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Avatar n tn I have been using Aldara for 4 weeks now and have developed severe crusting, burning and redness. I am treating Actinic Keratitis and am very concerned with the progress. Should I continue and if I do, when could I expect a resolution of the problems. If I discontinue the cream, should I apply any topical antibiotics to speed up the healing.
Avatar n tn I have had no problems with them and have had sex with my wife for years with no problems. Recently I read about a cream called Aldara for warts that said applying this cream 3 times a week could eliminate warts and that the sides effects were mild. I thought i would order it and try it, thinking it couldn't hurt if it wasn't a wart. I applied the cream as instructed every other day for about 2 weeks ( 6 or 7 applications).
Avatar n tn I was given Aldara cream 3x a week and not my penis has open sores, dry skin and scabing. Even though all the tests were negative the doctor give me a script for a herpes med because he said the sores looked like herpes. I have not been with anyone in 7 weeks. Could these sores be from the aldara or do I have herpes even after a negative test result?
Avatar n tn He said he'd never seen such a severe reaction to Aldara.. He said for me to stop using Aldara which I already did. He sent me home with Lacoid Lipocream (hydrocortisone butyrate 0.1%) cream and told me to apply it to the "bump" 2x a day. He said to me that the bump could be a start of a cyst. He also cyrotherapyed off the two warts on both side of the "bump" this in of itself seem to irritate the "bump" and make it swell more. Well Dr.
Avatar m tn I'm using aldara right now too, I am a female but my skin has started burning and bleeding too, I talked to my doctor and he said it's normal.
Avatar f tn hi, is there somebody who knows about Aldara , I have got a temerature after using it. might be from it?
Avatar n tn Has anyone with autoimmune disease used Aldara for any skin cancer or precancer? What have your experiences been? (In terms of exascerbation of autoimmune problems; other adverse effects; cure rates.) thanks.
Avatar n tn At the time I had a cluster of maybe 10 medium sized warts. My doctor gave me aldara cream, and she assured me it wasn't a big deal, many people had it, usually goes away on its own, etc etc, and not to worry because it wasn't the cancerous type. Within a week of using aldara, my warts were 100% cleared up. I have not had a re-exam or any signs/problems with warts since then. I have also only had one partner since I was diagnosed, and he has never shown any signs of warts.
Avatar f tn I really thought I was a healthy person until these bumps showed up! The doctor prescribed me Aldara cream and I just started using it last week, she said it can take up to 8-16 weeks for the warts to go away. They're small bumps though so I hope it wouldn't take that long. My question is, for anybody that has used Aldara cream before, how effective is it?
Avatar n tn I've gotten tested for Herpes and came back negative for HSV-2 but positive for HSV-1. I've used Aldara in the past on a lesion that was burned off, but stopped after 3-4 weeks of use. I've read online that Aldara has a tendency to burn the skin and my dermatologist also mentioned that she has noticed that Aldara always irritates the penis in the location where mine is irritated. I have tried applying 1% hydrocortizone cream with no luck.
Avatar n tn Other sites have claimed that internal use of Aldara may lead to autoimmune problems, so I got worried and stopped using it. These are a few medium sized gw on the lower inside of the vaginal lips, visible but close to lower hymenal opening.
Avatar f tn I would ultimately suggest you go to the nearest womans clinic, or if that's not available, see your physician. In the beginning I spent 100's of dollars on the acid burning procedure, and it didn't work. Then the cream was the next best thing, but if tha's not working, maybe freezing it?
Avatar n tn She told me to get my samples of Aldara from the girls at the desk so I could not ask her when I picked the Aldara samples up. Any information would be helpful. They are not causing any problems besides how ugly I think they are. I also don't want future boyfriends looking down there and thinking I have something bad!
Avatar f tn I recently noticed small warts on my penis and went to the doc and received aldara and the doctor didn't say much and certainly didn't seem concerned. The warts don't itch but scrotum does. No relief yet since it has only been one week but I am a worrier so I would like to ask these questions..... I have only had sex with one woman for the last 3.5 yrs, did she give to me given her cervical dysplagia diagnosis 2 yrs ago? She's had no visible issues.
Avatar n tn i had schedualed to go in to get a herpes blood test, one morning, but the night before, i was rubbing some aldara cream on the wart right next to where the cut appears and i saw it open up again right before my eyes. i thought this wouldnt happen if it was herpes.. that it must just be friciton related but it was very painful and i couldnt justify it anymore. so my suspicions arose again after i cancelled the blood test. 3. the cut. even when it heals always stays a SCAR.
Avatar n tn It just seems odd that a wart would persist in that spot after two or more treatments (I also used Aldara), when I am not experiencing problems in any other area. Could you shed some light on this for me? Thanks so much.
