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Avatar m tn in that case, you should go ask another dermatologist and ask him/her how to make the irritation go away...3 weeks without aldara and it still hurts? Sounds absurd to me. Skin irritation should heal within 1 week or max. 2. Maybe you have another STD infection that you werent aware of, and please remember not all STDs show symptoms (sometimes chlamydia or GO dont show symptom if you have a mild infection).
Avatar m tn i have been on aldara for about a month now for anal hpv warts. i had them cauterized last feb 8 and the doc put me on aldara for 3 months. my questions are: 1, does the cream cause a bit of itch even when it's been washed off or just when it's on? 2. i noticed what lookes like a "cut" near the perinem .around the anal opening..sort of like a small sore.. is that a side effect of the cream?
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on Aldara, but I am having SERIOUS side effects. It says for me to put it on the area once a night before I go to bed, but I started having redness and irritation. I thought that just meant that it was working, so I was off it for a day and went back on it for 2. It happened again, so I went off it for 2 days. Then I went back on it and tried to stay on it, hoping that the cream would help somehow, and the sores just kept getting bigger.
Avatar n tn If the test was a biopsy (I can't think of another relevant one), then the result is almost never definitive one way or another only suggestive. As for Aldara, it can cause irritation, but not a linear scar, at least so far as I know. I thin k you need a skin doctor to look at you and tell you what's actually going on. As to what can be done for the mark, it may be that there is nothing, but you'll never know until you actually find out what's there. Good luck. Dr.
Avatar m tn What? are you applying Aldara on entire genital area? aldara is to be applied on the warts only and not the surrounding area... did a doctor diagnose you for genital warts and prescribed Aldara for you? If not so, please see a dermatologist and first get a correct diagnoses and talk to him about application of this cream... a mild irritation, soreness and itching is part of the healing process with this cream...
Avatar m tn Have any of you ever used Aldara 5% cream? My dermatologist suggested it to determine if my mole was just an irritation or a skin cancer. After reading the package insert and doing some research online I was to scared to try it. If it is recommended to me again I am wondering if I should use it. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I repeat--my advice is to stop the Aldara, which can indeed cause severe irritation, and get a proper diagnosis. Dr.
Avatar f tn No herpes outbreak ever lasts a month, and the symptoms don't suggest herpes anyway. Aldara irritation sounds more likely, but usually wouldn't last so long. A yeast ifection also sounds like a good bet. All this is speculation; no distant online source can make a clear diagnosis and I won't try. You should return to the health care provider who prescribed the Aldara.
Avatar n tn I was just prescribed Aldara cream for my genital warts and have a couple of questions. 1) My doctor told me to apply the cream all over the shaft of my penis & around the scrotum area - in order to help treat sub-clinical warts. Everything from the instructions on the cream to my reading on the internet says "apply directly to the warts and avoid contact with skin around the warts" What is your advice?
Avatar n tn ) The clinician thought that the yeast infections were unrelated, but regardless, since I only have on spot to use the aldara on now, the irritation has gone away. Thanks for the info! I was beginning to wonder on the aldara; it's funny how a few months can seem like such a long time!
Avatar n tn Hello Everyone: I have been taking Aldara cream for just over a month now to treat HPV genital warts. The cream worked successfully on the warts on my anus almost immediately. However, I have a number of other warts around my vagina (mostly on the outer lips) that have been less responsive to the cream. I know that you can use the cream for up to 16 weeks and I have only been using it for 5 weeks, but I'm really nervous about these other warts not going away.
Avatar n tn One another suggestion is to apply some moisturizer or petrolium jelly on the skin surrounding the warts while applying the aldara on warts... remember, aldara is to be applied on warts only and should not come in contact with the healthy skin...
Avatar n tn Lingering birth control side effects...or something worse?). I was diagnosed with genital warts. So I got the Aldara cream and just after 2 applications 1 of the warts (I have 3) is completely gone and the other 2 are almost gone. One of the 2 that are remaining was supposedly the biggest according to the doctor and she said it would take weeks for it to go away. She said I can stop using the cream when there are no visible warts.
Avatar n tn I am not at all certain HPV is the cause of the irritation you have been experiencing. Therefore, I don't expect Aldara to help, and it is likely to make your symptoms worse, at least temporarily. If there is no change after 4-6 weeks of using Aldara, you should consider it a failure and consult your provider about next steps.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed Aldara for my GW, which started showing up about a month and a half ago. I am terrified the Aldara will not work. Has anyone tried using ACV in conjunction with Aldara? Futhermore, has anyone used a home freezing kit on female genital warts?
