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Avatar n tn ti am 20 years old . I have been suffering from hoarseness for 3 years . altough it is not very sever but it bothers me and restrict me from doing many things . but what surprises me is that it is not regular .....i mean it comes and goes through the day( after talking for along time with friends , my voice becomes smooth just as i want it to be ) but mostly during the day or after being silent for some time my voice is harsh. In the morning when i wake up my voice is not regular .....
Avatar n tn It then progress to a cloudiness in my speech because of excessive pghlem and a need to clear the throat, which finally leads to actual hoarseness. However, the hoarseness disappears after 1/2 hour to an hour or so, though my throat and neck still feel incredibly tense. The only unusual thing that has happened to me in the past few years is an uncommonly bad cold. About 3 years ago I caught a horrible cold and a dry cough persisted for a month before I finally sought treatment.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed in Feb with hashi/thyroiditis...I do not have a goiter - my TSH levels have dropped but I am getting moments of hoarseness. Is that just another "fun" part of this madness? Thanks yall!
Avatar n tn I lived on a farm for my entire childhood and moved away and got allergies. So maybe getting tested for allergies could help. Do you wear a mask? I really think your work environment is not helping your condition.
2899052 tn?1436834845 After that, I coughed alot and had alot of phlegm stick in my throat! I have very bad hoarseness! It wasn't easy to clear my throat so I had to drink water to clear my throat! I went to ENT doctor to check it out. He said my vocal cord (throat) is little swollen because it's from the exposure of acid and I have alot of phlegm in my throat! He also said that I have acid reflux. Also it is because I used to overeat heavy meals (dinner) often.
Avatar m tn , 250#) of generally good health, reasonably active, and 2 months smoke free. I’m also adenoid free, no known allergies, and I had the mumps as a child. I have been various degrees of hoarse for several months with occasional eye watering coughs. It's also been difficult/painful to swallow sometimes. Symptoms have been increasing in severity recently. It's been uncomfortable, but not impairing. I haven't been physically sore or feverish.
262365 tn?1268511868 I have not had a cold or virus or any so throat. I wanted to know is this hoarseness hormonal, or is it because of the severe acid reflux that I am having?
Avatar n tn It was so slight - I didn't even notice it. He went to our Internist who thinks it is most likely allergies, but said it could also be something environmental (we live in Houston) or even throat cancer. That "C" word shocked us both. At present he has been on allergy meds for the last 4 days. He does not have a sore throat, trouble swallowing, or any blood being coughed up. He is in sales and talks non-stop each day.
Avatar f tn How common is vocal hoarseness in MS? Does it go away? My voice has become very hoarse/low in the past few days, which is something I've only experienced once before (after surgery, because that tube was down my throat). Also, I'm having a hard time swallowing liquids, particularly water. No matter how hard I try to swallow correctly, some water feels like it's going down the wrong tube and I start coughing/choking on it.
Avatar f tn I have had laryngitis and hoarseness, which is getting worse now. In my 6th wk of treatment and wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Have had in the past, never this bad. Any thoughts would be appreiciated. Other then normal allergies, and some fatigue, no other changes. Could my liver have an effect on my vocal cords, throat,, etc.?
Avatar f tn I did have lots of breathing troubles before this all started, especially when the pollen was high. I am always clearing my throat, I get hoarseness, but there is always muck in my throat and I get nasal drip. Should I get allergy tests? I now seem to breathe very shallow but at normal pace. But I also get unequal pupils when I am in my house, but not when I am out in the fresh air, in fact, when I am out and about I seem to breathe a little better. Could allergies cause it?
203342 tn?1328740807 Nodules, can cause hoarseness in the voice, Your GP should be looking for the cause to your hoarseness, and not take it lightly. Best of luck. Dont forget now THYROID ULTRASOUND SCAN. Is what you ask for.
1340515 tn?1276035458 all symptoms left except post-nasal drainage, hoarseness and shortness of breath; not much coughing;referred to an ENT dr last week; laryngoscopy was normal--no nodules, cysts etc.; dr theorized acid reflux and/or stress requiring speech therapy; prescribed Nexium. I'm dubious. I rarely have heartburn. Been on Nexium 3 days, still hoarse & can't seem to get a full breath. I just don't buy the acid / stress diagnosis.
Avatar m tn On Monday I wake up with nasal congestion and voice hoarseness by Thursday early morning I have dry scratchy throat, I work noc's as a nurse, I come home go to bed and within less than an hour I wake up gasping for air. All I can do it seems is to breathe in(loud gasps) but not breathe out.. I will have issues while awake where my throat will feel like it is very dry and scratchy and I have to stop and concentrate on getting a breath in.
