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Avatar n tn if someone has seborrheic dermatitis patches around the lips and chin, does it means he has HIV, or is seborrheic dermatitis a common skin condition that affect many people.
Avatar f tn Hello, One of the reasons for blood shot itchy eyes can be seasonal allergies or hay fever.Even allergies due to contact dermatitis with the eye makeup can cause such symptoms.It can also be due to blepahritis or eye infections. You can take OTC antihistaminics like benadryl or Claritin. Eye drop versions of cromolyn sodium and antihistamines are available for itchy, bloodshot eyes and these can also be tried.Also maintain hygiene and avoid rubbing the eyes.
Avatar m tn There are many other causes of contact dermatitis. The skin is most sensitive and thin around our eyes so that is where most reactions show up. Formaldehyde (a known carcinogen) is indeed the number one culprit, but what most people don't realize is that many of our everyday products from soaps, toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners etc contain formaldehyde releasing subatances as preservatives. Another common irritant are sulphates in shampoos. cosmeticsdatabase.
Avatar f tn When the air blows in my face it irritates the veins/blood vessel around my eyes, they get puff and swollen that causes the pressure in my eyes to go up. I'm using four different eye drops provided by my doctor. I only have close-up vision in my left eye and I'm worried that I may soon lose site in my right eye. Should I see a dermatologist are have my doctor do a patch skin test? I've had two blood test, I'm not sure what they were looking for.
Avatar f tn I have had red eyes and eyelids for several months. Redness reducing eye drops help, but only temporarily. I had this same problem when I was on Accutane, but it went away once i was off the drug. Now it is back and I have been off accutane for over a year. My eyes are not itchy, and there is no discharge to indicate pink-eye. I was tested by an allergist for enviornmental and food allergies and all were negative.
Avatar n tn I think that yes it may be allergies I have my eyes irritating and mine is from plants and gardens, also we have a lot of heat where i live in California.I have treid drops , they dont really work well , itchy scalp can also be allergies I am told .
Avatar m tn A vet should take a sample of the infected area and observe the cells under a microscope to look for things like yeast, etc. Also there is a dye they can use and if it changes a certain color, then that leads to what the culprit is. So none of the three vets you went to did this, since you mentionrd no lab testing was done? They prescribed pills without lab testing being done? Lab testing is the best way to rule things out and find the underlying cause.
Avatar f tn Hi, An allergy usually refers to a reaction by our immune system in response to certain allergens.The parts of the body that are prone to react to allergies include the eyes, nose, lungs, skin, and stomach. If you do not have other signs or symptoms present, his rules out allergic causes. Your condition could be due to skin disorders, fungal infection, stress or head louse. This could be due to contact dermatitis if there is a rash present with the itch.
Avatar n tn I would think of ABCD Air Borne Contact dermatitis possibily to plants,or ACD Allergic Contact Dermatitis to like nickel in jewellery.If you have a preexisting allergy in family more chances of such acute reaction.Steroids may be indicated,keep in touch with your physician.
Avatar m tn i have started her on cerelac (wheat) when she was around 7.5 months. she used to itch her eyes before going to sleep but now i am observing her waking up after she has fallen asleep by the itchiness of the eyes and nose. could that be a sign of allergy? because she is such a fussy eater, cerelac used to do the job and she would just have at least 2 tablespoons per meal. what is your advice?
Avatar m tn Hello, Unexplained swelling of the lip or eyes without any predisposing disease is frequently caused by allergies. An allergic reaction can occur suddenly, even in a person with no previous history of allergy.This swelling of the lip or eyes is called angioedema.It is the rapid swelling (edema) of the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, mucosa and submucosal tissues.Symptoms include swelling of any body part which appears suddenly and comes and goes.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a sunburn like rash all over my face which burns I also have pink eyes which have bags under them they are also quite bloodshot in the mornings I have tried everything I can think of I was just wondering if anyone would be able to suggest what could be causing this as I am at the end of my tether now.
Avatar f tn I had a bout of crying one day, and the next day my eyelids were swollen and red also a little scaly travelling down slightly where you would have bags under your eyes.. this was in both lids, it hadnt gone completely, its up and down in redness and just when i thought it had gone, I went to the gym and the sweat on my eyelids flared it back up again the next day, it seems to sting with my sweat or tears....any ideas or help what i have?
Avatar m tn The other day I was sitting in the commons at school, as I do every day, and all of the sudden began to have allergy symptoms. They seemed like seasonal allergies (which i have badly) to begin with. Then my eyes swelled up bigger than they ever have and I started to get the hives. I rushed home for benedril and by the time I got home I was COVERED in HUGE hives all over my body. Not one inch of me was uncovered by them. I was having problems breathing too.
Avatar n tn My four year old daughter has suddenly developed swelling around her eyes, nose and cheeks.. Eyes and cheeks are mildly red and doesnt seem to hurt. The skin has small bumps. No obvious bites, wounds or throat swelling.. No circumstances have changed recently to make me think allergic reaction, and shes never had an allergic reaction to anything. She recently got over a mild feverless cold with congestion and runny nose.. Any ideas?
535822 tn?1443976780 by Longevity Science. It is all natural and helps with dry eyes, allergies and even slows down the development of cataracts. You put two drops per day in each eye. The main ingredient is listed in the inactive ingredients due to the dang FDA ruling, but it works just the same, it is N-acetyl-carnosine. You can get it through Emerson Ecologics, the number is 1-800-654-4432. The cost is 34.95. My naturopath prescribed it for me. Here is the website for it.
Avatar n tn The redness also seems to stand, at times, in stark contrast to patchy, blanched areas of white around my eyes. The skin is smooth to the touch and not bumpy, just red with white patches. It's really annoying and causes me to be extremely self-conscious. Any idea?
Avatar n tn It could be allergies, although an good eye doctor should be able to diagnose eye allergy symptoms. Did you see an opthamologist or an optometrist? An opthamologist is a medical doctor specializing in the eye. An optometrist only does vision testing for glasses. I find using contact saline solution as an eye wash and an antihistamine eye drop are very helpful. I like Zaditor for my eye drop and use an antique eye wash cup to wash my eyes twice daily. I hope that helps.
Avatar f tn and oh my, my eyes burned like I had been cutting onions and then rubbed my eyes. I am not sure if all this is related but even drying my skin with a towel seems to be an enhanced sensation. Now I don't know what to think or what this is....Oh I almost for got I am 30years old and a female....if you have any suggestions please send them my way. I also know that it isn't contagious because no one I have been in contact with in my house hold or any other situation has it.
Avatar f tn The diet change alone will not resolve infection, but the correct hypoallergenic diet should prevent itch and infections from recurring. Additionally, make sure your dog is on a good montly flea preventative, as itching and dermatitis on the lower back is a classic symptom of flea allergy dermatitis, which can occur concurrently with other allergic skin diseases in dogs. Kimberly Coyner, DVM DACVD www.dermvetvegas.
Avatar f tn I know that eczema and allergies can go hand in hand. I have asthma and allergies, however no food allergies. My question is, if he doesn't get any of the milk on his skin he doesn't have any apparent reactions to it. If it is only a local reaction to contact, do you still feel it is an allergy? If so, should I go ahead and put him on soy milk? (do you work in the medical field?) Thank you.