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Avatar m tn In males they are frequently found on or around the head of the penis. Medical therapy remains with Podophyllotoxin (0.15%-0.5%) /Imiquimod (Aldara)/Polyphenon E (green tea extract)/TCA (less effective)/Interferon (expensive) making every practice challenging due to their pros and cons.
Avatar m tn LINK TO IMAGES: Back story- I have been to 1 derm and 1 general doc. general doc couldnt tell me what this is; and derm said it's possibly hpv, and froze the area which did NOTHING at all except hurt. She then prescribed me aldara cream just incase it's warts (i've used aldara 3-4 times so far and nothing seems to be happening). The area basically flattens when stretched, and the bumps are not rough to the touch- more like smooth raised surfaces..
Avatar n tn // It does say not to use the product on Genital Warts. I have a few questions: 1. Why would this product not work on HPV? 2. Would this be any different than Cryo therapy? 3. Is the warning there just to make sure you see a Dr. for an accurate diagnosis? 4. What would be the downside of trying? 5. What do you think? Thanks very much!!
Avatar n tn I'm a healthy 21-year old female. My fiance and I lost our virginity to one another three years ago and have been sexually exclusive with one another ever since. My regular MD felt I should wait until age 21 to have my first pap smear, so all routine physicals have been through her. Nothing has come up irregular. This week I had my first pap smear. My doctor delivered the news that she "thinks" I have genital warts.
Avatar m tn Other than that however, they look like some of the pictures on google images. I am thinking of getting tested for peace of mind, but it is expensive. has anyone had similar symptoms and had it be herpes? I just need some advice. They were red at one point. One is on my shaft (i have a couple hair follicles there) and one is about 3 inches above my penis in the pubes. i also had a similar thing on my right side where my belt rides (right on the hip).
Avatar n tn I tried the following treatments with no luck: 1) Vinegar 2) Salicidc Acid 3) Herbal treatments 4) Electronic treatment from (too painful!) 5) Duct Tape (gets moist and slides off) 6) OTC Freeze kits The wart grow much faster than I can "chip away". Ive went to 3 separate doctors to try and resolve this issue but no one can help either. Doctor 1) Froze the wart twice. It did not budge.
Avatar n tn The others sometimes go away if I put bleach on them. I have tried everything from Aldara, to Condisil Gel. Nothing works. The best results have come with the bleach, but the bumps are gone for only a day at the most. Then they come right back.
Avatar m tn No abnormalities. Cerebellum: Normal. Brainstem: Normal. Pituitary: Normal. Vasculature: No occlusions noted. Otomastoid findings: Normal. Orbits: Normal. Paranasal sinuses: Normal. IMPRESSION: 1. Multiple, punctate T2 hyperintense foci in the brain as above. The appearance is suggestive of amyloid deposition but this would be unusual in a patient of this age. Other etiologies include prior trauma or congenital infection. 2.
Avatar n tn Experiencing periodic horizontal binocular diplopia with exertion (always), coffee (sometimes), alcohol (always), stress (sometimes). As the distance to the object increases, the doubled images are further apart. Eyes sometimes feel sluggish. Occasional headache. If I sit down and cool off forehead and eye area with something cold like ice, the problem is resolved within a few minutes. Visited regular doctor, ophthalmologist, and neuro- ophthalmologist.
Avatar m tn // The above looked exactly like the clustered abnormal cells i had, but mine was clearly havind round rings, as the egcg cream gave a chocolate color contrast to the abnormal wart. Its gruesome. Mayb i will try n post pic. Of note, the interesting part is that, it seems plantar wart can hide in genitals areas? And only become obvious upon stimulation?
Avatar m tn I have tried to do research to educate myself. and some of the images are scarry. I have seen white patches huges masses hanging form peoples lips. How do these large masses start. and how long does it take to get that size. I mean wouldnt someone go to the doctor the second they notices a singles pimple. I am asking casue I hav enotice a light dot on my upper lip. it is on the flips fold. I don recall ever seeing it but it could be becasue I have never paid attention lik i do now.