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Avatar n tn i do think there may be a way to get rid of it..but similar to aldara. perhaps an injection of an aldara-like immune modifer into the lymph nodes for a week long trial? this may help the body slam the EBV (mono). you're spreading this **** when you don't even know it because the Epstein Barr Virus (MONO..yep..
757527 tn?1237896663 but I was shocked to read your list of current symptoms (at least, as of this March) because they are practically the same as mine, and I was on Aldara when the symptoms began. I used Aldara for 12 weeks and I have read story after story of the damage it causes. I am scheduled for a biopsy this week, having been told that I may have either lymphoma or pancreatic cancer. I am a 31 year old female.
Avatar n tn I received a bone marrow transplant in May 2008 and started developing genital warts (perianal to be exact) several weeks after the transplant. I have been treated with Aldara, but the cream had no effect what so ever after about 17 weeks of use. My general physician has been very hands off in terms of addressing the issue (she first referred to the warts as "venereal disease") and has been referring me to a specialist for the past 5 weeks.
Avatar m tn If you are in your 20s or younger and don't have HIV....Aldara will probably cure the virus within a few months (whether it's HPV or molluscum contagiousum) I doubt you have a skin tag on your penis. HPV is very common just use the meds and get rid of it while you still stand a chance. HPV turns into carcinoma (cancer). Yep. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Just use the meds.