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Avatar m tn I used Aldara successfully and never got any redness, pain ,etc. I had a wart under a fingernail once and the Dr prescribed Aldara with a bandage over the finger to keep the medicine on and in two weeks it was gone. Some HPV (genital warts do not respond to Aldara or freezing and must be zapped with a CO2 laser or cut out or burned out with the Hyfrecator (sp?) All people with visible genital warts should have them removed ASAP as they can cause cancer in females AND males.
Avatar f tn hi, is there somebody who knows about Aldara , I have got a temerature after using it. might be from it?
Avatar n tn Hey, there's a Living with HIV forum, and the users there I think are the best people to answer your question :)
Avatar n tn I had a handfull of warts around the foreskin which the doc froze and prescribed aldara. Aldara eliminated some of the very small warts but there was no change to the bigger ones. Further, the aldara did not change my skin at side effects either. I used apple cider vinegar which appeared to work initially, but the bigger warts are back. Further, I have now developed a wart (three months later) that is totally different then the others on my lower scrotum.
Avatar f tn The area I am questioning was definately a wart, it was treated once with Acid and the treatment cleared it, it came back and was treated again with Acid- it cleared again, then it came back. Most recently I treated it with Aldara. I used the Aldara on it three times and now it seems to be gone again.
Avatar m tn Well anyways went to planned parenthood here in town and the nurse said it was a genital wart and the red little bumps were other warts that may form or wont form but it doesn't look like anything i saw in pictures for genital warts because it is really thin and flat and not cauliflower shaped. The nurse told me about treatments and recommended and aldara type cream she said it was the best way to boost my immune system. So i went to a urologist and got a second opinion.
Avatar n tn This area as been biopsied, aldara, and froze, so it has taken a beating over the last twelve months, but none of that was recent. I am not sure if I am just hypersensitive to all of this now, or if I should seek further dermatological treatment. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn It is very very common for Aldara to cause sores in the genital area, probably 80% of users have some skin abrasions. Please work out a way to get a herpes western blot to confirm your HSV 2 antibody test. It may well not be real. You can either order a test kit directly from the University of Washington and have it drawn by your own doctor or we can order it for you at a local lab in your area through our clinic. We are in Portland, OR. Westover Heights Clinic.
Avatar m tn We are just like you, users on the forum that may have something in common or questions relative to the forum. You can, however, post in the experts section where there are medical doctors that have a lot of experience in infectious diseases. I'll try and answer your questions the best i can. It is said that it usually takes 8-24 months for an individual to clear the warts infection or the virus itself.
Avatar n tn Four months ago I was treated for genital warts. The methods for treatment were cauterization and then aldara. Since then, things have returned to normal, so to speak. Admittedly, when I was first diagnosed with the condition, I suffered a mild panic attack and went through the usual anxieties that I gather most people in these positions go through.
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Avatar f tn Do you think I should find a different OB-GYN who would look into this more than the wait and see approach? she did say she would order Aldara since I seemed so concerned. I just don't want to have the warts to get bigger because it takes longer to clear them.
Avatar m tn You have a genital wart, maybe old; you will never know when and where you caught it. You caught no STD during the lap dance.
Avatar m tn (no HIV test) The doc gave her pills and she was re tested for chlamydia and was neg.(4 months ago we both developed HPV(warts)and have been given aldara to clear them up.
Avatar n tn i have scars, several big ones, on my penis shaft due to electrocauterization last year (ever since then, I always treated my new warts with ACV or aldara, never with electrocauterization anymore). Do you know any cream/treatment that can help me to remove or at least fade these scars? I dont think the scarring will go away on their own as I have a bad skin type and it's been a year since I got those scars.
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Avatar n tn I have tried -Doctor applied acids -Dozens of doctor freezings -many self freezings -Candida antigen injections -Duct tape for months -Aldara -50% salicyclic acid (self applied) The only thing that seems to be left is bleomycin which my doctor is unwilling to do. She said I could be left with a hole in my foot.
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Avatar m tn It can also stain teeth black or blue if they are still growing (in users as old as 22). However, the staining of the teeth slowly fades, usually over a period of about two years. People who use minocycline typically have about 50% fewer pimples after 90 ***not this it did not look like this just ingrown hair bump under skin with harden texture not liquid*** Warts appear and disappear at various points of life. they disappear by themselves.
Avatar f tn With us people are being quite about it, being quiet of who they are because there is a notion spread by the medical workers mainly that hep B get only promiscuous and or drug users and those people in the third world countries. I always ask this people. Stop.. but if you can get it from prostitutes that means that just like HIV and HepC the virus is out there in the western countries too. Just look at STD (or how you want to call it) charts for California and New York.