Aldara vitiligo

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Avatar n tn Anyway i have been to approx 7 doctors and 1 sexual clinic doctor, all say it looks normal and isnt an STD, some suggestions were vitiligo or a small cyst. Over the last 3 days it has been causing some discomfort and went red, I went to see another doctor and same response "looks normal, leave it and it will go away". Today the skin peeled off the "cyst" and it now looks like a small patch of missing skin with flesh showing.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with genital warts for two years. I unsuccessfully used aldara for four months last year, and was recently prescribed condylox. It worked well, with all the visible warts gone within a month, but now I have a new problem. There are two small patches of skin on my penis that have no color left to them at all. They are completely white, but the texture of the skin is normal. It has been like this for a month now, and I'm wondering if it is permanent.