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Avatar f tn I wish there was a natural medicine. I always try and go homeopathic or use a natural medicine, but in the case of asthma , as far as I know, you need an asthma puffer obtained through a doctor's prescription.
Avatar f tn Oops, I accidentally closed out the screen before sending my message. Well, here's the short version: I had babesia and Lyme, and the testing for babesia is pretty accurate, as far as I know, because it is not bacterial, but protozoal, so it doesn't do the 'shape shifting' that Lyme bacteria can do from regular form, to cystic form, to cell-wall-deficient form. Babesia treatment was first, and once it was out of the way, I was feeling better; then on to treating Lyme.
8128718 tn?1397045474 I will be 31 weeks exact tomorrow and was wondering what medicine is good to take for allergies? I also have this cough with allergies but i dnt know what to take that is safe for baby.
Avatar n tn My shih tzu had allergies what over the counter medicine can I purchase to give to the dog that will not be harmful he wheezes
Avatar f tn I know how you feel.
Avatar m tn You could have a slightly sluggish thyroid that is going to be more helped by natural medicine than by conventional medicine. Thus, the reason for the full report. Natural medicine looks at the thyroid levels in a different manner than conventional medicine. The thyroid and the adrenals work together. Likely, the adrenal glands are working over time with the anxiety disorder. Google Terry Naturally or Terry Lemorand or Europharma.
Avatar f tn Vitamin C with Quercitin and bromelain are great natural antihistamines, I prefer liquid natural treatments. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn My nine-year-old granddaughter has been diagnosed with steroid-resistant asthma with multiple allergies, but we are told hers is a non-allergic asthma. She was recently also diagnosed with sarcoidosis. Her asthma is complicated by URI's that require hospitalizations every 4-6 weeks for IV steroid infusions, antibiotics, and RT. Two weeks ago she was in the PICU for pneumonia and a pneumothorax plus all the rest.
Avatar m tn I suffer from all sorts of allergies including pet allergies, trees, and pollen. Does anyone know of any natural ways to get rid of my severe allergies? I'm tired of prescription medicine because they cause more side effects than good and just do not work for me. PLEASE HELP~!
Avatar f tn I have a sore itchy throat from my allergies and since I can't take my allergy medicine what are some things I can use to make this annoying feeling go away on 6 weeks 5 days today.
Avatar n tn I have pretty bad allergies, and they seem to have gotten worse since I got pregnant. One thing Iay suggest is a netty pot, it's just water and saline that you basically poor through your nostril to clear all The gunk out. It is very uncomfortable and is hard at first cause you are so congested but it did help me and my dad who is 67 and an allergy sufferer all his life started using one and it has literally cleared up his allergies, he doesn't even have to take medicine anymore.
7945295 tn?1397658820 Do any of you lady's take zyrtec for allergies? I don't like taking anything period but my allergies are sever. I claritan with my son but I feel like zyrtec works better. I was told its just as safe but figured I'd see what you lady's take.
Avatar m tn You would need expert help here, such as a naturopath or a practitioner of integrated medicine to determine whether your condition is even amenable to natural medicine without risk since we have no idea the seriousness of your stroke or how clogged your blood vessels are.
Avatar f tn Hi all I just found out I'm pregnant and I stopped taking loratadine (aka claritin) for my allergies a few days ago bc I don't want it to do any harm to my baby, and I'm not sure whether or not it would. It's a class b medication which means they haven't done studies which show any harm or safety. The only problem is, when I don't take it I have post nasal drip which drains into my stomach and makes me nauseous.
Avatar m tn I went to a natural medicine doc and was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. My IgE scores were in the .1 - .37 range. This lab (Alletess) named those as class I and II allergies. I have seen other scales that name anything less than .4 as class 0. Why the discrepancy? Is this lab just suspicious of an allergic reaction to a much lower IgE #? Natural Doc says I must avoid these foods for the rest of my life. I am willing to do that, but only if I have a legitimate allergy.
Avatar f tn ve tried Zyrtec, Allerex, and another kind of medicine and nothing helps my allergies! I was wondering if you could tell me a allegy medicine that would help? Or do you really just have to stay away from what you are allergic to????
Avatar n tn De mi perro, y no, no translation. It's bad Spanish anyway. Figure it out yourself. De mi perro, y no, no translation. It's bad Spanish anyway. Figure it out yourself. Actually, I just said change the dog's diet, it can help, since often it's the food that causes the dog's allergies, particularly the protein source. I'm going through something similar with my dog, though it's more inflammatory bowel than allergies, but I learned it through my holistic vet.
Avatar n tn 1mg of lorazepam has helped me to sleep (a smaller dose is not effective) but I understand this med. is addictive. I am wondering about switching to one of the melatonin based natural sleep aids, specifically Restaid. Is this medicine safe & effective as a sleep aid? Can it be taken with antihistamines/decongestants which I take regularly for allergies?