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Avatar f tn My 2 and half year old son has developed a blinking problem over the past week. He does it most often when he is concentrating his vision on something like a tv or book or some toy requiring more attention. He is aware of this i think coz i have shown my concern by asking him if his eyes r hurting. While usually very verbose and imaginative in his answers, he always says there's no problem with his eyes. We wil be travelling tomo from pakistan to london which is an 8 hr journey.
Avatar n tn I have questioned him, Do your eyes hurt? NO Stop blinking you will hurt your eyes! I cant they wont stop.They want to go to sleep. Are they itchy? NO I am blaming myself for too much TV, letting himplay cbeebies games with me on th PC and now I am woried that I have maybe frightened him when I have told him off and now he is nervous.! I feel like crying. Has anyone experienced the same. What shall I do.
Avatar n tn Yes we also keep the fans blowing, and stopping the fans will reduce his blinking. I am worried that this blinking eyes is affecting his behavior, what's the causes and should we bring him to a pediatrician or an eye specialist. I am also worried that the previous cough medicines and antibiotic could have side effects, or perhaps playing computer cause nervous behavior. I would appreciate for your advise. I read your postings on the child having "tic".
Avatar n tn My 4 year old a week and a half ago started blinking his eyes. Worried I took him to his ped. and he got eyedrops thinking it maybe related to allergies. Mind you my son had a full work up on allergies this past summer do to his asthma. So not to my suprise they did not work. Today we went to the ped. eye doctor and again nothing wrong. I already read the email at the begining of this website and I have some different factors. My son has a speach therapist and Occupational therapist.
Avatar n tn The problem ended up to be allergies and the blinking resulted from dry eyes. With proper medication the blinking stopped within just a few days or less. This may be helpful to you as well.
Avatar f tn Also when he blinks hard he normally tilts his head and sniffles. Could this be due to Allergies or do I need to get his eyes checked? The school has checked his eyes and they said that everything appears to be fine but he still blinks hard. Some days are worse than others and in the winter, I don't notice it as much. I have taken him to a family doctor and he just said that it is probably a habit that he picked up but I don't think that is it.
Avatar n tn Hello - your case is a bit unusual - but I'm sure a good ophthalmologist can help you to understand what's going on. Some people have frequent involuntary blinking spasms for one or both eyes. This can be essential blepharospasm or hemifacial spasm. That would be a possible diagnosis for you if you truly couldn't control the "hard blinking.
Avatar n tn He may also have trouble with dry eyes or allergies. My son also had a lot of allergies that we got checked out. We started out with the allergy pills and flonase and moved to the allergy shots a few years later, which helped a lot! Have your doctor refer you to an allergist and get him tested. Then see if there's anything that he can safely take for his age, like maybe children's clariten. That's where I'd start. Hope that helps!
Avatar m tn My eyes are sometimes burning which is why I have to blink, but i find myself blinking a lot more than usual. For instance, im blinking every 5 seconds as i type this. I feel like I have some pressure behind my eyes, and when I got my eyes examined last year it was due to inflammation behind it. I took steroids for it and the blinking ceased immediately. Now when I was home over break I experienced significantly less blinking. I have few episodes and It was fine (I have pets that shed at home).
Avatar n tn It is probably stress. See a neuro-ophthalmologist to rule out an organic cause. Dr. O.
Avatar n tn I've been having problems from my eyes, For the past month or two , I've been blinking alot. Some of my family members say that its from looking at the computer alot. My eylids also hurt a little bit when i blink.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you have done an excellent job of trying to find the answer. Perhaps her eyes are bothering her for some reason (allergies, atopic conjuctivitis, headache due to viral illness or strep throat, dry air from heater in house, other???? As she gets older, eventually the ophthalmologist will be able to get a better exam and possibly discover some problem causing eye irritaton. Sometimes children blink a lot for no good reason or some reason that you can never discover.
Avatar n tn I have taken her to the opthamologist who has checked her eyes and has indicated that there is nothing phyisically causing this (dry eyes, allergies, etc..) My daughter has recently started objecting to going to daycare and I have had conversations with the director of her school who indicates that there have been no unusual events. My daughter can be quite stubborn and she is being made to listen more so than usual in an effort to move her to the next class.
Avatar m tn and shortly after I started e peri ending constant dry eyes, burning of my eyes, aggressive blinking and twitching and getting really tired to the point of wanting to pass out at 4:00pm. I don't feel it as much when I'm distracted by other focuse requiring tasks and when I distract myself from thinking about it!! but that my mind goes right back to thinking about it In just a few seconds again.
Avatar f tn My 5 1/2 year old niece's eyes have been blinking uncontrollable for about two weeks now. At first I thought that she had dry eyes or the sun was bothering her but it was not dry eyes or the sun, she kept blinking at night as well. I asked her if her eyes hurt and she said no. I am very concerned and cannot understand why this is this a form of being really nervous? Is it tourettes? Lack of sleep? Allergies?
