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Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with hpv, multiple strains, among which a high-risk one, and I had a leep surgery several weeks later. Now my gyn is telling me that, in order to get rid of any other traces of hpv, we should apply Aldara cream on the cervix. I am having serious doubts about this procedure and I would be most grateful if you gave me a specialized advice: is it ok to use it? Can it actually heal hpv? Thank you in advance for your answers!
Avatar n tn I was just prescribed Aldara cream for my genital warts and have a couple of questions. 1) My doctor told me to apply the cream all over the shaft of my penis & around the scrotum area - in order to help treat sub-clinical warts. Everything from the instructions on the cream to my reading on the internet says "apply directly to the warts and avoid contact with skin around the warts" What is your advice?
Avatar n tn I have had no problems with them and have had sex with my wife for years with no problems. Recently I read about a cream called Aldara for warts that said applying this cream 3 times a week could eliminate warts and that the sides effects were mild. I thought i would order it and try it, thinking it couldn't hurt if it wasn't a wart. I applied the cream as instructed every other day for about 2 weeks ( 6 or 7 applications).
Avatar m tn I know there is cream Aldara.. but what about in a pill form? Anybody looked into it?
Avatar m tn 2) If a person is taking Aldara cream for HPV in order to accelerate the immune system, would this increase the odds of a false positive test result?
Avatar n tn I was prescribed aldara for the treatment of genital warts about two weeks ago and have used it as directed by my provider. The patch of lesions is located on the shaft of my penis, are small, relatively flat, and 1-2 cm in size. I started aldara therapy roughly two to three weeks after onset of lesions. My only concern is that the Aldera isn't triggering an immune response like it should. I have no erythema, edema or any other typical "side effects".
Avatar n tn I do not use Aldara to treat the outbreaks as I suffer bad reactions from it. Instead, my doctor applies podophyllin (generally multiple applications) or burns the warts with a laser. QUESTION: Since most of the outbreaks occur on the shaft, my dermatologist suggested that I might want to consider circumscision to remove the infected skin and thus limit the outbreaks. My urologist didn't think it was a good idea.
Avatar n tn I had them frozen off to only return within a month or two. So I decided to try the prescription drug Aldara on the advice of a dermatologist after he tried applying some similar acting agent product in the office with limited results after 5 weekly visits. Within 1 week of treatment my genitals became extremely sensitive and red, I also experienced herpes like outbreaks on my lips and a general feeling of tiredness and malaise.
Avatar n tn Hello, i'm a 24 year old female recently diagnosed with genital warts and i've had them burnt off twice within the month. The doctor recently prescribed/recommended I begin using ALDARA and i was wondering whether or not (in your opinion) the benefits outweight the risks of using the cream.
Avatar n tn I would recommend getting an appointment with your doctor in order to get it frozen off. The longer you wait, the more you will end up with, and the more painful it will be to get it removed. Good luck!
154520 tn?1270167776 , but either one is invasive and radiation may be an option. We are awaiting results in order to determine the correct course of action. You may want to ask your doctor if this may be an option for you or the use of Aldara (topical chemo). Good luck.
Avatar m tn take a look he told me that it was HPV and prescribed aldara. I have not yet started the Aldara because I have read a lot of scary reports about sideeffects and other problems and as this is a family Dr. who treats mostly children I am going to get a second opinion. However he did not state what strain of HPV this could be from. From reading, most visible warts do not come from the high risk strains 16 and 18, but then I've read that 16 can present some visible symptoms.
Avatar m tn In February 2009, I went to see a dermatologist and had approximately 33 warts removed by his PA. I was prescribed Aldara cream and used it as instructed. The next month, March 2009, I had another 7 warts removed. In April 2009, the following month, I had another three removed. The Aldara ultimately proved ineffective. In November 2009 I returned to the dermatologist and had 2, what might have been warts removed.
Avatar n tn was diagnosed with Genital Warts. The doctor prescribed Aldara cream (5%). Since my doctor visit, I have noticed that the warts have increased in size & number. With the use of Aldara, would you happen to know how long it takes to see any results? With tough economic times, I've been extremely stressed to the point where I barely get enough sleep. Do you think that the stress is contributing to the increase of those warts?
Avatar n tn I had them frozen off to only return within a month or two. So I decided to try the prescription drug Aldara on the advice of a dermatologist after he tried applying some similar acting agent product in the office with limited results after 5 weekly visits. Within 1 week of treatment my genitals became extremely sensitive and red, I also experienced  herpes like outbreaks on my lips and a general feeling of tiredness and malaise.
