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Avatar n tn Please post the actual thyroid hormone test results and be sure to include reference ranges, since those vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report. Yes, he could take desiccated hormones, if you can find a doctor who will prescribe them; however, desiccated has both T3 and T4 in it, so levels would have to be monitored closely for both FT3 and FT4, since FT3 is the hormone that most closely correlates with symptoms. Why do you think he needs desiccated?
Avatar f tn Hello, Eczema is not always caused by allergies. Eczema is often caused by allergies to common natural inhalants and intolerance to some foods.Sometimes it is an overactive response by the body's immune system to a bacterium that normally lives on the skin or an irritant.However , eczema is commonly found in families with a history of other allergies or asthma. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.Kind regards.
Avatar n tn I've suffer from allergies most of the time (not on winter) I am 5 weeks pregnant and feeling really stuffed up can't breath. Already try Claritin not working for me. At this point with 101.8 temperature and body achagh I don't know what to take. Oh already try Tylenol too. Scare of going to the doctor cuz they always prescribed antibiotics. And I have a history of C. Difficile that cause me to deliver early at 31 weeks with my first pregnancy. What can I try?
11803947 tn?1430842645 I have really severe allergies and benadryl is not doing it for me. Today I woke up with a bloody nose. My eyes are so itchy and watery. My throat hurts a lot and etc ... I dont like taking anything while pregnant but I can't handle this anymore. Any natural remedies ?
Avatar n tn They can be used for natural nail overlays, tip overlays, and to help encapsulate a damaged free-edge as it grows out. If you have a personal history of allergies, try to get a clearance from your doctor first to avoid any allergic reactions. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Anyone feel like pregnancy has made their springtime allergies a million times worse? I can barely breathe, have no voice, and if I lay down my nose stops up. I broke down and took a claritan earlier(I haven't even taken an aspirin the whole time I've been pregnant and I'll be 33 wks on Fri) and it didn't really even help. Have any of you tried any natural remedies for allergies that have actually worked?
Avatar f tn Most allergy medications are in a class that is not safe or the safety is unknown. I would use more natural remedies such as a Eucalyptus rub (Vicks Vapor Rub), steam, tea, etc. to be on the safe side.
Avatar n tn t want to mess with a 10 year old by giving hormones on my own, but the natural approach would be natural iodine such as found in seaweed, but only if the thyroid is truly low. Levels naturally fluctuate, and diagnosing without expert help is very difficult to be right.
1839630 tn?1346513783 I am 23 weeks tomorrow and my allergies are making me miserable. the list of drugs my dr gave me says it is ok to take benedryl and claritin but i feel like anything that has bad side effects on me will have similar ones on the baby. So benedryl makes me sleepy therefore it will make the baby drowsy... idk if there is any truth to this at all but its what I keep thinking. Is there any truth to this? She has been moving like normal today after i took it.
Avatar m tn I suffer from all sorts of allergies including pet allergies, trees, and pollen. Does anyone know of any natural ways to get rid of my severe allergies? I'm tired of prescription medicine because they cause more side effects than good and just do not work for me. PLEASE HELP~!
1613602 tn?1306199123 For the past two weeks i've had shortness of breath at random times, and i've pinned it at allergies(even though i don't even know what i'm allergic to. I know it's not latex because the only time i've been exposed to latex in the last two weeks was yesterday.) I want to start taking something, and was wondering what the best product I should use is. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Hello, I am a 37 year old female. I have hay fever, seasonal allergies and I''m very allergic to animals, especially cats. when I was between 15 and 23 (around there anyway) I used OTC allergy medication frequently as most if not all of my friends had cats and I was suffering badly seasonally. By frequently i mean almost daily for up to a month at a time in the spring and summer.
Avatar f tn However, other risk factors such as dehydration, certain diet, obesity, digestive conditions, history of surgery, family history, urinary tract infection may also be significant. Natural birth control methods such as rhythm or calendar method, basal temperature and cervical types may be considered. It is best that you talk to your doctor about this for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn our four year old grandson has very quickly developed severe allergies affecting his eyes which swell and ooze. We believe it is probably due to tree pollens which are high right now. the doctor gave my daughter a couple of prescriptions for allergy medication but we are nervous about giving a four year old allergy medication. which medications are considered to have the least side effects for young children? are over the counter meds safer than prescriptions?
1645596 tn?1301108522 I drink a lot of natural tea..peppermint, ginger root, just any natural bush soothes it and it take away the feeling of something being there...
Avatar f tn I wish there was a natural medicine. I always try and go homeopathic or use a natural medicine, but in the case of asthma , as far as I know, you need an asthma puffer obtained through a doctor's prescription.
Avatar m tn cold tea bags are really good and the green base concelors then a wet to powder foundation the bags and blackness can be herditary
Avatar n tn I have tried just about every OTC, and Rx available for allergies, yet I continue to get bad allergies sometimes. Pets, smoke, seasonal, and certain smells can trigger it. Nothing seems to work. I started watching what I eat because I noticed that after I was drinking about 3 cups of orange juice a day, I had a period of severe allergies from the start I woke up each morning to the time I went to bed.
Avatar f tn I have no history of smoking. In 2003 I was hospitalized after having trouble breathing. Chest x-rays where fine. All breathing test where fine. I was sick for about 3-4 weeks. In 2005 I started to develop allergies to various fruits and veg. I also whould have on going episodes of "Asthma" flare-ups. Again Chest x-rays where fine. Dr. whould report that chould not here any wheezing. Current in the past year I have started to have allergic reactions to various vapors, perfumes ect.
179856 tn?1333547362 I just read on that this year is the worst allergy and asthma season in history of the country and it's not expected to get any better for long long time. Once the tree pollen which is out now departs then they expect that the grass/weed pollen is going to take over big time.
535822 tn?1443976780 t go to a chiropractor. I got rid of all my food allergies and the inhalant allergies he tested me for. And the results are fast and permanent. Regular allergy doctors have an easy life. The patient never gets better, never gets worse, and doesn't wake you up at night.
Avatar m tn hay fever allergies and other air born allergies… allergies that got so bad when I was younger I had to have several surgeries… Tubes put in ears/ adenoids removed/ tonsils and a cist formed in my throat I think it had to do with the hay fear I was having(maybe not), born with cerebral palsy never had any problems with that... apparently I had no muscle function in my legs when I was a baby), head injury sever concussion..
Avatar f tn My dog had her blood work tested for allergies and is currently having shots now for almost a year. Her stomach is breaking out so bad now and her skin on her stomach has got so thin from all the Cortizone sprays, injections etc.. Our vet has takin her off all Cortizone do to skin thinning out. Do you know of any other product we can use instead of Cortizone. "Jersey" our dog is always licking and not resting much because of this.