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460185 tn?1326077772 Again he had meds but this time we wrapped up his foot to keep him from chewing it during the healing process. Although the vet has said allergies and/or boredom, I have never considered mange as a possibility. How contagious is it? I know it can effect the entire coat if not treated but does it sound like our shih tzu might have mange and give it to our other dogs (or cats)? For anyone interested, we have a small tube of "YUK" - an anti lick gel.
Avatar n tn I hate to say this, but it would almost be easier to deal with mange than with allergies, since mange can be identified, treated and over with while allergies can take months or years to isolate a cause and then work to avoid them.
1352892 tn?1338217905 He is very active though well behaved and good with my other dog though a little dominant of the dog twice his size lol but im concerned about his fur is it mange or just he poor nutrition? also the people i adopted him from believe he agergic to grass they say when they had him out side his feet got swollen and irritated ?
Avatar f tn you describe also tells me your dog may have a secondary bacterial infection due to allergies or mange, and she may need antibiotics. Again, I am less than impressed with your vet's performance thus far. Food allergies seem to be rampant these days among purebred dogs in particular. Corn is the biggest offender, so a simple diet change may turn things around for your dog.
Avatar n tn But the vet would be the best choice. they would do skin scrapes to find out if its mange or allergies, and they will tell you to put him on a L.I.D if it is allergies, and if its mange they will put him on a demodex treatment.
Avatar f tn New Vet- Did this Vet do a skin scrape to check for Mange Mites or Bacterial infection or just guess? Also, how did this guy diagnose the Auto-immune disease? What Auto-immune disease is it? Name , please....I assume-Blood test were done? Do you have copies of the results? How about Lymes??? Was a tick borne test run from the blood sample? You said he got medication here-What meds were given this time? What food does he eat? Cyclosporin does even worse damage to the immune system......
Avatar f tn I heard about airborne allergies from grass, weeds, etc., and suspect that might be her issue. Thoughts or advice anyone?
Avatar f tn The mange she was tested for is called "Demodectic Mange". Has she also been tested for Sarcoptic Mange? I have to admit that some form of mange was my first thought when I read this, but I am not sure what this is really. However I am not definite about this but wonder if the mange mite would be contractable in the winter if it is cold where you live? What did the vet say about this? Do they have any ideas what could be causing the hair loss around her eyes?
Avatar n tn Sounds like either mange or flea bite dermatitis to me. If you're certain she doesn't have fleas, you'll need to take her to your vet. He can look at a skin scraping under a microscope to see if mange mites are present. You don't want to let this go for a couple of reasons. One, if the mange is scabies, those mites can get on humans. Two, mange can lead to severe staph infections of the damaged hair follicles so antibiotics may be needed even now.
Avatar f tn scabies) It could be demodectic mange or a bacterial infection which needs to be dealt with asap! Either way get to a vet. They need to do some deep skin scrapes and view them under the microscope to see if it's demodex. Depending on your dogs breed type they can treat with either ivermectin or dips. It is a long treatment but necessary for quality of life! Bacterial infections of the skin can be caused by allergies and are often misconstrued as a rash by lay people.
Avatar n tn Hi vet derm tech here and usually itchy around the tail is flea. If no fleas present then flea allergy. Anytime a dog has bumps and sores that is a bacterial infection and needs antibiotic! Not sure where you are but here in the US Walmart offers $4 generic cephalexin which is a good antibiotic for this type of infection and it will keep your costs down. I would say treat 4-6 weeks with antibiotic to be sure infection doesn't come back.
Avatar n tn This is a slow process but, the only definitive way to diagnose what he is allergic to, since there is no accurate blood, or skin test for food allergies. Many dogs with food allergies also have environmental allergies, and in this case although your dog's skin will improve on the hypoallergenic diet his skin may worsen slightly during certain seasons, from pollen, for example.
