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Avatar m tn Hello, I had discoloration on my penis when I applied Aldara to an area that was irritated from treatment with vinegar. This left it with a lighter pigment than the rest of the penis. Will this go away on its own, and if not, is there anything I can do about it?
Avatar m tn after the aldara treatment stops,,,does the red skin return to normal?
Avatar f tn I think that I will not accept the Aldara treatment, especially since your specialist opinion would not recommend it. I really hope there is some other hpv treatment out there that could work. Please let me know whether we can continue this dialogue in private, on a more doctor-to-patient basis. Thanks again!
Avatar n tn My first dermatologist said they were actinic keratoses, and froze 2 of them and curetted and cauterized one. I asked if there was a topical treatment, and he said no. He biopsied one but I don't know the results. They grew back. Then I got 2 more on my cheek and went back, and he said they were acne and refused to do anything. Once I talked a GP into freezing them. They grew back. I tried again, and they told me to see a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn About a week ago I noticed that two warts were back and my doctor said to continue use of Aldara. I was wondering how long Aldara takes to get rid of warts and when they do go away, how often may the warts reappear?
Avatar f tn I'm not sure why you were given aldara for pinched skin. it's a treatment for genital warts and molluscum. Aldara is very irritating to the genital skin. It's very common for the symptoms you've described to occur. ruling out herpes is never a bad idea but odds are it's due to the aldara. I'd get a 2nd opinion on the area you were using the aldara on and not continue using it until you get a better diagnosis than what you were evidently given the first time.
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on Aldara, but I am having SERIOUS side effects. It says for me to put it on the area once a night before I go to bed, but I started having redness and irritation. I thought that just meant that it was working, so I was off it for a day and went back on it for 2. It happened again, so I went off it for 2 days. Then I went back on it and tried to stay on it, hoping that the cream would help somehow, and the sores just kept getting bigger.
Avatar f tn Recently (5/28) diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum and besides from cryotherapy for treatment i also received Aldara cream 5%. (the derm did not get every lump/wart with the liquid nitrogen) Questions I have about this is; How effective is it to be used? Should I apply it with a finger or would a Q-Tip be better or should it be something else? How exactly does it work?
Avatar n tn i hope someone who has used Aldara responds to u..i have not and cannot give u a good answer!
Avatar f tn She prescribed me Aldara and tells me this will work for sure no doubt. Anybody on here have experience with Aldara. I am tired of going through treatment it has been 6 months of no improvement.
Avatar n tn I really dont understand it, but evidently the bad cells are thru 3 layers of the vaginal wall. My dr prescribed Aldara vaginally, twice a week for 12 weeks. I've had my 4th treatment, and I'm not having fun. Within 24 hours after teatment I am crying in pain, muscle aches, joint pain, my skin over my whole body hurts. I also have vaginal itching, burning, but its not that bad. I also am having nausea, with upset stomach and vomiting. About 48 hours after the treatment, i begin to feel better.
Avatar n tn Now almost a year and a half later I still have a red scar from the Aldara treatment( about 1 inch long). I was hoping it would go away but now I am dealing with the fact that it wont. I have olive dark skin and the red scar on my penis is very noticable.Is there any kind of cosmetic treatment/surgeory that might help me cover up the scar?
Avatar m tn Hello, Aldara cream or Imiquimod is used for treatment of actinic keratosis, warts and topical treatment of biopsy-confirmed, primary superficial basal cell carcinoma (sBCC) in immunocompetent adults. It is still not confirmed whether your mole is a malignancy or a mole. I would suggest you to get an evaluation done from a dermatologist. Confirmation can be done by excisional biopsy with narrow margins.
Avatar m tn As if HPV didnt make me feel crappy enough, lol. Has anyone had any similar experience with aldara on the butthole, or anywhere? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have been using Aldara cream for two weeks now, and surprisingly my warts are gone. But I now notice that the area where the warts used to be is very red. I don't know if that is supposed to happen or not but should I continue using the cream? I don't want to kill anymore skin cells then I have to..
