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1067212 tn?1353964002 Sounds to me like it could be an ingrown hair. I've had them, when they are red, they are normally red to the touch. Try some tea tree oil (you can get it at Walmart where all the Vitamins are) dabbed on it 3 x's a day. In the morning, afternoon, and before bed. Do this for about 6 days if it's still there I'd call the doc.
Avatar m tn You dont need to dillute it just put it on a cotton swab and gently apply it. Tea tree oil works by activating more white blood cells into your skin. Also use tea tree oil soap in the shower this really helps from keeping it spread. If your one of those with a very serious case of molluscum where it is all over your body id reccommend going to the dermatologist and having them scraped off this will help you keep control of them so you dont get any new ones. NOTE!!!!!!!!
598912 tn?1219552112 I have hpv,and i had a reoccurence of gw so m doc 0rescribed aldara. ******* hell hole in a packet. after only s couple days of using it, yesterday my vagina lips swoll up along with the middle portion too. i began to walk funny because it would hurt to bump them together. i was at work still and needed to home asap.
Avatar n tn I would just like to save the $200 monthly cost of these Aldara packets, and the electric needle/freezing isn't a good choice because I have so many warts, about 25 that are so tiny they look smaller than pin heads. Any thoughts on tea tree oil, olive skin oil, aloe vera? Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn i've been keeping myself super clean, putting tea tree and vitamin e oil once a day and i always eat healthy. i have not been taking vitamins or any immune boosting aid though. also, my boyfriend and i have been using condoms but since i gave hpv to him or he gave it to me, is there really a chance of him causing me to have another outbreak because he has a couple of warts on his penis if i have the same virus/strand as him but no active warts???
Avatar n tn you do that 3 times a week and for some people, like me, it goes away after a month of treatment, for others it takes two treatments... before i went to the gyno i also used tea tree oil, and it worked well for me... has a horrible smell to it, kinda smells like camphor, but it works... doesnt cause any irritation either... after using the tea tree oil i was only left with a few bumps... though i didnt have a horrible case of it to begin with... do not use compound w...
Avatar n tn tea tree oil, acv, etc., also with little success. I am very frustrated and depressed. I haven't been to the doctor in over a year and a half due to the hopelessness. Is my body ever going to fight this off? Is their some underlying medical problem preventing the hpv from clearing? Does anyone have similar stories or suggestions? Arrrgghhh!
Avatar n tn Should i see a dermatologist and get the aldara cream? Is it possible to just use tea tree oil or 10% benzoyl peroxide at home? I know the bumps are contagious if they have the white core, but if i keep a bandaid on them or i don't see the white core will it be fine to be intimate? Or is there still a great risk spreading to his hands or inner thighs, etc and what about oral?
Avatar n tn The warts did return but only a few returned and I have been using Aldara for eleven weeks now. I also started using tea tree oil the days that I am not using Aldara,(aldare used three times a week) Basically, I still have visiably warts in the groin, they are smaller and red, no itching ever, even when they were bad and they have never hurt me at all, just have been in the groin area.
Avatar n tn Hi I have just discovered that I have warts around my anus, i have read on the internet that tea tree oil clears warts, is this true or is it a sales ploy from herbalists? I also have a small red spot on the tip of my penis, could this also be a wart, it's flat and looks like a sore, it also is a bit sore and itchy at the same time, should I be worried about this and would tea tree oil be ok to use on it, i am too imbarrassed to go to my GP.
Avatar n tn i can not afford the surgery so i have recently started a course of aldara, tea tree oil echanacea etc. My questions are as follows: My fiance whom i have been having unprotected sex with for two years now and who was a virgin when we first made love went to a gynea after i was diagnosed and her pap smear came back negative for HPV. prior to my fiance i slept with someone six months before her i.e. two and a half years ago. - Why did it take so long for symptoms to show?
Avatar m tn The urologist said it will go away on it own eventually and I did some searching and saw some stuff about tea tree oil and such?
Avatar f tn I hope this answered some of your fear. I have heard tea tree oil is helpful. I am taking immune fx to boost my immune system in hopes it will help. take care.
Avatar m tn I would not let them get far (barely noticeable - see first pic) without scabbing them off using a mixture of ACV, crushed aspirin, and an oil like vitamin e or an essential oil like tea tree or ravintsara (this works great). I did see my general doctor but he did not seem very interested in looking closely at them. He said they usually go away in a year and I would be fine. OK, it's been over a year and they keep coming back. So I asked for a prescription for Aldara which he gave me.
Avatar n tn Don't get them burned off, they will come back. If you apply tea tree oil with a cue tip twice a day and then apply clear nail polish on them, and cover it with a band aid- it will go away within at least three weeks. I had several, and did this for a month. Warning- they might look hugely red and dry and rash-like at one point- don't panic- this means it is healing. You want them to dry up. It might be hard not to scratch- which will make them spread more. Don't towel dry them- air or blowdry.
