing to it keeping the stainless steel from coming in contact with my skin. This is great but sometimes I want to wear the stainless bracelet that came with the watch.
Avatar n tn Hi over the course of the last year i have become allergic to virtually everything in my enviroment. At fiirst was just soaps and building materials, howver it has movered to fabrics, leather, paper and a myriad of other irritants. Openinig one envelope is enough to trigger a severe reation... I have been taking benedryl contantly and hydroxine? I have an allergist appointment in a month, however neither of those medications are fully effective anymore...
Avatar m tn Nearly all rubber compounds contain rubber accelerators such as Carba chemicals and Thiuram. The best way is to avoid these products but it is generally difficult to do so and to determine which products contain rubber accelerators and which do not. It is best that exposure to all rubber products is minimized and alternative products made of vinyl, plastic, wood, leather or fabric is used. Take care and best regards.
Avatar m tn One thing to remember is every thing you put on your skin, and every toxin you breathe in, as well as all you eat, it ALL has to be processed by the liver. For this reason I have steered clear of creams made with diverse chemicals. I soak in a tepid bath with a Tablespoon on olive oil. It will hydrate your skin, and what makes it to the blood stream is actually good for you. this tx does work, but I've been bad lately and haven't done it for a while and am getting very dried out again.
Avatar n tn I also have Dermagraphism, some days it doesnt appear and then somedays it is there again, I have diagnosed myself, also with Chronic Urticaria, I started to get this after Dental work in Mid May, I am trying to find out what I am allergic to, I have been the Hydroxyzine route and it makes me sick also they advised me to take Steroids which I am not going to do, do you get it in your head? I would be glad of any feedback from a fellow sufferer and any ways you have helped your self.
996946 tn?1503249112 I think I'll try to find one of those, with the vinyl filler. Thanks!
Avatar n tn If the allergy is to one particular shoe only then it could be due to fungus in the shoe. If you are allergic to shoes in general, then you could be having sweat dermatitis, so if there is sweat in feet then a rash appears. You could also be having fungal infection like tinea pedis that gets exacerbated when you wear shoes due to hot and humid environment in a closed shoe.
Avatar n tn The experts we contacted while researching this subject, including doctors and the Center for Disease Control, agree that no dangerous amount of HIV or hepatitis virus can survive on the surface of leather exposed to air for a day. The purpose of the initial cleaning is to get the viral particles out of the cracks and onto the surface so air can reach them." If the virus is on the surface, then the virus would not survive for 24 hours.
1407713 tn?1290933275 I have allergies to dust, pet dander, mold, and a bunch of other things. Right now I am suffering at night I either have a cold or I am having an allergy attack. I am seeing a pulmonary doc but, I am between apointments and I have no idea what to do about the symptoms I am having. I have a runny nose and sinus pressure. I am nervous because last time I had these symptoms I ended up in the ER with an asthma attack. This time I would like to try and prevent this from happening.
Avatar n tn My little girl started walking alone at 10 months without shoes, but we noticed her feet turning out and it was only then that we got her high-top leather shoes. They say that they need to be professionally fitted or it could damage their feet. The shoes are not very attractive, but they helped for sure!
Avatar f tn He said my symptoms indicate that I have allergies and gave me something for the allergies. Today I have a pimple under my tongue and white stuff on my tonsils. Is this really an allergy?
Avatar f tn what i mean by breakout is that when I wear the vinil (not latax or nitrile gloves) but vinil gloves I get redness with in two minutes and the more I wear them the more I get redness then raised pimple-like eruptions it goes up my arms my hands then begin to swell and the joints in my fingers get tight and hurt This is after one 8 hour day these symptoms appear the rash and itching stay for 3-4 days if I wear them only one day I have to work this weekend 3/4-3/9 six day stretch and was told b
Avatar n tn Hello, Carba mix is a chemical that is used for the processing of rubber.If you are having allergies to carbamix then it has to be contact dermatitis (allergic or irritant). Prevention of the offending agent is the main treatment.You can also take antihistaminics like benadryl or Claritin if there is any itching. Topical steroid creams are the mainstay of the acute treatment.You can start with a potent steroid and wean to a less potent steroid cream.
Avatar f tn Our daughter was allergic to something in leather and has never been able to wear leather shoes. You could smell when she came into the house!
750172 tn?1256147076 I have Leather and love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every material has it's pros and cons. You buy the one that fits your way of living. People wo have pets, generally need to be more careful with leaher, especially cats!!!! But it's choice.
979826 tn?1389036358 I have been having issues with the tape after I have blood drawn I have to ask they use paper tape....and I attribute that to EDS and the never ending allergies I seem to be developing. test it out somehow to see if it is the type material....or the fact it is a diff type shoe.
Avatar f tn I wore leather sandles and across the top of my foot I have a red rash. I put athletesfoot cream on it but I don't think its working what else can I do?
1666434 tn?1325262350 Other names for sulphites E 220, E 221, E 222, E 223, E 224, E 225, E 226, E 227, E 228 (European names) Potassium bisulphite/metabisulphite Sodium bisulphite/dithionite/metabisulphite/sulphite Sulfur dioxide Sulphiting agents Sulphurous acid
Avatar m tn Hello punchumgum, Personally, I would get rid of this chair. Some leather is treated with strong chemicals that may be toxic to inhale. If your friend has to keep putting it outside to get rid of the smell, to me that's a sign. If in doubt, throw it out. That's the rule in our house. That applies to food as well. You say it was a gift from a family member. She could tell the family member that she was concerned the smell could be toxic and dangerous to herself and her family.
Avatar m tn 23 yo. Gay and bottom. My SO and I were sitting down on our couch, a leathery old thing. Turns out that the seat is peeling and when my SO decided to get frisky and finger me a bit of the leather stuck to his finger. It didn't stay in my anus or anything, but is there a chance it might cause an infection?
Avatar f tn Declaw them. My kids ruined my leather furniture to the point that I had to take my mom's couch that she had since I was little lol I'm actually surprised it's just the cats ruining the furniture and not the children. But yeah, declaw their *sses.
Avatar f tn Sometimes sweat, changes in temperature and psychological stress are known to trigger these episodes. So, the best way to prevent attacks is to identify those substances which you are allergic to and avoid them. So, Allergy testing would be worth looking into. Apply constantly plenty of good moisturizing creams. Use a humidifier in the rooms to avoid dryness. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
541150 tn?1306033843 I don't know any either, but that one is good. I have seen a game advertised on TV that is very similar to that but cannot think of the name of it. The sentence they are trying to guess is, I am a love machine. I think it has like a picture of an eye, the letter M an olive and something for machine. I am sure that someone out there has seen this also and knows what I am talking about. You have to say it enough until the real menaing comes out, just like yours Prettykitty.
Avatar m tn bag worn around the testicles, leather straps to keep the scrotum from drawing up, steel rings and collars, vacuum pumping, or saline infusion into the scrotum to stretches the skin. Most of the these items can be found in leather stores. I would assume the ball bearings would provide extra weight. Unfortunately, there is no perfect device readily available, and the implements which are available, even at a high price, are very expensive.
Avatar m tn I'm not a doctor but In my experience, my eczema was unrelated to my gluten intolerance. After seeing a few doctors one finally agreed to patch test me for allergens like latex, nickel, etc., and it turned out that I'm allergic to potassium dichromate (in tanned leather and green dye), carba mix (rubber accelerator), thimerosal and nickel. My eczema is starting to clear up now that I know to avoid these substances, but it does take awhile for the allergens to leave the body.