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Avatar m tn I had unprotected vaginal sexual intercouse with a female on several separate occasions. Exactly three weeks following the last sexual episode, I notice what appeared to be a reddish looking mole on the right side of my right testicle. It was not painful nor did it itch. My physician gave me aldara samples "out of an abundance of caution," although he did not believe it was anything to worry about. He specifically stated that he did not think it was herpes.
Avatar n tn I realize that these are simple questions I could have asked my gynecologist but when she called with my biopsy results she seemed in a hurry. She told me to get my samples of Aldara from the girls at the desk so I could not ask her when I picked the Aldara samples up. Any information would be helpful. They are not causing any problems besides how ugly I think they are. I also don't want future boyfriends looking down there and thinking I have something bad!
Avatar n tn My doctor gave me a few samples of Aldara which I have been using. He couldn't determine wheather the warts were HPV or Moluscum (-because of the location of the original warts.) The Aldara causes NO side effects, I do not feel any discofort at ALL. I have been applying it regularly every other day. I can't tell if its working yet nor can I tell if these are warts are regular part of the anotomy.
Avatar n tn patient, informative, etc) Sure enough I have a couple warts. He gave me a couple samples of Aldara (or something like that) and a prescription for a normal supply. Going out of town so the samples should carry me over 'til I get back. In any case, thank you for the feedback! Take care...
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Avatar m tn They found _nothing_ in the urine and ejaculate samples. Even though this is good news, it's just weird, because I really had pain in my urethra the past few days, which were _definitley_ not anxiety-related. They have begun to get better, but still this is strange. It's not that I "don't trust results" - usually they comfort me, but this time I just think they missed something.
Avatar m tn I had a lot better luck with the Aldara when I first burned the warts off with salicylic acid. The Aldara wasn't helping as well before using the acid, especially in certain areas. Yes, it's a bit more pain but it helped me. You could also add Low Dose Naltrexone to your medication. It helps boost the immune system. In your case, I really don't think it would be enough of a benefit on it's own. I tried it with a lot of herbal immune boosters alone and I didn't get any results.
Avatar m tn if they want to go for peg fee of charge by healthcare system, go for it at least it is free be sure vitd levels are highest of normal before starting peg zadaxin can also be used combo and it is better than peg at inducing hbsab when hbsag is und
Avatar m tn yes you have to do so, in italy we have many labs collecting blood samples now to ship to ELN or redlabs since CFS and autism are being treated/cured by gcmaf, the same is happening in belgium and germany so i guess UK shoudl follow too soner or later as to bmi i think the food type is the way to go, i never lost bmi by havy swimming or treadmill while i did when i totally changed the diet to clear fatty liver so the combo of diet plus excercise is the best
Avatar m tn it is an intf inducer (it makes your own immune system make intf and much more than the injectable), it is called aldara and it is very cheap compared to intf inj 2 caps as suppository a week are able to make high quantity of intf, still to confirm if this has an effect on hbv