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11803947 tn?1430842645 I have really severe allergies and benadryl is not doing it for me. Today I woke up with a bloody nose. My eyes are so itchy and watery. My throat hurts a lot and etc ... I dont like taking anything while pregnant but I can't handle this anymore. Any natural remedies ?
Avatar f tn Depends on what kind you choose, my doctor and my local pharmacist recommend me only using....Ricola natural Honey-Herb. Other cough drops contain a few ingredients that haven't been studied enough to know the possible side effects. Ask a pharmacist, detail how many weeks you are. I can also suggest a homemade tea that's helpful!!! Fresh Chamomile with both the flower and stem, fresh lime, cinnamon and honey. It's simple to make.
Avatar n tn I just suck it up and deal with mine:P I do occasionally need an inhailer when ragweed season rolls around.
Avatar f tn What has been your best at home remedy for allergies? We have done local honey and a more natural type called Hylands but I would like to hear other options. My son has severe allergies to pretty much every tree, grass, weed etc which causes his asthma t flair up. He can't use singular, claritin, zyrtec, etc bc the cause his behavior to change in negative way. We have had everything pretty well under control but would like more ideas.
2078979 tn?1332206668 Okay so my allergies got worst andi need natural remedies since I'm 13 weeks :( i feel awful and to top it off they cut my hours at work......any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Most of the stuff you buy at the store (in the little bear container or just cheap honey) is not true honey, buy a sugary honey flavored syrup. Make sure if you want to eat it that it says it is pasteurized and raw or all natural!
Avatar f tn Yes benedryl is safe if it makes u drowsy u can take half. I take it daily...allergies are horrible. My doc als o told me claratin is safe as well.
Avatar f tn And. i grow tons of.natural herbsand my.sister and i are opening a store we.believe in all natural medicines so i don't recommend buying pasteurized honey. and ecoli in honey be real with.your.self . i more comments to.this.pointless conversation. bc.I'm sure you buy jarred babyfood and children so idk why you would be worried about honey.when you have.know idea what' feed.your kids or frozen meat and all the.other stuff you get at the store.
Avatar f tn Is it okay to use honey instead of suggar, in tea for example? How many calories is in one little spoon of honey and is it okay to consume it while dieting?
Avatar f tn m only 11 wks its not good to be taking anything right now because it can be risky for the baby she advised to take decaffeinated tea and honey or with lemon for my cough and I mean if my headache is unbareable to take some tylenol if I really have to on top of that u just got my seasonal allergies! Omg I'm just going crazy not feeling well and my cough gets worse at night ...anybody know of any natural remedies that may help???? Please and thank you!
Avatar f tn t know where you live, but here raw, local honey is a big thing and it helps me so much with allergies. I just eat a spoonful several times a day.
Avatar f tn anyone having severe allergies...what r u taking ? --is children's. claritin ok?
Avatar f tn What helped me A LOT was ginger tea, and hot lemonades sweeten with honey. I was scared of taking medicines so I always looked for natural remedies.
Avatar f tn I was recently told to give my son locally made honey, tsp a day, to help with pollen allergies, kinda makes sense really to build his immune system! was wondering if anyone has tried it?
Avatar n tn Im 22weeks and 3rd pregnancy but first time being pregnant and with allergies. They say pure local honey is good for them but not sure if I could take it???
Avatar f tn No Benadryl is all I got in my house
1123156 tn?1338863369 Even if I could just have a cup of hot water with honey in cinnamon? I know your not supposed to give children under 2 honey, so is it safe for pregnant women? Anyone know?
1364513 tn?1277861809 This rash has happened in the past after contact with organic cotton sheets dyed with natural vegetable dyes that were imported from India packed with moth balls containing formaldehyde. Patient was tested for allergies but none were found. Patient has no prior history of allergies or rashes. Patient thinks it is caused by candida. Does anyone have any ideas???
Avatar n tn Honey is actually just fine for you to have. The problem with honey is that it contains bacterial spores (which are going to be there if it's pasteurized or not because that doesn't kill them). If honey is given to a baby, these bacteria can start to grow in your baby's intestines because there aren't a lot of natural bacteria there in the first year or so of life. For an adult, you have plenty of bacteria in your gut that can out compete them and there is no problem.
Avatar f tn I have terrible congestion. My chest hurt so bad, weazing coughs. I'm 23 Weeks and sick. I feel terrible, I can't sleep. Anything else other than honey, caffeine free tea, lemons, ecolyptis , and hot showers that can help. I don't take any meds but prenatals I don't drink.caffeine, I feel quilty with too much salts or sweets. Anything more natural, and any helpful hints please.
Avatar f tn Go back to the basics....all natural foods. No boxed/packaged frozen, etc. READ ALL LABELS and know what each ingredient is. Check to see if you have an over-abundance of yeast in your system.
Avatar f tn Wash your face with honey. The antibacterial properties of honey work to inhibit breakouts.
Avatar f tn The key is getting your immune system built up. Google natural cures. hot tea and honey. Honey is a superfood. Try it!!!
2053975 tn?1343405733 Yes, and my docs okayed chloroseptic spray. I also like a little peppermint tea with honey, honey is a natural cough syrup.