Avatar m tn So here is my story. I was prescribed Aldara and told to take it 5 times a week for up to 3 months. This was October 23rd. I did so Monday-Friday for 4 weeks and felt like they were getting smaller, but had to take a week off due to some skin irritation. (left on too long). I then resumed. I tried to avoid the internet before because I of all the conflicting information, and now see the one thing thats always the same is that it's prescribed almost exclusively 3 times a week for 16 weeks.
Avatar n tn Is there any chance the recurrent lesions are herpes and not warts? That said, the answer is yes, imiquimod (Aldara) can cause irritation and soreness that could mimic herpes, and a secondary infection could cause lymph node enlargement. Tight clothing isn't the issue. The bottom line is that I can't tell from an online description whether you have herpes, irritation from imiquimod, both, or neither (i.e., something else).
Avatar m tn If in doubt, see a health care provider. But stop using Aldara or anything else. Aldara will cause the area to be red and inflamed, making it much harder for a provider to know what is going on. Just keep the area clean with soap and water once a day. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn i was worried it might have been another wart and my sister had some aldara cream so i put some on for 3 time a week for one week. i experienced INTENSE itching in the region and now the skin is cut, blistered, and in several places it looks white, similar to the effects of the freezing off of the warts. my question is, are these areas that had warts underneath the skin? could the aldara have helped to resurface the warts?
Avatar n tn irritation continues, with tip of vagina looking red. Pain comes and goes. Doctor continues to prescribe creams and antibiotics. July 2004: boyfriend confesses and we get tested for all STD's (minus herpes). All negative. August 2004 - December 2004: irritation comes and goes for the remainder of the year. March 2005: A scary few weeks. A huge rash breaks out on my my inner thighs. It looks red and white with a few blisters on the vagina as well open sores on the legs.
Avatar f tn Eight percent of people who use aldara have irritation from the medicine, it is part of the way the medicine functions, to cause enough irritation to bring immune cells to the surface of the skin to become of aware of the virus being there. Having said that, if you didn't have this reaction to Aldara the first time, you definitely need to get these lesions evaluated and swab tested by PCR for herpes.
Avatar f tn I have genital HPV and I was treating the warts using Aldara. Applied a lot of the cream Monday to the outside of lower labia minora. Wednesday the labia was hard, swollen and really sore. Friday the swelling was reduced and in it place were 2 sore lesions located just inside the labia. I am now convinced it is herpes from looking at pictures online and reading the symptoms. I am also experiencing tingling down there too!
Avatar m tn I usually wouldn't worry about that because I would just think it would be some sort of irritation or folliculitis. The reason I worried was because of the small bump I saw. My question is do you think that this could be an STD or some sort of irritation from the sex or natural occurance? Also I had Molluscum Contagiosum (misspelled prob) once and treated it with aldara and since I saw these areas of concern I applied it to the areas just in case since I had some cream left over.
Avatar n tn It doesn't sound anything like warts. Aldara can cause irritation for all sorts of things that have nothing to do with warts. I advise you to stop using it and not to use it again unless a doctor specifically asks you to. Then have a dermatologist look at it, and prescribe for what I assume is eczema. Take care. Dr.
Avatar m tn matches adjacent skin color), and located in blotchy irregularly shaped areas (rather than individual round bumps or cauliflower shapes usually described), and there is no itching or pain, aside from irritation from the Aldara. I would upload a photo to describe the appearance better, although I understand that this is not permitted. My questions are: 1.
Avatar m tn I had unprotected vaginal sexual intercouse with a female on several separate occasions. Exactly three weeks following the last sexual episode, I notice what appeared to be a reddish looking mole on the right side of my right testicle. It was not painful nor did it itch. My physician gave me aldara samples "out of an abundance of caution," although he did not believe it was anything to worry about. He specifically stated that he did not think it was herpes.
Avatar n tn I'd want to make sure that this is indeed warts before I kept treating it. Aldara and the imitations can cause irritation. If it goes away when you stop using it, its the aldara. If you are concerned about herpes, ask your doc for a type specific IgG blood test.
Avatar n tn 1)Is it possible to be getting results from Aldara without seeing any irritation to the warts that were not treated with cryo? Is it normal to use cryo and aldara together? What is the normal process of aldara because my penis is not red all over like the "during treament" on the aldara website? 2) There is some painful blistering on my scrotum from the aldara (not that I had visible warts there it is just where my penis lay after I put on the aldara) this normal?