53833 tn?1234996629 s mange or nutritional (either is likely, if you can give a description of the skin texture and coloration, it would help) the good news is both are very easily treatable. :) Congrat's on the find of a stray cat! i hear they're hard to come by!
Avatar n tn Have her skin-scraped ASAP since it could be Scabies or Demodex mange mites. Other causes for hair loss are fleas, or flea allergy dermatitis, food or environmental allergies, endocrine disorders such as hypothyroid, auto-immune disorders and more, best sorted out by your vet.
Avatar n tn We have had a few dogs come into the groom shop that look like that. Mange mites or yeast is usually what we learn it is.
Avatar f tn Sometimes a pet can get red mange, allergies, etc...have you asked a breeder and/or a vet yet? One of mine had mange many years later after he grew up, and vet stated, some dogs are born or carriers and it comes out later...and they got this creme sav, you put on and its better..
Avatar n tn Another thing which could be happening to your cat is allergies. It could be food allergies or that he is allergic to a cleaning product or deodorizer you may be using in the house. Got any plants? Kitties can also be allergic to certain plants. Would you post a picture of the cat on your profile page so I could see him? Is he indoors only? Do you keep him inside at all times? What food are you giving him? A lack of certain nutrients can cause air loss.
557644 tn?1222822602 I see you live in Indonesia. Do you have access to vet care there? It's entirely possible that your dog is dealing with mange, and that requires veterinary care. Since you mention pustules, she's definitely got a secondary skin infection that will need antibiotics. As far as dog shampoos are concerned, the best ones will have very little or no fragrance at all.
Avatar n tn I don't know if this is behavorial or allergies. My cat, female has been licking all her hair off for 6 mo now. This happened sortly soon after she got fixed. She has always been on the thin side. I use Frontline Plus here in Florida. She is totally an inside cat. Now she looks naked except for her head and the places she cannot reach to lick. I took her to a Value Vet once and they told me to give her some hormone. This Did Not Work!.
Avatar f tn Hello..Well we're back to square one.....I looked at the photos...That's NOT Mange.....Plus, with Mange there would be thinning hair or missing spots of hair...His hair looked beautiful in the photos.....The places on his face are Canine Pyoderma (Bacterial Infection).....Normally, it can be cleared up by using a OTC Antiobiotic cream like neosporin.....The greatest cause of this is eating or drinking out of plastic food bowls.....They harbor the bacteria that cause this.....
Avatar f tn I agree with Savas, but would like to add the possibility of food allergies. How long has your kitty had skin problems? And, do all of your kitties have the same problems? And, last but not least, have you switched food and what is their diet?
1380814 tn?1285965586 A definitive diagnosis of sarcoptic mange is often difficult. Several skin scrapes typically are taken and then examined under a microscope. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to detect mites, especially if the animal has had mites for a long time or has had several recent baths or dips. Other tests can be used to aid in a diagnosis, such as the pinnal-pedal reflex test.
Avatar m tn does your dog have pustules that weep and drain and scab? or is it just flacky red with hair loss? it could be a number of things, chows tend to have skin issues. have they done a scrap for mange? is the hairless skin thickening? sometimes it can also be a reaction to fleas... aslo many dogs have food allergies that can cause these symptoms.. what do you feed your dog? is the hair loss mostly in one area or wide spread ? and is the itching widespread or localized?
502174 tn?1210211762 mitaban dip, ivermectin injections or interceptor. In older dogs like yours with very localized infections, the mange will sometimes resolve on its own with no treatment.
Avatar n tn Also, there are two types of mange. One form is not contagious (demodectic) to other animals or people, and the other form is (sarcoptic). Sarcoptic, or canine scabies, is highly contagious. It's a burrowing mite that gets into the skin. Demodectic mange is a mite that is on all dogs, but some dogs are more succeptable to becoming a host, usually due to an immune system problem, high stress, or malnutrition. If either type of mange goes untreated, it can lead to severe skin infection.