Aldara overdose

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Avatar m tn Ppl should read abt the miraculous antibacterial n antiviral activities of monolaurin. You cant overdose on monolaurin. I also took ascorbyl palmitate ie purewayc . Thisbis not really ester c. It is fat soluble vitC. I believe this form of vitC is way better compared to other vitC, eg excessive water soluble vitC can be toxic to kidney. Also, though ive taken vitC for ages, only purewayc noticably gave me supple moist skin (not that was intended in the first plc).
Avatar n tn I went to the dermatologist twice with no remedies to cure my flat warts. All he did was prescribed Retrieve and aldara cream which didn't work. I did many research online and didn't really find anything that worked. Tried Thuja cream but that's hopeless. In Sydney, there's no Thuja tablets because it's not available in retail stores. I don't think this is safe if it's not recommended to be sold in stores. Anyways, I managed to go to my last resort, which was drink chinese herbal medicine.