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Avatar f tn Hello! I've had problems with my eyes being red for a long time now. They're not a lot red, but they're not normal either. They're only red in the eye's white part. I had a severe reaction to a friend's clothes detergent once, she had a really cheap detergent from canada (she visited me where I live here in Sweden). I got something close to an eye infection from her detergent, and I got it both times she visited me.
Avatar m tn The answer is probably yes, but I'm not sure what to do. I've been living in NYC for about a year now (I'm 28), and have had some serious problems with my apartments, including my latest one, which is a recently-renovated 2br in Brooklyn. Basically what happens is, as I spend more time in the bathroom and kitchen, I slowly lose my ability to breathe.
Avatar f tn I moved into an apartment that had black mold in November of 2009 (obviously I wasn’t aware of this until after I moved in). About a week after moving in I started to feel sick and came down with what I thought was a virus. I had a rash under my armpits and was getting severe hot flashes every day at the same time every day. My body would get so hot and I would get itchy. When I scratched I would welt up and become bright red. And I don’t mean the normal redness from scratching.
Avatar f tn I have these new neighbors that moved in a few months ago.. I've been living in my apartment for over 4 years now. They are so inconsiderate they smoke cigarettes, weed all the time. Its so bad the smell comes into my apartment. I have a small dog who only goes in the hallway when we take him out for walks and thats it.
Avatar n tn My 3 year old grand son has been plagued by continued sinus infectons, ear infectons, rashes, fevers that spike, come and go, congestion, vomiting, and coughing off and on for several weeks since August. He first started daycare around the same time. He has been on several rounds of antibiotics, been to the doctor several times and even to the emergency room and to urgent care a couple of times.
Avatar f tn Five cats in a 2-bedroom apartment who don't go outside is, well, a few cats. Has anyone honestly told you how your apartment smells or how much cat hair is there? A person's nose gets used to smells after a while and can't tell how much scent is there -- and people with a lot of cats often wind up living in a place where the catbox can be smelled, except they are accustomed to it so they don't smell it.
Avatar m tn When I first moved into my apartment it was still airing out from the fresh paint, new carpet and other work that had been done on the apartment. I had to close the windows early before it had completely aired out because it was getting so cold. That was 3 years ago, though, and I'm having the allergies now worse than ever.
Avatar m tn Also: When I go to one other apartment the allergies also occur there.
Avatar f tn No, a humidifier isn't likely to help. Sounds like you'll have to find a new place to live as soon as possible, even if that isn't before your new baby arrives. Unless of course it's illegal to smoke in multi-unit (apartment) buildings where you live, in which case you could always try going to court and fighting to try to make her stop. But I don't see that ending well, honestly.
Avatar n tn Also my bunny recently developed seasonal allergies after moving to a new place so I keep him indoors during the worst pollen days. He is also bothered by the forsced air furnacr heating in my apartment, so I got filters to put in the vents and closed the vent in the room where he is.
Avatar n tn Allergic reactions can show a waxing and waning phenomenon. They can improve or worsen with time. Also it is possible to develop new allergies, you could develop new allergic reactions to food or other substances. You will only have to closely monitor. If you haven't undergone formal allergy testing, that might be beneficial. Under a doctor's supervision, foods that have caused allergies in the past can sometimes be added slowly back into the diet.
1590008 tn?1297040041 just read all the site and see what you think, can also be inhaled allergies associated with the new you use different chemicals such as room sprays, hairsprays, cologne, candles, cleaners? any of these can cause allergies, people start sneezing but with cats it manifests itself on their skin and they began to ITCH...try reducing all chemicals that you can.
10256164 tn?1408981241 .true enouqh i myself was a smoker &n have been but i have also stopped, if its not stated in the lease that the apartment complex is non-smokinq or that yu cant smoke (same thinq) then there os nothin yu can do about the people who choose to &n pay their rent just like yu...
Avatar m tn We have tried different washing detergents on her bedding (straight baking soda too). They ruled out food allergies also. We live in a basement apartment, no pets, no smokers (in our apt.), and a shared building wide washer and dryer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This is my last shot before we pack up and head to the Mayo Clinic. Attached is a photo 3 hours after Benadryl was given.
Avatar f tn Girl im in the same situation! i go to college and just lost my job and im having a baby in 2 months.. my bf works two jobs and we still cant afford to move out! it frustrates me so much because i wana be on my own but these days its so expensive. We are at his parents until we can get it straightened out.
531835 tn?1215615037 Thats great except I have to have the litter box and everything in my bedroom and can not put it anywhere else becasue I share my apartment. Is there no hope in figuring out a way to get around this. I am hearing that even if I clean everything top to bottom, wash the cats, wash all the bedding, and have a heppa filter he will still probably have a reaction. Does anyone have any ideas?
Avatar n tn antihistamines help but itch returns. Also scalp and soles of feet. no Known allergies. Nothing new or unusual eaten or used on skin. Same shampoo, washing detergent etc as always.
Avatar f tn About two years ago I started having severe allergies and suspected black mold in my apartment. I also had recently acquired two cats. Suddenly I started having ringing in my ears and was diagnosed with a salivary gland infection to which I was treated with antibiotics. The ringing came back and I was again treated with antibiotics (they didn't work the second time). In the course of the second dose of antibiotics I became dizzy and have been every since.
Avatar f tn since I moved into this apartment I am sick all the time! Iget dizzy light headed and feel like I may pass out .
Avatar f tn Do you have tree allergies? The same proteins in their pollens can be in the paper dust that you end up breathing. I have a problem with certain printed materials myself, so I can relate to paper allergies caused from being around the dust. I do have a suggestion that could prove helpful for you if you're not working in customer relations. Your boss shouldn't have a problem with your wearing a special filtration mask if you're not dealing with the public.
Avatar f tn The carpet in my apartment was replaced also in November when the 2 guys moved out. Also, around Christmas I began drinking apple cider vinegar and lemon in boiling water daily along with vitamin c tablets. This cleared me up until recently when due to a longer hours and more stress in work has resulted in symptoms coming back.
Avatar n tn My husband has had a sudden onset of seizures when he sleeps, I just moved into an apartment that has black mold, it started in my bedroom window frame and has extended to to the bathroom, kitchen. I have lived there for about 2 months now. Any feed back would be greatly appricated. The Doctors are baffeled and do not know what is causing this, all medical test are normal.