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Avatar m tn Have any of you ever used Aldara 5% cream? My dermatologist suggested it to determine if my mole was just an irritation or a skin cancer. After reading the package insert and doing some research online I was to scared to try it. If it is recommended to me again I am wondering if I should use it. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I have been treating anal warts for 8 weeks with aldara and after about 6 weeks i noticed they were slowly shrinking. While the visible warts are indeed shrinking (almost gone entirely), i know that there are internal ones in my anus that are still there, whether or not the aldara is helping them is undetermined. I visited my dermatologist today and she just asked if it helped and when i told her yes, slowly but surely she gave me 3 repeats of aldara and said just keep going until they're gone.
Avatar m tn PLEASE research Aldara throughly before using and only use as perscribed. It should only be used 3 times a week, with a day or 2 between days. Use MINIMAL amount just to cover warts, and fully rub in. My doctor easily perscribed me Aldara barely explaining how to use it. But when I searched online, i found many stories of EXTREME allergic reactions to it!
Avatar m tn 1. My dermatologist told me to apply the aldara liberally to make sure that even the tiniest warts in the area are treated. I have read elsewhere to only apply to the warts, but i have also read that aldara seems to respect healthy skin and only attacks unhealthy skin. Which is true and should i continue applying the aldara liberally to the entire areas. 2. The areas that have crusted and flaked are red and raw. Do i continue putting the aldara on those regions or should i stop?
Avatar n tn Going from what I put though, do you not think it could have been the aldara cream that triggered the outbreak? From my research I carried online in appears that the cream can cause outbreaks and many people have had severe side effects when taking it. I got no tingling or phyiscal outbreaks when i stopped the cream after my first herpes outbreak and then when i started again the tingling / burning started and i got physical outbreaks and soreness. Surely thats not just a coincidence?
Avatar n tn This is no question but rather a clarification. I have been using aldara for about a month and a half, and judgeing by the topics, several others need some guidence. I caught Molluscum contagium, maybe from the gym, maybe from sex who knows, who cares. I noticed some very small hybrid of pimples and warts in my gentital area. So of course, like most of you, I freaked. I am a healthy 21 year old male who has had a fairly modest sexual life (less than 10 partners, no one night stands).
Avatar n tn He said he'd never seen such a severe reaction to Aldara.. He said for me to stop using Aldara which I already did. He sent me home with Lacoid Lipocream (hydrocortisone butyrate 0.1%) cream and told me to apply it to the "bump" 2x a day. He said to me that the bump could be a start of a cyst. He also cyrotherapyed off the two warts on both side of the "bump" this in of itself seem to irritate the "bump" and make it swell more. Well Dr.
Avatar m tn oh and by the way i can sleep for nothing when i take aldara its way to itchy i slept an hour last night... then had to sleep during the day after i washed it off but i felt so ****** very fatigued...
Avatar f tn I went back to my gyno. She then told me it looked like Molluscsum Contagiosum and gave me Aldara cream to use. Well, I used it all over my genital area for 3 days. On the 3rd day - I developed 5 small ulcers. They didn't hurt. I went back to my gyno. This time (after the negative herpes test and no new partners) she told me it looked like herpes. She did a swab of an ulcer and it came back negative for herpes.
Avatar m tn I live in Canada and our health care is free so I would not be able to help you on pricing out the prescription however, I would just recommend you seek maybe another option, I used this cream and it was very potent and I used the minimal amount suggested. Not only did I have the original issue but i now also had trouble urinating, the cream BURNED my skin very badly and I had almost all of the "possible" side effects.
Avatar m tn I just read this whitepaper from a research firm in Southern California. Looks like some promising stuff is in the pipeline for us chronically infected patients. Any thoughts? Arrowhead Research Corporation and Axolabs GmbH Enter into Strategic Alliance and Master Services Agreement for RNAi Therapeutics PASADENA, Calif.
Avatar n tn There are detailed discussions of exactly the issues you raise earlier in the STD Forum. Search for HPV, especially in the early part of this year (as I recall). There is no "new" research indicating that HPV persists for life or that it doesn't. The suspicion that it sometimes (often? usually? always?) persists has been present for 20+ years and to my knowledge there is no knew knowledge that provides clear answers. One problem is terminology.
2206935 tn?1373642205 There has been no reference to this in any of the medical literature that I have read; furthermore it is directly refuted by HPV research scientists worldwide (and if it happened to be in one literature review it would not be accepted as fact by the medical community). HPV is a virus that most sexually active people will get and then it will resolve and many people do not even get symptoms—and some will be exposed and never get the virus.
Avatar f tn Only ways to treat get rid of warts, which I'm sure you've already reseached...aldara, chemotherapy, laser, acid, time, etc. Here's a website with some things in the works that will probably never see the light of day: http://ahcchpv.
Avatar f tn At one point there had been research into aldara for herpes because it did seem to help some folks who used it. when they did a bigger study though, they saw that there really wasn't a statistical difference in rate of recurrences in folks who used it and folks who didn't so research into it was stopped. if you were having 1-2 ob's a month, you needed the higher valtrex dose of 1 gram/day. did you ever try the higher dose?
