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Avatar m tn If you think it is not working and dont want to finish it, you might want to consider Podophyllotoxin? Although Podophyllotoxin is also said to be ineffective for highly keratinised warts It is said that ppl with warts usually will have lesser outbreaks as they age So, I am not sure of such truth.
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on Aldara, but I am having SERIOUS side effects. It says for me to put it on the area once a night before I go to bed, but I started having redness and irritation. I thought that just meant that it was working, so I was off it for a day and went back on it for 2. It happened again, so I went off it for 2 days. Then I went back on it and tried to stay on it, hoping that the cream would help somehow, and the sores just kept getting bigger.
Avatar m tn How do I know that Aldara is working? I used it for 2 weeks applying it 3 times a week and since nothing happened too significantly, I started using it every day a couple weeks later (of not doing anything). Now there is a tiny tiny sore on the tip (it is also red) and I don't know what indicates that Aldara is successfully working? I think I may start using it 3x a week again because that is what the Dr. recommended...
Avatar n tn I have had zero reaction or side effects from the cream. How do I know if its working? and if its not what would the reason be? At what point should I see another Dr.? Thanks for any info.
Avatar m tn I began using Aldara again but it does not seem to be working like it did. I have not noticed any change and the area has not turned red or anything. Should I try my luck at Condylox? Has anyone tried both and have advice? Thanks all! THis is SO frustrating!
Avatar m tn ) i did have bad side effects such as feeling tired and some body aches and really bad itching in the area causing me not to sleep at night but i stuck with it and its actually working somewhat. I did drastically change my diet though eating more vegetables and fruits and taking a daily vitamin and reducing alcohol intake and not smoking at all.
Avatar n tn I was using aldara and it cleared be about 90%+ in about a month. Then it stopped working entirely...Have you heard of anything like this or know why it might happen. Thanks in advance for the help.
Avatar m tn My issue is that I'm NOT getting any redness, itchiness, etc. I am not expecting that the Aldara will work after three applications on the warts; I am concerned however that my complete lack of other symptoms i.e. redness, itchiness, blisters, etc. means that the drug is not working. I would like to see if anybody has used Aldara, not had any noticable negative side effects, and had it still be effective.
Avatar n tn I was given Aldara cream 3x a week and not my penis has open sores, dry skin and scabing. Even though all the tests were negative the doctor give me a script for a herpes med because he said the sores looked like herpes. I have not been with anyone in 7 weeks. Could these sores be from the aldara or do I have herpes even after a negative test result?
Avatar m tn Hey all, So I have many very small HPV warts on my vulva. The doctor called it vulvar dysplasia, and he prescribed aldara cream 3 times a week because he said that since there are so many a laser would be very painful and that we should try to remove some with aldara first. I have a few questions about using aldara. 1) is it harmful to shave on off days from using aldara? 2) Can shaving make the warts worse? 3) Is sex okay when the cream is not on the skin? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I've been using aldara for about 3-4 months now. It took about 6-7 weeks to start working for me. It cleared up my warts in about 8 weeks but had another outbreak. It has cleared up everything so far. I'm waiting to go on a follow up appt so I guess will find out soon. How long have you been using aldara? I also had a yeast infection when i was diagnosed w/ hpv.
Avatar n tn Its what the dermatologist recommended. I applied it for 14 consecutive days of which no new outbreaks occurred. I grew impatient as the 30 or so very small pimple like things did not go away like i thought they would. So i did some research and came up with my own approach. I bought some latex gloves and "popped" every single one of those fu<kers. It bleeds, it doesn't hurt. The important thing is to get the white core out and not let it touch your skin.
Avatar f tn Just this afternoon, on a pre-cancerous basal or less legion on the nose (sorry i don't know the terms) that will be sent for biopsy my husband was prescribed Aldaral, 3x a week (mon-wed-fri) for 4 (four) weeks I'm not asking for a diagnosis just curious to know if this seems like a mild/moderate/ or heavy-duty dosage...i am concerned about the side affects i've been reading on message boards i just 'googled' ..but realize everyone's system handles drugs differently ...
2206935 tn?1373642205 No one treatment is better than another. People react differently to each type of method used. Your doctor may try to use liquid nitrogen and freeze your warts. I do not recommend surgery. Your warts will resolve eventually on their own anyway, be patient.
