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1067212 tn?1353964002 The next morning it got significantly smaller but it is still there and is tender when I touch it. On the aldara cream it states a very unlikely side effect is hard bumps under the skin. Is this simply a side effect or something else?
Avatar n tn 1% im not sure if its actually working to get rid of it but ive noticed its slowing going away and i dont itch. you can also get cream called aldara.. its used for genetal warts but it does stop the itch. you can always go to like walmart and ask the pharmasist if there is a cream thats best used to stop itching that cant hurt your skin.
Avatar n tn You can speed resolution by treating it similar to the way you treat warts (HPV), which is freezing (cryotherapy), burning (cauterization), drugs such as aldara or retin-a, or lancing. Lancing is less convetional and has to be carefully done because the lesions can spread easily. Try not to itch or pick at them as you can develop more lesions. Musjarrod, that sounds more like HPV. The white color and location would be typical.
Avatar m tn I've had symptoms for 1 year now. Started treatment (aldara) last July. Haven't used aldara in a while. Maybe condylox? Maybe acv. Should I buy organic acv. If so where from? Walmart? I take multi vitamins everday drink lots of fluids including green tea as suggested. Although I drink lipton diet green tea. Not sure if that is quality. I just don't know. Suggestions!? Let's beat this together!
Avatar f tn I didn't start taking medication until June 2010.The whole time I was using aldara, Trichloracetic acid, podifilox, and condylox thinking it was genital warts and I continued to have outbreaks every couple of weeks to once a month. I went back to the clinic when I had a bad outbreak in April 2010 and she said that it was herpes and my results came back as genital herpes. I started treatment in June 2010 and I was outbreak free until september.
Avatar n tn My last one showed me as having VIN2 which my oncologist/gyno wanted me to use ALDARA Cream for 3 months, I tried it but i couldnt function with all the side effects, So after much reading as much as i could find on HPV and VIN i started taking the supplement DIM, thought it was helping some but now I have the burning back again and am afraid I will have to go in and have another biopsy again. I hate this. How come so many of us never heard of this before.