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Avatar n tn I really dont understand it, but evidently the bad cells are thru 3 layers of the vaginal wall. My dr prescribed Aldara vaginally, twice a week for 12 weeks. I've had my 4th treatment, and I'm not having fun. Within 24 hours after teatment I am crying in pain, muscle aches, joint pain, my skin over my whole body hurts. I also have vaginal itching, burning, but its not that bad. I also am having nausea, with upset stomach and vomiting. About 48 hours after the treatment, i begin to feel better.
Avatar n tn It might work, but no maker of an over-the-counter product is going to suggest that patients freeze their own genitalia without supervision. 2. It is not as cold as the liquid nitrogen doctors use. 3. Yes, which is not unreasonable when you consider that there are other bumps people get that aren't warts. 4, Blistering your penis and leaving long-lasting marks and not getting the job done. 5. I think you should not freeze your own penis.
Avatar m tn aldara on the skin where you inject the vaccine is a very promising approach, and very available. The injections should be done intradermally, maybe 6 to eight injections spaced about 1cm on skin that has been prepared with aldara 2 hours before and again immediately before the injection. the doses for intradermal vaccinations are less than for intramuscular. having zadaxin in the mix would enhance it further, a Canadian trial has proven that.