1890554 tn?1322681648 Hi I been dealing with severe allergies and nothing seems to alleviate them. I was given a diprospan injection (Celestamine is Betamethasone, a corticosteroid used to treat allergic reactions and sometimes other conditions). about 3 weeks ago… Celestamine NS twice a dat…Omnaris spray twice a day… after all this I had a Ct Scan for my sinus and every thing way great! no fluid anywhere and I felt fine…. my ears are ringing like crazy and allergies makes it worse.
Avatar f tn It was veI thought it was the Lyme, but maybe it was the Bart. (Hoarseness is on the Burrascano symptom list) My hoarseness only lasted a couple days until I started the antibiotics I took for a week, not knowing what I had. It was very memorable as I could barely croak out a couple intelligible words. The hoarseness never came back. Maybe if it had, Iwould have recognized it sooner.
Avatar f tn "throat is swelling shut, and filled with mucous...ribs hurting" Sounds like asthma due to least that's what the doctors have told me. "hoarsness, continuing and increasing pain in my throat up into my right ear" That part sounds like an infection. But for the most part...what you are describing sounds like asthma due to allergies.
Avatar n tn My primary wants me to take prilosec once a day with nasal spray and zyrtec b/c I have horrible allergies (I do have a dog and live in a pet friendly apt. complex). I am quite concerned rightnow its cancer. It is scaring me. Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
746512 tn?1388811180 The last two nights I have woke myself up coughing at least 3 times and end up coughing for 10-20 minutes before it settles down. I did test positive for dust mite and cat allergies. My cat does sleep at the foot of my bed and I'm unwilling to change that. I did buy a dust mite cover that also stops pet dander from moving through it (2.6 micron pore size from achooallergy) and wash my sheets with dust mite laundary addictive once a week. My carpet is vacuumed with a hepa filter.
Avatar n tn he said allergies and asthma (given inhalers) No tests have been done yet, only physician examination of chest/back/throat So it has been 12 days now & Im still feeling unwell (1. pretty fatigued 2. weird feeling in chest (decreased) 3. voice sounds off 4. Some throat ruff/dryness). But the cough has decreased, as has the mucous that I was coughing up (usually in morning). Any thoughts or ideas? I havent experienced anything like this before I believe.
Avatar n tn My husband has had a very slight hoarseness the past 4 weeks - I dodn't even notice it until he had me listen closely to his voice. He went to his Internist who said it couod either be allergies, something environmental, or throat cancer. We are first treating it with allergy meds which he has been on the last 4 days. He seems fine in the morning and he gets more hoarse as the say wears on.
Avatar f tn I can't remember which came first but he vomited a few times and also had a sudden loss of voice/hoarseness. Then he was struggling to breath. I called 000 because he had difficulty breathing. It sounded restricted. By the time the ambulance arrived (15 mins later) his condition had improved. He wasn't vomiting any more and his breathing was better. His voice was still a little hoarse. The paramedics said that the hoarseness and difficulty breathing was probably due to him vomiting.
Avatar f tn Literally overnight back in January my allergies changed. One day I was fine, the next day I woke up with a huge swollen face, and I couldn't breathe. I got a skin allergy test, and I was positive to everything. Everything gives me an anaphylactic reaction it seems. I step outside, and the pollen causes my face to tingle, go numb, swell up, along with my throat closing up. Everyday my eyes are huge and puffy no matter what I do. Everyday I have severe sinus headaches.
Avatar n tn At least once every year I get this persistent hoarseness in voice, itchy throat and chest when i talk, sing...Feels like I need to push the air through extra when it almost hurts. I am generally healthy...although am a smoker...but this has been happening even when I did not use tobacco. I have no health insurance at the moment, and I will appreciate any put my mind in a right place about this. It might be allergies...I guess...Some other changes I notice are ...
Avatar m tn Should I try desensitization treatments for my allergies again? Are there any other treatments worth trying? Thank you very much for any comments or suggestions.
Avatar m tn Could the puffer be causing hoarseness in my voice or still allergies?Had a sore throat for 2 weeks and then lost most of voice-just a hoarse for a week or is this something i have to continually live ?
Avatar n tn Or, can allergies really cause this hoarseness? I do tend to notice a lot of phlegm in the back of my throat. I'm just so confused!!
Avatar n tn hi there, my allergies are kind of brother me and iam on a allergery pill and it is helping. i have a horse voice can i gargley with salt water and it doesnt hurt when i swole at all.