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Avatar m tn I applied aldara (imiquimod) to the shaft of the penis in an attempt to get rid of what I presumed were penile warts. About a week after use, I developed well localised red and swollen skin on the head of the penis which then ulcertated and has been slow to heal. I have not been herpes positive before and dont think I have had recent contact with any herpes positive partners.
Avatar n tn Hello Everyone: I have been taking Aldara cream for just over a month now to treat HPV genital warts. The cream worked successfully on the warts on my anus almost immediately. However, I have a number of other warts around my vagina (mostly on the outer lips) that have been less responsive to the cream. I know that you can use the cream for up to 16 weeks and I have only been using it for 5 weeks, but I'm really nervous about these other warts not going away.
Avatar n tn I went to the dermatologist, and he told me I have warts on my lip. He prescribed me Aldara. When I read up on aldara is it is used for genital wart treatment. I am sexually active but use all precautions I know, and I am also tested routinely for any STD. I have never had a STD in the past, and do not have warts on my genitals. Is it possible that someone with genital warts gave me the warts on my lip? ALso, is can I give someone genital warts by having oral sex with them and kissing?
Avatar f tn This December I had a tiny, flesh colored flat wart on my outerr vaginal lip. My doctor prescribed me a 24 pack of Aldara cream. Afetr about a week of using the cream I called him and aske him if I could stop using the cream or do I need to finish it all. He told me to finish using until all gone. I continued using the cream and around the second week of using i developed a sever rash. They were bumps that were really red and itchy.
Avatar m tn has anyone used aldara cream on lip for cancer, if so what results
Avatar n tn This week I noticed what appear to my untrained eye as the beginnings of a wart(s) on my lower lip. I have made an appointment with my doctor for Monday morning. Subsequent to my my diagnosis of genital HPV warts and prior to my inital concern re: possible HPV warts on my lip (i.e., prior to any visible hint that they might be in the offing) I gave my daughter and wife several kisses on the lips upon parting their company or as part of the usual morning greetings.
Avatar m tn My dermatologist told me the only way to remove these two warts is to freeze them. She also said that it would take a few weeks for it to heal afterwards and that my face wouldn't be too pretty. Is there an alternative way to remove the lip warts? These "warts" look different from others I have seen. Does Blistex cream really work?
Avatar m tn I was infected with MC and have been using Aldara. Afetr 5 weeks my tongue and gums became very red and sore and little white spots appeared under the skin on the inside of my upper lip (none on the bottom lip). Can anypne please help? Has this occured to anyone, I'm paranooid about it and have lost sleep and good office times. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/STDs/Molluscum-in-my-mouth/show/247397">Molluscum in my mouth?</a>.
Avatar n tn I showed these bumps to my gynecologist, who almost couldn't see them they are so small. She said they were probably warts and prescribed Aldara. The Aldara had absolutely no effect whatsoever. I'm wondering if these really are warts at all or just natural variations, but they are too small to be tested. If they are warts, shouldn't the Aldara have had at least a minimal effect? Or shouldn't they have grown or spread or changed color or something within the past year?
Avatar n tn This morning I noticed tiny white bumps on the outside upper portion of my lip. Could this be condyloma? Are they generally found inside of the mouth? Can they be treated with aldara?
Avatar m tn I have been putting a cream called Aldara on the infection and it has been getting better. The other day i noticed a little red sore on the base of my penis. then another one popped up a day later. Today one came up right under neath the the head of my penis. They are not big, little less smaller than a pea. They dont hurt to touch and do not have any discharge coming out of them. I dont know what they are. I had a speculation they might be scabbies or could they be genital herpes?
Avatar m tn I am a 16 year old male, and I have this wart in my lower lip and i was wondering how to get rid of it. My doctor says not to poke around with it and i have it for five months and it looks the same. I have been taking medications (aldara cream) for a month but it did not do anything. Not only that, after using that for a couple of weeks some spots appeared inside my lower lip and 1 spot on the upper lip. So my question is if this is because of the medication or not.
Avatar m tn Recenty I went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with mulluscum contagiosum for which they gave me aldara to use until it is gone. I have only been using it for two weeks but it has been since the start of this treatment that I have noticed that my lips have been plagued with this constant burning sensation. There even seems to be a pinkish sort of ring under my bottom lip. I've been trying chapstick and blistex Lip Medex but none seem to be easing the burning sensation.
Avatar n tn He told me that he could see no visible signs of herpes on the vaginal area, but took a swab and said he would test me. When I pointed out the bumps on my lip he suggested a slight irritation due to sun exposure. The irritation around my vagina has not ceased, but the oral bumps continue to spread. They do not crust, although my lips feel slightly dry and a bit tingly. They are not red, and I have been looking at pictures of fordyce spots that seem to resemble what I have.
Avatar m tn P Anywho, I've finally gotten over the whole "ohmigawd I have HPV, my life is ruined, I should go live off as a hermit somewhere in the mountains" stage of my life and have begun to slowly "creep out my shell," so-to-speak. All because I'm fancy for a girl, naturally. Now, obvious conflicting emotions of "wanting to be with her" and "keeping her ten feet away" aside, I do have something new that nags at the back of my mind; possible oral HPV?
