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Avatar f tn My 2 and half year old son has developed a blinking problem over the past week. He does it most often when he is concentrating his vision on something like a tv or book or some toy requiring more attention. He is aware of this i think coz i have shown my concern by asking him if his eyes r hurting. While usually very verbose and imaginative in his answers, he always says there's no problem with his eyes. We wil be travelling tomo from pakistan to london which is an 8 hr journey.
Avatar f tn Our son has a chronic eye blinking tic. He started to blink his eyes really hard recently. It started out as a right,than left eye wink then became both eyes blinking. He started out constantly winking and escalated to blinking every second for hours. We felt very worried about this as his friends are also asking him why he is blinking. The frequency varies all the time. One day it can be a really bad day of blinking and yet another day it is better .
Avatar n tn If it is a new and consistent thing then take him to your pediatrician for an examination.
Avatar n tn It is probably stress. See a neuro-ophthalmologist to rule out an organic cause. Dr. O.
Avatar n tn When I put in drops I have relief for some time before it comes again. So now that I know what was the cause, what is this called? is this just dry eyes or allergies? thanks!
Avatar n tn There are a couple of other possibilities too. He may have dry eyes (due to allergies) or he could even need glasses. I used to blink a lot when i was younger thinking it would clear my vision. If he isn't even five yet it may be hard to test him. I would mention those possibilities to the doctor and have him tested.
Avatar f tn For the past couple of days my eyes have felt dry and scratchy and feel irritated when blinking. I've also noticed that when looking far to the right or left it looks like the surface of my eye is "wrinkling or "bunching" against my outer eyelids. What could this be?
Avatar n tn My 3year old has been constantly twitching and blinking his eyes and sniffing his nose.It`s been going in now for about 3 weeks,when i ask him why,he said it because he has too!So any information youhave would be greatly apreciated.
Avatar n tn The next day she was still blinking so I asked her if her eyes were hurting her. Well, immediately after I asked she started blinking even more. "okay" I thought, "this is probably no big deal since she knows what I am talking about when I asked her if something is wrong". None the less I asked her a few more times over the next few days and got the same result. And her blinking continued.
Avatar f tn Blepharospasm is a neurological condition characterized by forcible closure of the eyelids. Blepharo means "eyelid". Spasm means "uncontrolled muscle contraction". The term blepharospasm ['blef-a-ro-spaz-m] can be applied to any abnormal blinking or eyelid tic or twitch resulting from any cause, ranging from dry eyes to Tourette's syndrome to tardive dyskinesia.
Avatar n tn My problem is that my son blinks like his eyes are strained, His eyes are red and tired, we tried allergy eye drops, that helped with the redness, but he continues to blink eyes, they go to the left. I thought maybe his allergy medicine was drying his eyes out , so we stopped eye drops, and adminster only lubricating drops. It is so bad now that my son moves his whole head,(chin down to left and brings upward with his eyes).
Avatar n tn My daughter is 21/2 years old. a few days ago, she began blinking, not rapidly, but hard blinking. i notice it more when she is watching TV. i will be taking her to the doctor in a few days to find out if she has eye trouble. she said her eyes dont hurt, and wont tell me why she started blinking. we dont have a family history of torets (sp). can you give me any advice?
Avatar f tn His Doctor said it was allergies/dry eyes and all he needed was eye drops! Since then his twitching has gotten worse and it went into his neck and head!! This past week it has taken over his entire body!! His arms and legs "lock up" when these movements tend to happen! It is so scary to see my son go through this we have moved his bed into our room just so we can watch him because it even happens when he sleeps! Last night i took him to the hospital because it had gotten so bad!
Avatar m tn and shortly after I started e peri ending constant dry eyes, burning of my eyes, aggressive blinking and twitching and getting really tired to the point of wanting to pass out at 4:00pm. I don't feel it as much when I'm distracted by other focuse requiring tasks and when I distract myself from thinking about it!! but that my mind goes right back to thinking about it In just a few seconds again.
409688 tn?1208482680 blinking, but a more forceful blinking that involves most of the muscles around my eyes as well as if i were shutting my eyes really hard to make a wish or pray. It sometimes also makes me clench my teeth. I don't know how all these symptoms are related but if there were any cure at all, you have no idea how appreciative I'd be. It's not just dry or irritated eyes either because when i focus on not doing it, I can stop.
Avatar f tn blinking eyes while talking is a secondary characteristic of stuttering which could mean that the stuttering is getting more severe. I would suggest seeing a speech-language pathologist as soon as possible. Stuttering is an odd disorder but when caught early enough can be treated and usually stopped. has information about stuttering and also you can find a professional in your area.
Avatar n tn Hello everybody my son he is 3 years old he blinks his eyes continuously and repeat words continuously I am wondering is this normal or no do I have to take him to see doctor please advice me by the way I have 3 kids one is 8 years she is perfectly fine and 3 years he is blinking eyes and third one is 9 months no problem with him and Myself no problem and wife no problems.
Avatar m tn So is looking up from the screen every 15 minutes, looking at something further than 15-20 feet and blinking the eyes hard 5-10 times. There are many other causes of dry eyes especially in post menopausal women.
Avatar f tn My son has the blinking issue and seemed to have itchy eyes. He felt as though there was something in there all the time. He then developed other things (long story) but I was told it was part of his motorized tic disorder. Again (as I state in other forums) I have to wonder about this too. Glad others were able to give you an answer, as for a long long time I tried to get answers from physicians and no one would help us. They always treat him for some other condition he does not have.
Avatar n tn my daughter is 23 months and her eyes are having bursts of blinking it looks like she is flickering her eyes... what do you think can cause this and should i be alarmed?
1537616 tn?1292663802 If it comes and goes, then it could be a very early sign of Tourette Syndrome. My son started eye blinking at age 5. Had his eyes tested to rule out anything . . . eyesight fine. It returned a year later, then disappeared. Then, he started with throat clearing (no eye blinking in conjunction with that). Finally, by age 10 he had eye blinking (facial tic) in conjunction with throat clearing (vocal tic) and was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr Hagan yes, is just when blinking like if it were an afterimage, I see it easier with rapid blinking or just blinking once when I wake up or in dim light rooms, same shape in both eyes. My macula seems to be ok as it was seen by a retinologist. I hope is a phosphene because the blinking, I have had a lot of weird things in my eyes for 9 years and well, Im still here seeing without major problems.
Avatar n tn Involuntary excessive blinking can be related to stress, voluntary excessive blinking can be related to severe dry eye, secondary to sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time or being extremely tired.
Avatar f tn My son took Vyvance for several months and also had a lot of eye blinking. We switched him to Focalin and the blinking stopped. Recently though he has begun having seizures...not sure if they related to either medication or if they are an independent problem. We see the neurologist tomorrow....hopefully we will find out more then. Does anyone know more about the seizures mentioned in the side effects of both Vyvance and Focalin XR? I can't find much info on these seizures...