Avatar m tn Good lord I would love some more Aldara for my tiny warts I have left. I am being denied treatment though.
Avatar m tn What? are you applying Aldara on entire genital area? aldara is to be applied on the warts only and not the surrounding area... did a doctor diagnose you for genital warts and prescribed Aldara for you? If not so, please see a dermatologist and first get a correct diagnoses and talk to him about application of this cream... a mild irritation, soreness and itching is part of the healing process with this cream...
Avatar n tn Ive been on aldara (imiquimod) 5% for approximately 2 months now. I cant notice if im seeing any improvement with my genital warts. However, ive developed a ridiculous rash around the application site. which is extremely red and irritated. The rash looks almost like if i ran really fast and slid my knee on a rug, except its around the base of my penis. Its sometimes itchy and i feel as if at sometimes its developing a particular scab. will this redness ever go away?
Avatar n tn I have been off of the medication for about 5 days and the redness is still there from the Aldara treatment. How long will it be until the redness generally goes away? It is also pretty itchy.
535760 tn?1213894766 I used aldara with great success. However, I have read it has a higher success rate in females than males. Still, I do not know how credible this information exactly is. I found using Aldara to clear up the majority of warts, and then using a different treatment (such as cryo) to clear any remaining warts seemed to be effective. I used a combination of TCA and Aldara, and have been wart free for a month now (took 3 months to entirely clear).
Avatar n tn No aldara is for low risk hpv (Warts).
Avatar n tn I know of no complications with Aldara regarding Hashimoto's or thyroid treatment -- you may want to check with the pharmacist though to make certain.
Avatar n tn I started aldara treatment for GW about 4 weeks ago. most of the warts have disappeared by now.. only a few remaining. My question is regarding the severity of my adverse affects. I experienced fatigue,muscle aches, ulcerations, blisters, swollen labias, redness,pain, cracked open skin, itching, peeling. My latest concern is this giant rash that appeared just during my period.about 10 days ago. I was using pads (i read that tampons could spread warts??) anyway the whole area blew up.
Avatar n tn I was using aldara and it cleared be about 90%+ in about a month. Then it stopped working entirely...Have you heard of anything like this or know why it might happen. Thanks in advance for the help.
Avatar n tn I have one more week of treatment with Aldara (out of 8 weeks) and although the inside warts got smaller they are still there. I don;t think they will go away by the end of the treatment. Should I go back to the Dr for more Aldara or should I wait it out? Anybody else had similar experience with Aldara treating anal warts?
Avatar n tn I would like to know if Aldara is now being prescribed for skin tags. I recently found out that my boyfriend is on this medication and he claims his derm told him it was to treat skin tags in his genital area. I have only come across literature stating it is a genital wart treatment. Is it now a known effective skin tag treatment? Why wouldnt his doctor pick a more conservative commonly used method over a medication with lots of adverse side effects?
Avatar n tn But the ones inside are still persistent. I have one more week of treatment with Aldara (out of 8 weeks) and although the inside warts got smaller they are still there. I don;t think they will go away by the end of the treatment. Should I go back to the Dr for more Aldara or should I wait it out? Anybody else had similar experience with Aldara treating anal warts?
Avatar m tn Just started a treatment of Aldara today. I always seem to have a few small genital warts on me. Does anyone know what I can expect. I am 31 and healthy in every way. I have been receiving cryotherapy for 3 years and they always come back. I was told that Aldara will help get my immune system involved in fighting the virus so I will have a better chance of losing the warts. Has anyone out there used thus treatment ?
Avatar n tn I had four cryotherapy treatments over the spring and summer at intervals of 4-6 weeks. After the 4th treatment in late July, I seemed to be in the clear. Around Oct. 1 I went for a follow-up appointment because I noticed a small, almost pinpont, growth in the general area of the wart in addition to what I believed to be a small scar from the cryo. The nurse practioner said she wasn't sure it was a reoccurance and gave me an Aldara prescription.