Avatar f tn Hi Grace, she did a pap test for HPV testing and she prescribed aldara. HPV testing is so expensive, i dont know if there's a test for herpes as well here too. I am afraid I will be deported. And I am in a muslim country. They did blood test, but the nurse just told me CBC, they can't detect any disease such as herpes or HIV?
Avatar f tn I have only had one sexual relationship, the one I am in now for 1year, and before this my bf and I were not using condoms, just oral contraceptives. I do not have the warts strain, but he does and is currently being treated for it with Aldara cream. We have been using condoms ever since I found out I had the virus and have not since he started his treatment. Can we still have sex while he is being treated? Am I at risk of contracting warts or any other strain?
Avatar m tn the short version: i had protected vaginal, unprotected oral(very brief) with a foreign(korean) stranger a month ago. suspect she might be a SW out on the town my meatus has a very visible "lip" now and i don't know if this has been there all this while (i noticed this a week or so after the incident. is this a case of genital warts? or hpv? or gonorrhea or???) i had a smear test and tested neg for gonorrhea, ngu and chlamydia a week after the incident. could it be inaccurate?
Avatar n tn I found out about 2 years ago i have what the doctor called 'mini' warts on my face. It started from my chin in btween my bottom lip and beard area on the right side. He prescribed Aldara and it cleared up. I don't know how it got on my face, I think from shaving. He said my girlfriend should have it too. At the time I was with her for for about 5 months.
Avatar f tn I thought it was genital warts outbreaks because I was diagnosed with genital warts in 1999. At the time I was treated with aldara but I would get recurrances from time to time.However I went to the clinic and doctor and I was being treated with aldara, condylox, TCA, and podofilox and the whole time it was genital herpes I didn't find out until April 2010. I was using the wrong medications for about 2years and was wondering why my symptoms would not go away.
202447 tn?1275095636 It's possible it could be a genital wart caused by HPV. Those tend to stay around unless treated w/ Aldara cream or are frozen off. That's what it sounds like to me. Most of the time my outbreaks only last 4 or 5 days when I take Valtrex at the onset. Hope that helps.
Avatar m tn Hello.. I have HAD genital warts on my penis and common warts on my fingers. Both these infections have cleared (finger a year ago, penis 4 months ago). I have received 2/3 Gardasil vaccines. My girlfriend has had genital warts also, but these have also cleared. She has received 1/3 Gardasil vaccines. I have given her oral sex regularly throughout the whole period, more or less. Now, I have an unidentified bump on my lower lip.
Avatar n tn I’ve since been to another dermatologist that re-froze the same lip wart and two other little one’s she saw on my lower lip and she gave me some Aldara 5% for the hand warts that I didn’t want her to freeze yet because I want to see if these two other ones are going to scar bad, and she told me to come back in 6 weeks. I asked both dermatologists if it was possible they were sexually transmitted and they both said it was possible, but didn’t seem too concerned with finding out for sure.
Avatar m tn 2 (HSV 1 came back positive, but I've had cold sores that occur maybe once every other year on my lip). Anyway, YEARS ago (when I was 16 - I'm 30 now) I had a rash of molluscum contagiosum (MC) breakout in my lower groin and abdomen. I went to my dermatologist at the time who removed them with a metal tool of some sort and then she applied some reddish looking liquid on top. After the "scrapings" healed, nothing ever came back.
Avatar n tn A few days ago I also got a mouth sore, looks like a white pimple inside of my bottom lip... I know that some of these symptoms could be related to the hiv virus. My wife is studying to be a nurse and I share everything with her and she continiously says that I don't have the virus but I just can't get that in my head and these other symptoms I'm having are not helping. Do you think I should continue to worry?
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Avatar f tn I was given Aldara cream to treat the warts I had in my Perineal area and it has worked successfully. 1 week after taking Aldara, I noticed that I had a bump on my vagina lip(outside). It appeared red and slightly stung when I touched it...I didn't think much of it because I had about 4 other pus-filled bumps, like near my bikini line..near my hair line...ect. I've always gotten pus & blood filled bumps on my vagina since before I ever became sexually active, so I thought nothing of them.
Avatar f tn My family doctor said they could be warts but to see a gyno to confirm (they were very small). She gave me aldara in the mean time so I used it and the bumps were gone within about 5 days. By the time I got to the gyno two months later she said there was nothing to be seen that look like warts. She has reassured me about 4 times since then that there aren't any, but the last time I went in two weeks ago I was positive something is up.
Avatar n tn and as of maybe march of this year i had it again until now.. . i was treated by my doctor with aldara cream which did not work fully, though the redness and smaller rashes under the skin folds of the head were healed. according to may doctor at that time (may or june 2009) one of the causes was my work since i was on a field work and perspires a lot..
Avatar n tn They usually pass within 24 months. After a month of acid treatments I am now using Aldara and have no new growth. I don't even know they are there unless I look to put the med on. Warts are contagious so take care with sexual activity til you know for sure what your bumps are. HPV is passed via sking to skin gential contact and condoms are about 90% effective.