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Avatar m tn ) and also blood testing for allergies. My allergies are out of control and have been for about 10 months. So, everything was normal, no new allergies, but hypothyroid. So, for me, whether it is just timing or my allergies are more noticeable because of a thyroid disorder, who knows? I've have also read articles suggesting that allergies can be triggered or exacerbated as women near menopause; I'm 48 btw.
Avatar f tn I lack in alot of vitamins and minerals still. I have been taking these natural vitamins when I remember. I feel better when I wake and sleep like a log now. In time I will go get the egg sub and many other subs. Till then I eat one full meal a day and work on the rest. Day by day.....Sometimes its worth the pain to be able to eat a full meal. Thanks for the heads up.. I will work on that.
Avatar m tn s white cells to fight infections, cancer, allergies and toxic chemical poisoning. Interferon can be made artificially and injected for some cancers and viral infections like hepatitis C. Studies indicate that many natural substances can activate the body's own production of interferon. Some better known natural interferon boosters are:
Avatar f tn The staff was very helpful, and for the size of the place, it had an impressive selection of vitamins and other natural food products, etc... You might want to run a google search for the exact location or phone #.
Avatar f tn This is called ACES therapy and is a very good combination of vitamins and nutrients. Vitamins A, C and E are called antioxidants. They are useful to combat free- radical damage at the cellular level. Vitamin E, in particular, improves circulation and reduces muscle pain. Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
Avatar f tn I find all the sensitivities to hormones and vitamins strange as both are nature building blocks of the body. I found this on acidic vitamins: "Acidic vitamins play a special role in maintaining the health of the human body in that they each contribute to cell health and formation. While vitamin C primarily acts a cell anti-oxidant, vitamins B9 and B5 contribute to cell formation and the carrying of human genetic information.
Avatar f tn It really is helping with her allergies, but do you know if she needs to take supplement vitamins with this food ? The reason I ask is she has been doing strange things like .....eating the soil in my potted plants. She has a really great Vet and I will ask him about this , but I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience ?
Avatar f tn Charles Poliquin is a world class trainer that has many articles on supplements and vitamins among other things check out his site for some insights into asthma and allergies. Good Luck with your search for help.
1192727 tn?1282735542 I took Folic acid and even pre-natel vitamins for a while before I got pregnant to build up my vitamins. Also drinking water and making sure you are well hydrated helps.
Avatar f tn Can anyone suggest any natural/vitamins for fertility? I am 43 and want to concieve naturally. I would appreciate your input and stories of success with natural methods. Thank you!
11803947 tn?1430842645 I have really severe allergies and benadryl is not doing it for me. Today I woke up with a bloody nose. My eyes are so itchy and watery. My throat hurts a lot and etc ... I dont like taking anything while pregnant but I can't handle this anymore. Any natural remedies ?
Avatar n tn I have recently been dealing with a lot of stress from school and family. I've noticed that it has started to affect my health. In the last two years I have developed a slight sensitivity in the lungs triggered by allergies (something like extrinsic asthma). I've been to the ER twice for this. My heart rate has also been considerably high and I have started going to a cardiologist. Although this could be due to my slight anxiety, it's not severe and I am able to handle it with yoga.
Avatar f tn Anyone feel like pregnancy has made their springtime allergies a million times worse? I can barely breathe, have no voice, and if I lay down my nose stops up. I broke down and took a claritan earlier(I haven't even taken an aspirin the whole time I've been pregnant and I'll be 33 wks on Fri) and it didn't really even help. Have any of you tried any natural remedies for allergies that have actually worked?
Avatar f tn The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is just not up to scratch. Speaking of mislabelled products, Mike Adams from Natural News uncovered the "natural" blueberries in popular cereals, muffins, bagels and other foods are anything but natural. Instead of using real blueberries, companies (like General Mills) use artificial colours, hydrogenated oils (transfats!) and liquid sugars to manufacture small bits that mimic the look of blueberries. That is one false advertisement!
Avatar f tn All- what are some natural seretonin boosters such as herbs, vitamins , foods?? How is serotonin linked to hormones such as thyroid, adrenals,ect. Thanks for any info.
Avatar f tn Most allergy medications are in a class that is not safe or the safety is unknown. I would use more natural remedies such as a Eucalyptus rub (Vicks Vapor Rub), steam, tea, etc. to be on the safe side.
1839630 tn?1346513783 I am 23 weeks tomorrow and my allergies are making me miserable. the list of drugs my dr gave me says it is ok to take benedryl and claritin but i feel like anything that has bad side effects on me will have similar ones on the baby. So benedryl makes me sleepy therefore it will make the baby drowsy... idk if there is any truth to this at all but its what I keep thinking. Is there any truth to this? She has been moving like normal today after i took it.
Avatar f tn My hives on my legs were so bad that I used finger nail polish on the hives because nothing else worked not even the anti-histamine. So my research came up with natural anti-histamines and water drink plenty of it. Drink two quarts of clean water daily and three quarts during allergy season. Your body releases histamine to stop water loss. If you give your body adequate amounts of water, less histamine will be released.
Avatar m tn I suffer from all sorts of allergies including pet allergies, trees, and pollen. Does anyone know of any natural ways to get rid of my severe allergies? I'm tired of prescription medicine because they cause more side effects than good and just do not work for me. PLEASE HELP~!
237053 tn?1258828426 I am aswell, I find that the Vitamins I have always taken seem to have a reaction, like Nausea or stomach ache , I am very achey at presant been like it for a couple of weeks, mornings are the worst when I get up.
1210142 tn?1266077031 t suggest professionalism. Second, info is inaccurate. They claim that their vitamins are natural and others are synthetic. All vitamins are synthetic. There's no Vitamin C floating around loose out there, you have to isolate it from something else. It's usually taken from corn in a chemical process. That's obviously not how it occurs in nature, so it's to a degree synthetic.
Avatar n tn If you really want to know about natural remedies for mental problems, there's a book called Natural Highs by Hyla Cass. She's a psychiatrist associated with UCLA med school. Using natural remedies usually requires a combination of herbs and amino acids, B vitamins and minerals. If you really get panic attacks, it's going to take a lot of work, and best to see a naturopath who knows the stuff well. Never heard of PanicAway, but as silverberg describes it, probably bogus.
Avatar f tn I dont understand why some of u are filling urself with so much vitamins..did u calculate ur body needs and do u overpass it? To much vitamins isnt good too..