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Avatar n tn Hi I have just discovered that I have warts around my anus, i have read on the internet that tea tree oil clears warts, is this true or is it a sales ploy from herbalists? I also have a small red spot on the tip of my penis, could this also be a wart, it's flat and looks like a sore, it also is a bit sore and itchy at the same time, should I be worried about this and would tea tree oil be ok to use on it, i am too imbarrassed to go to my GP.
Avatar m tn You can put some cream/gel on there called Aldara or something like that which is supposed to be pretty thorough. There is also this condylox gel and perhaps more ways as well but that's the major ones. After you receive treatment, you can ask for an application of podophyllin which is used to disrupt unseen hpv in topical skin cells which is where the virus resides. You must remember, or know, that treating your genital warts won't mean they are gone forever.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with genital warts 3 years ago. my doctor prescribed Aldara cream, which I bought and used, however it did nothing. She referred me to a specialist, but we just haven't had the money for me to follow through on that, so the warts have just gotten worse and worse and my self esteem is shattered. I found an online add for Dermisil and it all SOUNDS encouraging, but if it's so good, why wouldn't my doctor have suggested it over invasive chances like laser surgery etc?
Avatar m tn actually stef told it is available as aldara cream but has no standard method to consume and has many sides. djxpress may tell more about gs 9620. it makes our body to make our own interferon and in more quantity with less side effect and may be very useful in curing hepb with antivirals. perhaps will be available in 2017 when gilead's tenofovir patent is going to end.
Avatar n tn He prescribed veregen, and although I brought up aldara he said that studies with aldara mostly used children and were not double blind- sounds like he was repeating a veregen sales rep line to me but hey why not I’ll try it.(However- in defense of aldara, the effect size in the article I read was much greater than the effect size touted by veregen- and really isn’t single blind good enough for this kind of thing?
Avatar f tn According to an article in Bloomberg, Catherine Arnold, an analyst with Credit Suisse Group AG in New York, said she sent a note to clients projecting that Gilead would have $3.8 billion in hepatitis C sales in 2020, and Abbott would follow with $2.5 billion. Another major player is expected to be Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE: BMY), with $1.3 billion. The company reported this week that one of its drug combinations helped patients who hadn't previously been treated for the viral infection.