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Avatar n tn I really dont understand it, but evidently the bad cells are thru 3 layers of the vaginal wall. My dr prescribed Aldara vaginally, twice a week for 12 weeks. I've had my 4th treatment, and I'm not having fun. Within 24 hours after teatment I am crying in pain, muscle aches, joint pain, my skin over my whole body hurts. I also have vaginal itching, burning, but its not that bad. I also am having nausea, with upset stomach and vomiting. About 48 hours after the treatment, i begin to feel better.
Avatar f tn What has he tried? How Aldara Works Aldara Cream works from within by activating the body's own immune system. When Aldara Cream is applied to the skin, immune cells are activated and travel to the area. For example, in the case of genital warts, the activated immune cells work to eliminate cells that have been infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes the warts. Aldara has no direct antiviral activity and is not chemodestructive or cytotoxic.
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Avatar f tn gov/pubmed/10479878) and also ask you to think about the list of horrible side affects that many FDA approved drugs are known to cause. Most of them read like a list of symptoms a poison control center would issue warnings about. The nausea passes as your body adjusts but if you'd rather have warts on your face you can always ignore me and let that happen. Taking the zinc with a meal helps with the nausea.