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Avatar n tn For the past 2 days my left eye has been insanely itchy! It's not bloodshot, there's not gunk in it or anything, and no pain, just itchy as hell. My other eye is completely fine - no itching or anything. I do wear contacts but haven't changed anything with them in terms of brand or anything. Initially I thought it was the contact so I put a fresh pair in this morning but still my eye is still so itchy. If I itch it like I want to then it gets really swollen and even bruised a little.
Avatar m tn But I have not seen anyone relate that it occurs with only one eye. While driving at night I see a halo around lights in my right eye, but not my left. I have recently had pressure tests and glaucoma tests. No problems show up. What could cause this?
Avatar f tn Don't use eye makeup with your contacts. No one is so ugly that they MUST wear eye mekeup.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had a stubborn eyelid swelling in one eye for this long due to allergy? I do have crusting in my eye in the morning (very slight) but no discharge (only watery glob on my eye that can be blinked away and slight blurriness on that eye). thanks so much for your help.
Avatar f tn I don't have allergies, but I use an eye mist for my dry/red eyes. I can't remember the name of it right now, but I'm pretty sure it is the only one in mist form.
Avatar m tn An allergist or eye doctor can prescribe eye drops for allergies.
Avatar m tn I recenlty did this and noticed the next day my left eye felt swollen and sore. Can dust get in your eyes and cause inflamation. My eye is not eye or itcy.
Avatar f tn Hello, I was hoping to find out if it is normal to have stringy discharge in your eyes if you have allergies. I have had seasonal allergies since I was 9, I am now 43. The junk in my eye that I can pull out which is ewww and irritating, it's there when my allergies are bad, and even when I'm not dealing with allergies, it's just a lot more when my eyes are irritated, swollen, and hurting. What can be done for a remedy.
Avatar f tn I have an eye allergy that started several years ago, after I had pneumonia. My heating/air system at home and in the car irritates my eyes. When the air blows in my face it irritates the veins/blood vessel around my eyes, they get puff and swollen that causes the pressure in my eyes to go up. I'm using four different eye drops provided by my doctor. I only have close-up vision in my left eye and I'm worried that I may soon lose site in my right eye.
954983 tn?1246464647 Although there is no cure for eye allergies you should try Claritin Eye Drops and compliment them with an allergy tablet. It worked wonders for me.
Avatar f tn about 2 weeks later (April 12) i notices that my right eye (same one as the bump) lookes strange, it was more open than the left one, few ppl told me it could be the allergies and all. I had an appt April 14th with the bariatric clinic, as i am trying to loose some weight,.,,, they took blood samples and was testing my tyroid as comon practice with weight loss programs...
Avatar f tn I've never had bad allergies before. In fact I would only sneeze once in a blue moon. But for a few weeks now my eyes have been itching so bad and I would itch them to the point that I've already had two infections of my eyelid on the left side.It would swell my eyelid almost till my eye was shut. I have a pretty bad history of staph infections. Also the roof of my mouth has been itching and when it starts to itch it will get these hard lumps on one side at a time.
Avatar m tn I just went to the Optho who did the irrigation test on my tear duct that is CONSTANTLY tearing. It is just the one eye. He put me on eye drops for allergies. What else could this condition be if there is no blockage???
Avatar f tn Hello! Has anyone ever dealt with eye swelling in their child(ren?) My 23 month old has had a swollen right eye now for a few days. She had this same symptom on the right side last August. Just a pink, puffy eyelid. No drainage, no fever, not painful. But she does rub it occasionally. The sclera of her eye is still white and she is able to move her eye normally. She has not had any new foods, no new detergents/soaps. I just cannot pinpoint why this happened again to her?!?
Avatar f tn Claritine does nothing for me.
Avatar f tn I thought it was just allergies since i have terrible allergies when spring comes, or probaly from me playing with my dog and touching my eye. But this morning as i rubbed it to stop the itch, my eye felt weird. I looked in the mirror and notice the corner is a little swollen. Also i notice when i pull down my eyelid i see like this idk what to call it i think its part of the eyelid that holds the eye, it is also a little swollen . . .
Avatar n tn It feels like I have something in it but I checked and there is not. My eye is a little red but barely, which is probably just from me rubbing it. I tried eye drops and they did not help. There is no crust or pus just some excess watering. I do not wear contacts or have any allergies to my knowlege. Its painful and extremely uncomfortable, please help!
Avatar m tn Hello, I have a red spot in my eye that has been reoccuring for almost 8 years. It is inflamed and will calm down within minutes. I think it may be due to allergies? Any thoughts on what this could be? I have visited an optometrist and she prescribed steroid drops for 10 days. Problem became almost non existent until i stopped using them. It's a little pink and when inflamed it can become more red. I can post pics if needed.
Avatar n tn steroid, allergy and OTC. I need cataract surgery especially in my right eye. The doctor says there is nothing pathologically wrong with my eyes....maybe allergies. My allergist says I have no possibly...environmental...glaring...light sensitivity, etc? any ideas???
Avatar n tn The contact will usually cause discomfort in the eye and the whites of the eye will turn almost fully red with a high sensitivity to light. I went to my optometrist in 2005 who was pretty useless in helping me determine the cause, telling me it was allergies. I then went to an allergist who told me I wasn't allergic to anything. I stopped wearing my contacts and the problem cleared a few days later and I went back to my contacts.
Avatar f tn For ladies with Allergies what are you taking or doing. Claritin just doesn't seem to be doing the job. I am a stuffy, sneezey mess with watery eyes half the time. And I need to function so Benadryl is not an option unless I am able to sleep all day.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with an ocular migraine that effected the vision in my right eye...the blurriness is going away, but not completely...I'm nervous 'cause I'm afraid the blurry vision in that eye will stay like this forever...the vision isn't as sharp in the right eye as it is in the left.... Is there some type of eye drops I can take that will get the eye back to normal?
Avatar f tn The next instant I know the grittiness is back, it seems to move around with eye movement. I tried taking water in my hands and washing my eye with it, I tried going under the eyelid with my fingers but nothing gritty comes out and it sometimes just gets worse. My eyes are not constantly red or watery, but is irritating the eye I can feel it and it leaves a crust in the middle of the eye when I sleep. I used an allergy eye drop but it is still there. What should I do please?