Avatar m tn I have tried Aldara, thinking they were genital warts, but it did nothing. I have just tried Valtrex for five days thinking they may be herpes, but they still won't go away. I cannot pick the scabs off at all either. They only exist on the left side of my penis, directly under the head, on the underside of my penis. I am circumsized. I would like to know what this could be.
Avatar f tn I have these very small red bumps around my vestibule. They are just a few of them and they aren't symmetrically distributed. I wouldn't even notice them if they weren't so painful to touch, which makes sex impossible. I have been having this for over a year no non-stop and I have been to several doctors. Their opinions are controversial, the one says "Yes, they are warts.
Avatar f tn I have these very small red bumps around my vestibule. They are just a few of them and they aren't symmetrically distributed. I wouldn't even notice them if they weren't so painful to touch, which makes sex impossible. I have been having this for over a year now non-stop and I have been to several doctors. Their opinions are controversial, the one says "Yes, they are warts.
Avatar f tn I have 4 growths 2 larger and 2 smaller, she ruled out Herpes and was left believing it was either Molluscum or Gential Warts. She prescribed Aldara to me and I have been using it for the past 3 weeks which have made the bumps much smaller. I was also tested for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, both tested negative. Sround the same time I had a medium to light grayish discharge that had a fishy odor especially after I showered. I've had no pain in this time.
Avatar n tn like not being able to pee, or sit, or stand, or walk, trips to the er, surgeries to correct problems while on aldara. I'd like to know how many of those issues were because of misuse of the product too though. I guess i'll have to order one month's worth, see how it goes, and then move on from there.
Avatar n tn I was treating warts with aldara earlier this summer and I think it might have triggered this rash. I discontinued the aldara. When i discontinue the aldara the skin is red, irritated, ulcerated and flaky. I've been putting some lubriderm lotion on my penis/scrotum but i'm worried about autonioculating myself with hpv or hsv. Sometimes from using a certain soap the area becomes incredibly irritated and painful.
Avatar f tn At the time I had a minor outbreak which I cleared up using the Aldara cream. I have not had an outbreak since and have been symptom free. At the time of my diagnosis I was dating someone, we have been together for 2 years. Before learning that I had HPV we had already had unprotected sex. He recently had his first outbreak and they are not going away! He has used the Aldara cream as well as having them burned at the doctors. Any suggestions on what could help these go away faster?
Avatar n tn but genital warts changes everything..... and I'm afraid that she might even have cervical problems..... I worry more for her than myself... 11 weeks is enough time to tell me that im HIV negative, yes? Thanks doc.....
Avatar n tn 1. Two days subsequent to the biopsy, additonal warts appeared as pink/white bumps to either side of the biopsy site. Is it possible that the biopsy spread the infection? 2. My next appointment is a week-and-a-half away. My concern is that the new warts that have shown up will grow and spread without immediate, aggressive treatment. I have little faith in the Aldara to keep the warts in check given all that I have read.
Avatar n tn Maybe time is the only cure but I have been having problems finding a head on the small legions which seem to ploferate. I wish that there was a way of really getting rid of thiese things but sadly i don't think there is a fix apart from preventing further infection and waiting it out...howvere long that takes. My Dr seemed to give the diagnosis of molluscum after looking at them and discounting everything else. There was no lab testing involved so now I am wondering if it is molluscum at all.
Avatar m tn my doctor said i have per-anal warts and he is treating me with aldara. i feel itchy long time ago before i was sexually active. and i used a hair removal cream on that area. i am just wondering if that may cause infection on that area?
Avatar f tn I read that HPV 6 and 11 cause most warts and really ever cause any other problems? Even with insurance surgery is expensive and after He missed warts I didnt trust Him. I went to planned Parenthood and Im on week 3 of Aldara. Not sure if its working yet and no skin irratation like I read about .
Avatar m tn take a look he told me that it was HPV and prescribed aldara. I have not yet started the Aldara because I have read a lot of scary reports about sideeffects and other problems and as this is a family Dr. who treats mostly children I am going to get a second opinion. However he did not state what strain of HPV this could be from. From reading, most visible warts do not come from the high risk strains 16 and 18, but then I've read that 16 can present some visible symptoms.
Avatar n tn Yes, it is true that your bosy can fight these warts but it does take time.Since you are in pain and the docs finally recommend treating this please take my advice in this matter. Their is a drug on the market called "Aldara" that is a topical acid cream that you self apply at home. Do NOT put on more than prescribed oand follow the directions to a T. I read another post where a young girl thought she could apply more in one day to "speed up the process".