2206935 tn?1373642205 hi when im apllying aldara im seeing some blood on the warts does that mean its working?
Avatar n tn Well, some people do have a lower recurrence rate, but if aldara isn't working for you - and it might still be a bit early to know that - then it won't help recurrence rates. I'm a fan of freezing them. It works MUCH faster, and while some people have to keep going back, others don't have to return at all. Its your call. Perhaps a visit to an std clinic could help sort it all out for you.
Avatar n tn I have read on here and other sources that Aldara is good for the more external anal warts, but not really for internal ones. When I see the dermatologist again next week, should I try to get him to pursue a different course of treatment as opposed to just extending the Aldara prescription? Also, should I be worried right now that without Aldara in the meantime, I might get new warts popping up?
Avatar m tn I have been using aldara for about a month on my genital warts and have had no burning or tenderness that I have heard people talk about on these forums. It has been working great and I am noticing my warts are starting to shrink. The other morning after using my aldara cream overnight I noticed a lump under my skin where I applied some aldara. It is very tender to touch and very noticeable.
Avatar m tn I've been using Aldara for over two weeks now and am experiencing absolutely no side effects at all. Now I'm not disappointed believe me, but the one and only nice thing about side effects is that they indicate that whatever you are using is not "working" per-se but that it's doing *something*. Is this normal? Also, my doctor did a pretty deep freeze of the warts before sending me home with Aldara.
Avatar m tn I have been with the same girl for 2 years. She has no signs or symptoms and has had her HPV vaccine. I did not have any signs until now. I have had cryo therapy twice (two different area) and it seems like shortly after the cryo therapy I end up getting more warts popping up in different areas. I have been using Aldara on the area where I have warts. I started taking multivitamins and a vitamin D this week to try and boost my immune system.
Avatar f tn I have undergone 6 cryotherapy treatments and they have only gotten worse. Is there any way I have something that is not genital warts and that is why it is not responding to treatment? What other treatments should I try? Has anyone else had this experience? Thanks so much for your help.
Avatar m tn In the first 2 weeks, nothing happened, only just a couple days ago I noticed a very slight indication that the medication might be working, but I'm still not sure. I have about 20-30 very small warts, and notice 2 or 3 of them showing a bit of redness and drying up a bit. Still not sure if this is due to the medication. Other than that I haven't noticed any effects or any type of side effects. Everything I read online says the areas should be very red/inflamed.
Avatar n tn 46 y/o male: My wart, on the ball of my right foot, is a couple years old and about a quarter inch in diameter. At first I was desperate and didn't have any Apple Cider Vinegar, so I sprayed Clorox CleanUp on a Cotton Round, and rubbed it on the dry skin. I tried to apply duct tape, but it wouldn't stick. So, I used Elmer's glue to hold it on. My theory is that Clorox kills everything. And the skin was so thick and calloused, I wasn't too concerned about doing much damage.
Avatar f tn Luckily haven’t had any new ones pop up but i wonder if the red and flaky skin, moderate pain, and bleeding (only when i scratch the area by accident ) means the cream is working? On the wart patches i mean. I know side affects can be ****** with Aldara socim not surprised i got them but i’ve also read that getting these adverse affects means it’s working. Are there any home treatments that i should consider for my more stubborn guys?? Had ACV been effective as treatment for anyone?
Avatar m tn if aldara not working go back to ur doctor....freeze off is not for genital warts....sometimes they hafta use laser surgery.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the help, I was under the impression that if there is no irritation the aldara is not working, and my dermatologist was telling me that the irritation is what tells you it is working, thanks again!
Avatar f tn However the warts that were still present in the inside of my vagina were treated at the obgyn with Trichloracetic acid because the aldara was not working for me at all.
Avatar m tn It's not working. The doctor suggests laser surgery, but he is afraid because my immune system is compromised due to a kidney transplant I got a year ago. ICant use Aldara because of my immune system. How effective is laser surgery? How much is it? I'm really scared and stressed out.
Avatar m tn if the aldara isn't working or you are somehow spreading it to other body parts by touching, perhaps you need these all surgically removed instead of trying the aldara to treat it. not to panic you but no easy way to ask this - do you have any underlying medical issues? also have you been tested for hiv?