Avatar m tn Told boyfriend and he was pretty awesome and understanding. Doc gave me Aldara and said no sex for 12 weeks. After that, does any oral sex I receive from that point on have to be protected in order to not spread to my partner?
Avatar m tn Or if they are sure it is HPV/warts then they can help you to decide on treatment. I have had acid treatments and it works fairly well. I am now using Aldara and it is slower. You can also see if there is a clinic in your area that treats for HPV/warts and be checked there.
Avatar n tn I have read that the majority of people will have developed immunity after two years. I am starting to worry that I am not one of these people. I have recently quit smoking in order to boost my immune system and I am eating healthier..but I just noticed that I have a little bump where I had the first wart diagnosed. I scratched at it and it started bleeding. 1) Should I assume that this particular wart is killed? All I can see now is a red spot like it has been cut off...
Avatar n tn The limits are there to be fair to all who use the site and to keep individuals from dominating it. On to your questions, briefly. The utility of imiquimod (Aldara) for molluscum is marginal. Instead of wasting time, I would suggest you just bite the bullet and get them frozen. All need to be frozen in order to cure you and then to reduce the likelihood of you infecting your GF, your concerns about oral sex, etc. Just go on and get it done.
Avatar n tn Its why I scheduled a follow up appointment for tomorrow, I just would a list of things to bring to the table in order to cover all my bases and leave feeling somewhat answered.
4437866 tn?1388123224 I myself have warts as well and still treating it with aldara for 3x a day, but since you're pregnant, i dont know if it's advisable for you to use it since aldara is a strong treatment for genital warts. Have you tried to go to another doctor for second opinion since your doctor doesn't want to take action for it?Just try to go to another doctor so you will know what to do with it since your doctor is not giving you any information about HPV.
Avatar m tn I have also heard that you in order for the warts (not the virus) to go away you need to keep your immune system up so eat lots of fruits and vegetables and take vitamin c. I'm not sure if it works but I use it every day just in case! Keep praying! Good luck.
Avatar n tn I have three questions (in order of importance): (1) HPV: about 7 months ago I was diagnosed with having HPV (via swab as well as
Avatar n tn As such my doctor has prescribed Aldara. I am naturally terrified of Carcinoma as the secondary sites are not oval shaped or circular. The on immediatly next to the initial site looks more like a banana that curves along the edge of the primary site.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor because of an outbreak. He froze them, and prescribed me Aldara. He also put me on Wellbutrin, 150 mg, for a week.. then 300mg for the remainder. All is well for a few days..then one day my scrotum got really itchy. I ignored it as much as I could, scratched when I couldn't, and took a shower didn't fix it but seemed to help. I looked the next day and noticed a sore/lesion? (not sure, looks like a flat/popped blister?) - so I want back to the doctor, in fear of herpes.
Avatar f tn Do you think I should find a different OB-gyn who would look into this more than the wait and see approach she did say she would order Aldara since I seemed so concerned. I just don't want to have the warts get bigger because it takes longer to clear them.
Avatar m tn i went for nitrogen , electro cautery and aldara cream treatment X 2, the keratosis went away, but the come back with more smaller new bumps. do i need a 2nd biopsy?
Avatar f tn About 2 years ago during my normal Pap smear the doctor said she saw small warts and prescribed Aldara to me, I usually do self-examinations and I never saw any warts and I also know this doctor was notorious for treating patients in order to file insurance. She never showed me the warts or where they were. I ended up changing doctors.
4865450 tn?1361298133 have them laser removed and immediately start using an aldara and celebrex combo for a year. tell your doc you are really stiff or something to get the celebrex... maybe do some research and tell your doc what he/she needs to hear because insurance isn't going to cover it for your warts but it has been proven to work. it's not FDA approved yet.. too new of a treatment. There is an HIV drug that cures HPV as well, it's called Lopinavir - also not FDA approved for HPV.
Avatar m tn This derm immediately recognized it as molluscum, and upon my insistence he biopsied them as well. He prescribed Aldara cream (this is late July). I was also a pool lifeguard, so every day I would sit in a wet bathing suit for 2 months, and during this time, the bumps basically spread all over my legs, front and back, and I also started noticing bumps on my chest and arms. I used the Aldara as prescribed, and individual bumps would go away in 1-2 weeks, but the overall infection was relentless.