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Avatar n tn ask you dr for other options however I think you should stick to freezing off your warts. Keep in mind warts do go away on its on after months of more growths but they eventually go away.
4064569 tn?1349473686 They say its not the end of the world and HPV is common, but to me i can barely make it through the day ! They say "safety and health are two missing grace" i wish you all to be in good health so u wont experiece the depression of being sick of something unfortunatly that has no cure! First of all, ill be gladly if someone professional can help in my situation, and iam thankful for this website for giving me the apportunity even if i didnt get the help iam looking for.
Avatar f tn The doc told me I had a small case of GW in April. I started Aldara which was awful. Open sores flu like symptoms the lot Within 3 weeks they were gone! I guess my question now is will they return? Can I resume my sex life? My GP has said once they gone it's fine and are unlikely to return and if they do my body should rid the virus in 2 years though If my immune system is weak it could take longer. Any one who has been wart free for a while I'd love to hear your advice on this.
Avatar n tn reasonable, common sense approaches to safety make sense, but not to the point of completely giving up on sexual rewards. 2 and 3) You've got it right (with the correction "not" systemic). Warts can be spread locally by autoinoculation; for example, no shaving around warts. Otherwise they don't spread body-wide. There are no known dietary or other manipulations known to affect the response to warts or other HPV infections.
Avatar m tn vit d3 and pth at optimum levels hbv vaccine boosted by aldara cream at site of injection zadaxin (expensive)
Avatar m tn If possible use the Israeli scigen triple antigen vaccine. Use Aldara cream on the skin of the shoulder before ...2 hour..and again at the time of intradermal placement of the vaccine, you can use half the dose this way. Use at least 10 tiny injections approx 50ul so the vaccine does not flow back out. Use 2 times 1.6mg thymosin alpha per week for at least 8 weeks, inject sc at the same time as the vaccination and at the same place. Thymosin alpha is available in many countries.
Avatar f tn I know that it can be spread by contact and towel sharing, but I have made it a point to abstain from sex to prevent the spread of MC to someone else and also for my own safety of course, and to my knowledge, I have not shared any items that could cause the transfer. I'm also anxious that there may be some underlying cause for the reoccurence. I was tested for HIV and HSV and both testes were negative, but should I be concerned that those tests were not reliable (total paranoia, I know)?
Avatar m tn So a few months ago, I began a new relationship after having ended an old one. To be fair to my partner and ensure safety, I went and had a full round of STD and HIV testing done, which all came back negative. This also included HSV1 & 2 (HSV 1 came back positive, but I've had cold sores that occur maybe once every other year on my lip). Anyway, YEARS ago (when I was 16 - I'm 30 now) I had a rash of molluscum contagiosum (MC) breakout in my lower groin and abdomen.
Avatar m tn // The genetic control of airway responsiveness and the effect of resiquimod treatment on allergic asthma resiquimod Imiquimod and resiquimod as novel immunomodulators
Avatar m tn siRNi is a very promising technology with a very wide range of applications including cancer. However, it has many hurdles to overcome. especially delivery and safety issues. I would say we have to wait for a long time before we will see a drug - unless someone makes a break-through. I think Gish wrote a paper about this (Gish RG, Satishchandran C, Young M, Pachuk C. RNA interference and its potential applications to chronic HBV treatment: results of a Phase I safety and tolerability study.
Avatar n tn , scraping off by a health professional, which is less painful than it sounds), electrocautery, or freezing. Imiquimod (Aldara) often works, but is slower than the other methods. 8) There are no OTC remedies that I know of. To repeat the bottom line: I reemphasize that I do not know that you have MC, and that you need to see a health care provider for diagnosis and treatment advice.
Avatar m tn A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Single and Multiple-Dose Ranging Study Evaluating the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynmamics, and Antiviral Activity of GS-9620 in Virologically Suppressed Subjects with Chronic Heptitis B Virus Infection.
Avatar f tn it is one of the rare drugs allowed on 1yo babies because of its safety the only sides you can get are diarrea and stomach pains if your gut is weak i wouldn t worry about sides but i would check hbsag and hbsab weekly so that if you see an increase of hbsag you can stop immediately, since hbsag is so low you should see results very fast maybe even within a week
Avatar n tn I went to a dermatalogist who examined them and told me they were, in fact, genital warts. She prescribed me a cream (Aldara) which got rid of most of them after about a month. I was not in a relationship at the time and had been with a few guys. I insisted on condoms with any further partners I had, but because the warts could be felt I did not want to be touched and I avoided oral sex. The embarassment caused more emotional trauma than anything.
Avatar f tn The knowledgeable hepatologists know that antiviral use is not advisable because of the risk of development of other diseases associated with NUCS use. . They don't even have the real safety data on antivirals past 3 years use. Some of us have been on them for 10 years. And developed some of the adverse affects HIV infected have been writing all along about these drugs. High blood pressure being the main issue. yes they take greater doses then we do.. but still it is a concern.