Avatar n tn I had a patient much like you recently and treated her with tear drops, oral flax oil supplements, restasis drops, punctum plugs and had a plastic surgeon use Botox injections for the severe blepharospasm (which is only needed for the patients with real blepharospasm, not just reflex blinking due to dry eyes. This patient had both dry eyes and blepharospasm.
Avatar n tn blinking: some people just blink a lot. could be dryness or allergies, but it sounds more like a nervous habit or tick to me... mild neurological thing. not much info i can give you other than try using over-the-counter artificial tears/lubricant eyedrops and see if that takes the burning away and makes you blink less... pressure on your eyes/forehad: dont know. thats an interesting complaint. you could have some sort of refractive error...only an eye exam would be diagnostic in that case.
Avatar n tn There are a couple of other possibilities too. He may have dry eyes (due to allergies) or he could even need glasses. I used to blink a lot when i was younger thinking it would clear my vision. If he isn't even five yet it may be hard to test him. I would mention those possibilities to the doctor and have him tested.
Avatar f tn Our son has a chronic eye blinking tic. He started to blink his eyes really hard recently. It started out as a right,than left eye wink then became both eyes blinking. He started out constantly winking and escalated to blinking every second for hours. We felt very worried about this as his friends are also asking him why he is blinking. The frequency varies all the time. One day it can be a really bad day of blinking and yet another day it is better .
Avatar n tn The past week, we've noticed he's begun blinking his eyes in sequence about 4-5 times in 2-3 sets. We notice it when he watches television or is playing with his toys; it is more noticeable at night. Is it allergies? Is it Tics? What can this be? We don't have a history of Tourette's. I do wonder that when he is at his daycare that they clean so often with strong detergents? Please help us figure this out; he is our only child.
Avatar n tn It sounds like your neurologist believes your son has a "tic disorder" because of his blinking. The Clonidine is appropriate treatment but since your son may be having some side effects, why don't you check back with your doctor as it may be worthwhile to adjust the medication.
Avatar n tn i am currently experiencing that kind of irritable blinking eyes deeply,,i dont know also what to do,,im always praying just to conquer that kind of mannerism,,its almosyt the same with ur situation too,,i want to conquer and overcome my mannersim me too.
Avatar n tn Our 3yr old son has developed the same blinking habit - especially when he is eating or drinking. Has checked out fine with the opthamologist and his primary doc said to track it for a few weeks. No other symptoms. One thing the docs said is to watch for him "disconnecting" from reality when it happens which may be a sign of seizures - that has not been happening so still a mystery.
Avatar n tn I'm a 27 year old man and last year I started having bouts of blinking and high pressure behind my eyes. Now it seems to have gotten worse. It happens more at night or when i'm in class. I just started Law School. I wear glasses and sometimes taking them off helps me. Sometimes this leads my eyes to feel like they are burning. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I've never been prone to allergies, but I geuss I can't rule it out.
Avatar n tn I have been trying to find answers for my childs eye problem. PLEASE HELP. My son is 7 years old. He has started blinking his eyes rapadly for the past three weeks now. He keeps saying there is some dust that covers his eyes. His vision seems to be good. I tried to make him read from a distance and he seem to do well in that. He has been swimming for the last six weeks (once a week), without swimming googles. Would that lead to blinking of eyes?
Avatar f tn My son was blinking his eyes excessively. I had his eyes checked and the doctor said he has seasonal allergies. Pataday was prescribed. After 2 days he is still blinking. I think it improved a little bit but the blinking is not gone. The swelling underneath his eyes has not improved yet. How long does it usually take for the medication to work?
Avatar n tn When we noticed it became accompanied by an outward rolling of her eyes her pediatrician recommended a Ped Opthalmologist. The blinking lessened over the 6weeks before the Opthal. appointment, but the eye "rolling" continued intermittently, especially in the evenings. The Ped. Opthal didn't seem concerned and said to come back in a few months if it didn't go away.However the Dr. didn't see my daughters eyes rolling at the visit.
Avatar f tn I saw a post for a lady (Rebecca428) who's 4-year old had the same symptoms in February 2008 as my son (also 4 years old). My son just started rolling his eyes about a week ago and I was told by our family doctor that he had a sinus infection and congested ears and that he was voluntarily eye rolling to get relief from sinus pressure.
Avatar m tn did not cause this its almost always dry eyes due to intrinsic dryness and the drops also slow blinking and promote corneal drying.
Avatar f tn My son did a blinking thing with his eyes. He has sensory issues and I was horribly afraid he was developing a tic. At first I tried to stop him (out of my own fear). I decided to ignore it completely after a couple of weeks and about a week after that, it went away/he stopped doing it. (whew). But, he did later develop an actual tic. It's not all the time but is a vocal tic. He says 'ya' when nevous. (a lot). There isn't much I can do about it but address the underlying anxiety.