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Avatar m tn I've had symptoms for 1 year now. Started treatment (aldara) last July. Haven't used aldara in a while. Maybe condylox? Maybe acv. Should I buy organic acv. If so where from? Walmart? I take multi vitamins everday drink lots of fluids including green tea as suggested. Although I drink lipton diet green tea. Not sure if that is quality. I just don't know. Suggestions!? Let's beat this together!
Avatar n tn I have the same thing, started on my feet, ankles moved to my legs and hands. They look much worse after I've been in water for any length of time even in the shower. I am 48 and have had them for about 2 to 3 years. I would love to get rid of them too.
Avatar n tn genital wart causing strains, then the average length of time for the body to clear the virus, even without treatment, is about nine months. For some people it is longer, for some, shorter. If you have one of the "high-risk" strains, it can take up to two years. This doesn't mean that low-risk or high-risk strains don't persist sometimes... they do, but rarely.
Avatar m tn I have also tried the following prescription creams Salex, Retin-A Micro and Aldara. Aldara worked for a couple of weeks but then it started attacking parts of my skin that I did not have warts. I started getting blisters and fevers. I had to get these blisters treated because they were oozing. I went to urgent care since my other Doctors weren’t available. They prescribed Floucinonide which stopped the burning and the blistering.
Avatar m tn I would think that if you were told to do the treatment for a length of time and didn't finish that there is a risk of the bumps being warts. If after the surgery you had no bumps this would add to the thought that you might have more warts. I have one wart that is slowly going away and I think it is more scar tissue than wart at this point. I wouldn't start using the med again without the ok of your doc.
Avatar n tn He didn't want to biopsy it, and froze the one growth that was still fairly apparent. He said that based on the length of time, my sexual history, and the appearance of the warts, he didn't think HPV was correct. I'm relieved and bothered at the same time. I'm now supposed to wait a couple of weeks and see if anything new appears, and if it does, he'll biopsy it. I told him I want to know with certainty because if it's not HPV, I'd like the HPV vaccine, and will pay out of pocket for it.
Avatar m tn If possible use the Israeli scigen triple antigen vaccine. Use Aldara cream on the skin of the shoulder before ...2 hour..and again at the time of intradermal placement of the vaccine, you can use half the dose this way. Use at least 10 tiny injections approx 50ul so the vaccine does not flow back out. Use 2 times 1.6mg thymosin alpha per week for at least 8 weeks, inject sc at the same time as the vaccination and at the same place. Thymosin alpha is available in many countries.
Avatar n tn I am a 27yr old male, with a longtime female partner of approx. 9 months, who has no sign of genital warts. She has a clean sexual past, and I am completely certain there has been no unfaithfulness during our relationship. Prior to this realtionship I had a one night stand which was about 7 months before our relationship started. There was no protection used. I year and a half ago tested neg for all stds. In last month tested HIV, chlamydia, and gon...all neg.
Avatar m tn From what I've been reading up on about MC, I can see that there is quite a few different treatments ranging from scraping, freezing, ointments and so on. What is the best treatment for getting rid of the bumps on my groin(directly above penis)? How long would it take for removal? What can I do about the constant itch? I am very active physically, is this going to hinder the recovery because I'm always wearing tight spandex Under Armor and am in the pool 3-4 times a week?
Avatar m tn Also the issue with clinics treating you like a number is probably because they understand how common it is and become immune to the people coming in with STDs every day. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the length of contagion, and the reason for that is when there are no symptoms, the wart causing virus cannot be identified. When the warts go, it isn't as simple as testing the body to see if the person is still contagious.
Avatar n tn thanks for responding, but it is definitely not herpes, i have his prescription which says use the aldara cream for treatment of genital warts, hpv. We are both over 40 while the partner i suspect he got it from was 22, since it is less serious at her age, but i am already at a high risk for cervical cancer, I am very very upset.
Avatar n tn ) Given the length of time between outbreaks, do you agree with my derm that molluscum doesn't act like this? He said that molluscum wants to grow and doesn't act like the way I've described. 2.)Since molluscum goes away as you and him both said in 6-9 months untreated,(and I've had mine treated by picking them off) why would I still be getting "outbreaks" at the 9 month period after over a month or more of not seeing any? 3.
Avatar m tn Is it wise to wait before considering any forms of treatment i.e Is time after development of chronic infection a function of treatment success? After all, like everybody on here, i want to give myself the best chance of clearing hbsag. Anybody's thoughts are appreciated.
Avatar n tn As for the plantar warts, there was a large red one on the bottom of one of my feet and that went away with the Aldara. The others are talking longer but as a previous poster pointed out, it may be a problem of absorption so I'm now trying to get as much callous and dead skin off as possible before applying.
Avatar n tn I treated it myself with Aldara cream that I had gotten a year or so earlier from my dermatologist for the treatment of a small wart on my finger. Luckily, the cream worked great and got rid of my few, small bumps on my vagina within 2 weeks. I haven't had any more symptoms for about two months. I was wondering how possible it is for me to transmit this to a guy I am currently seeing through oral sex since I no longer have any signs and haven't for two months. Should I tell him?
Avatar n tn From what I've posted does it appear as though I'm worrying needlessly or does this in fact merit my worried attitude at the moment? Any advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated. My apologies for the length of this post but I wanted to ensure I gave an accurate overview of where I'm at. Thanks Again!
Avatar f tn I learned that it has promise as an antibacterial agent, such as a possible future ingredient in first aid creams (sort of like Neosporin). But there is no mention of research on treatment of warts. Q16. How can I find out where I acquired my HPV? A. It is almost impossible to know with certainty when HPV was acquired or from which sex partner (unless, of course, someone has only had one lifetime partner). Q17. Will these new vaccines help clear my warts? A.
Avatar m tn But there is no mention of research on treatment of warts. Q16. How can I find out where I acquired my HPV? A. It is almost impossible to know with certainty when HPV was acquired or from which sex partner (unless, of course, someone has only had one lifetime partner). Q17. Will these new vaccines help clear my warts? A. No, these vaccines will not treat existing infection.
Avatar n tn I'll let you know about the result. Please read this scientific article which is about treatment of different problems of the area (the vulvae itch can be caused by different factors): An approach to the treatment of anogenital pruritus by Gabriele E.
Avatar n tn Take several breaks to drink sips (not gulps) of fluid as you jog around. Wear a hat to protect from the heat of the sun, and keep your head cool. If you breathe with your mouth open you may expect to dry out the bronchs and get a burning sensation in the chest as well. When you are exercising in an aerobic state, try breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.