Avatar f tn Aciclovir cream (generic brand of zovirax) and tea tree oil both work as broad-spectrum antivirals in the treatment of warts. To remove a wart that had been on my neck since childhood, I used an alternating combination of tea tree oil and aciclovir cream. 1. Gentle abrasion with pumice stone to remove outer layer of wart (allowing penetration to the virus through the core). 2. Apply directly over whole of wart, tea tree oil (100%) one day and aciclovir cream (5%) the next. 3.
Avatar m tn good luck and just get them frozen off as the Aldara is not workin on me.just getin worse if anything. Tea Tree oil is meant to be great so im going to start that tomorrow in a half and half solution applied 3 times daily to the warts. its has been know to kill the HPV virus too. well il believe that wen i seen it. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn the Aldara is not workin, more have appeared so im getin them frozen off, just wiating for an appointment now, in the mean time im trying Tea Tree oil as it has anti-fungal properties. it cleared my thrush years ago so im giving it a go. It removed hand warts on many of my friends hands and have never come back, and research has shown that it does help fight the HPV also. let you know how i get on. Worried.
Avatar m tn Hi ilysebel, I forgot to mention that you can use a solution of Tea Tree oil and sweet Almond oil-10 drops of tea oil to 20 drops Sweet Almond oil and apply it with a cotton bud 3 times daily to each wart. I have been using aromatheraphy oils for years and this is a treatment that actually works from the outside in and DOES work, thought it can take up to six weeks to work, but the good news it that it does work.
Avatar m tn except it burns if you aren't careful with it. I also use tea tree oil soap, you can find it at a healthfood store. I have also heard that you in order for the warts (not the virus) to go away you need to keep your immune system up so eat lots of fruits and vegetables and take vitamin c. I'm not sure if it works but I use it every day just in case! Keep praying! Good luck.
Avatar n tn Tea Tree Oil, you can get the 100% australian one at any GNC for 14 bucks. This oil is extremely potent so dont apply to much on your skin. I think it helps. I just dont understand how they got people like Magic Johnson living with HIV and they have pills fo Herpes to supress it and they have all sorts of medication, and then you get this f#%ckn BS virus and they say yep, its ok it will go away. Im so efing mad. Im down to take Hydrocloric Acid and apply it to these pimple looking things.
Avatar n tn But i noticed i probably have close to 20 lil ones. So i started putting tea tree oil on them the last 3 or so days. through out the day. It has not made much difference as of yet though, I also tried soaking them in vinegar. To see if they turn out white. Witch they didn't seem to do. Here are some pictures that might help. I just want to confirm if its HPV. I know the best thing is to see a DR.
Avatar f tn With all due respect to darling1234, I strongly disagree with a few of the statements in her post. While some of the treatments she describes (tea tree oil, specifically) have been shown to have a little bit of utility, there are (and have been in recent years) a number of medical studies that have been conducted related to HPV, including those strains that cause genital warts.
Avatar f tn Get a bowl and add 6 drops of TEA TREE oil and 12 drops of base oil such as Sweet Almond. Use a cotton bud and apply to the warts 3 times a day until they are gone and for about 2 weeks after to ensure that they are really gone. Tea tree has anti viral properties and is fantastic at removing warts from the whole body, its unknown how it works but it does, that is it helps to fight HPV too.
Avatar f tn But, since it obviously IS strong, I use it for her as a facial 'toner'. Then I put tea tree oil, as that is anti viral as well. I have also added the final touch of a 5% benzal peroxide gel called 'benzagel'. I have recently learned that for flat warts, the best way to get rid of them is to irritate the skin and have them shed or peel off.
Avatar f tn I only have one more little spot left. I'm going to try adding castor oil and see if that helps get rid of it all. Tea tree oil is also suppose to help with the irritation after the treatment. here is the link where i found alot of helpful information....just keep reading all the way down. It helps with ideas... good luck!!!
Avatar n tn hot compress's, sitz baths, epsome salts mixtures, tea bags (one of the many home remedies that you'll try when your desperate haha) antibiotics, peroxide, tea tree oil and I do believe the list could go on forever and a day! I have actually been successful (knock on wood) in stoping these dreaded beasts from returning. Atfer I shower or use the washroom I wipe down my bikini line and surrounding area with alcohol. I keep it extremely clean.
Avatar n tn After a month and a half or so, they were spreading and seemed to be getting worse. He had started using tea tree oil on them, as we had read that this might be a suitable remedy. They looked like they were going away in some areas, and his doctor told him to continue what he was doing, but prescribed him aldara to try instead if he wanted to. After a little while, using only the tea tree oil, the area became very red, inflamed, and his penis swelled up on one side.
Avatar n tn After a month and a half or so, they were spreading and seemed to be getting worse. He had started using tea tree oil on them, as we had read that this might be a suitable remedy. They looked like they were going away in some areas, and his doctor told him to continue what he was doing, but prescribed him aldara to try instead if he wanted to. After a little while, using only the tea tree oil, the area became very red, inflamed, and his penis swelled up on one side.
Avatar n tn I suppose its from my clothes touching but even as I sit still I can feel something, another way to describe it is it feel like bubbles of air surfacing thru the skin. Its tickles, seriuosly! I am using Tea Tree oil and Aldara for topical treatment now, but as I said the sensation was there before I applied anything.