Avatar f tn The Aldara cream in theory, causes am immune system response. If you read the information on Aldrara, from the packaging and also the official website, the company admits that how this process works is unknown. Scientists do not fully understand how the Aldara cream actually works, all we know is from tests, that it creates a heightened immune response. Through my research, some people have said it works great while others say it produced no results.
Avatar n tn I then went back to a different doctor who used something she called Beetle Juice to remove the warts. She also gave me some Aldara cream to use if they ever came back. Well they started coming back about a month later and I really don't want to wait 2-3 months for the Aldara cream to work. I did a little research and found out that beetle juice stuff is sold as Canthacur and Cantharone.
Avatar m tn Approximately three weeks thereafter, I noticed a reddish looking mole on my groin. My doctor prescribed aldara out of concern that it may have been HPV, after which a red rash developed. He stated that it was probably just a reaction to the aldara and not to worry since the rash went away, although the mole still remains. Approximately one week ago, several red bumps appeared on my inner thigh, which respond fairly well to cortizone.
Avatar m tn I was perscribed Aldara Cream for my external warts. I dont feel like they are spreading but I'm really not seeing much improvement with the warts.... Honestly I'm not really sure what to expect........ they have been kind of "trying to" fall off I guess... or peel off...painfully.... but I thought they were just supposed to dissappear. But I'm sick of Aldara becuase it makes me itchy and sore and uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn I just got told yesterday that I have HPV. I got put on Aldara. I used it for the first time last night. I have had serveral yeast infections while I have been pregnant. Now I have irration on the outside of my womanhood! It feels like a yeast infection but now having HPV I am more worried it's related to that. How can I tell the difference?! Also, when I apply Aldara can I not go to the bathroom. I am pregnant and I pee like crazy! Do I have to reapply it after I go to the bathroom?!
Avatar m tn Hey. I was diagnosed with GW about 4 months ago. I was given Aldara, which cleared up all the bumps that were there... but I keep finding new ones. I have improved my diet and exercise to help my immune system. Is there any way I can speed this process up? Any help would be great!
Avatar n tn Could Aldara cream clear up genital warts in just 3 treatments? From what I've read online, it seems extremely unlikely and even my doctor was surprised. I'm beginning to wonder if I was misdiagnosed with genital warts, and actually have/had Vestibular papillomatosis? I had a few small, skin-tag like growths on the very outside of my vaginal opening. I noticed them because my vagina was becoming sore(my boyfriend at the time and I had intercourse quite frequently and he'd last a long time.
Avatar n tn She told me that they aren't genital warts because of the way they looked and told me that it looks like Molluscum Contagiosum virus. She even perscribed me a topical ointment called Aldara to use every other day on the spots. It's been a little over a month and there is no improvement. I am so self conscious about these bumps and they're now spreading down my upper thighs. I'm going to the bahamas in December and I want to be able to wear a swim suit on the beach.
Avatar n tn Treatments based on different mechanisms or different biology aren't necessarily different in effectiveness. Research studies show that both Aldara and Condylox have similar response rates; with either product, about 70% of patients have complete resolution of warts in 4-6 weeks. In theory, Aldara's immunologic mechanism might result in lower risk of recurrent warts, but that supposed advantage has never been proved.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm totally new to this whole forum thing, just randomly found it online, considering I research std stuff almost everyday. Im going crazy i swear. so heres my story... Ive only had sex with one guy, two times. Once 2 yrs ago when i lost my virg. and once in nov.05. i have not had sex since. I had not given oral sex in the past 2.5 yrs either. and when I did, it was once three yrs ago and once two yrs ago.
Avatar n tn from my research, aldara definetly affects every user differently. It gave me 'sores' all over the head of my ****, im uncircumcised, i beleive it is a better option for circumcised men because there isnt as much moisture without the foreskin. also, it didnt work. ive gotten them burned off 2x now, which hurt like a *****. my good friend back home does these procedures for a living and he has mentioned that the 'burning technique' and then aldara application is outdated.
Avatar n tn I mentioned that the dermatologist who made the diagnosis prescribed me a medication called Aldara (you'll sometimes hear of it under the name Imiquimod). The doc here said he had never heard reports of treating MC with that medication. Among the lots of research I have done about MC on the internet, I have learned it is only beginning to be studied as a treatment. I have been using the medication since 2 weeks and it works well for the lesions on my lower abdomen.
Avatar n tn MC virus infection is among toddlers, among whom it is transmitted through saliva, with lesions occurring mostly on the face. Infected kids then become immune, so they can't get it again. Children who don't catch MC grow up as adults who have never been exposed and are not immune. In adults, the virus is transmitted sexually. Lesions occur mostly near the genitals, e.g.
154520 tn?1270167776 I am doing some research and now looking at radiation therapy vs. mohs. My daughter has an infiltrative/nodular basal cell on her nostril and has been told by several drs. she will need reconstructive surgery which may or may not involve a graft, it may just be a "flap", but either one is invasive and radiation may be an option. We are awaiting results in order to determine the correct course of action.
Avatar n tn however i cant be positive. The doctor also said to just wait it out, which i research could take two years! any ideas?