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Avatar m tn there are several options, the least expensive is to try a topical solution like Podofilox. Supposedly it's available at Walgreens drug stores without a prescription. I bought an identical product for a friend in Mexico for $6. Aldara prescription cream for warts is ridiculously expensive, so unless you can get it at a huge discount try Podofilox first. There are other options like freezing them off, etc., but that requires a doctor visit.
Avatar n tn Is there something that I can take from CVS or Walgreens? Just period is she going to hurt me? and if it did get on to my cervix, I'm I going to have to get an operation? Laser treatment for any reason? Please somebody help me! I feel alone and scared, and on top of that very embrassed. Because just knowing that I may have something of that sort makes me feel like a nasty person and I truely don't knoe how long its been here. HELP ME PLEASE!
Avatar n tn I had picked up a topical solution from Walgreens called Kerasal. All the research online ive done on this say Urea can be used and some forms of acids. Kerasal has Urea and salicylic acid. I used this for about a month with some results. Basically some of the bumps shrunk in size and lightened up alot to where you couldnt see them unless you looked hard. But I noticed once i stop applying it. They kinda show up more again. The ones that shrunk got kinda hard too.