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Avatar n tn I am currently applying Aldara to the infected areas and my doctor says they should go away in several weeks. My concern is that she is totally freaking out that nothing will be the same again. She thinks that we will just keep passing HPV and Genital warts back and forth to each other till the day we die and that there is no way we could still have a happy and healthy sex life. She acts like her life is over.
Avatar m tn My doctor froze them and put me on aldara. My gf did have the gardasil shots a few years ago. I had noticed a couple of the warts when they are very small and asked a doc about them who said they were I ignored them. My GF and I did have unprotected sex quite a few times over the last few months. After we found out her doc ran a pap and tests and everything came back normal.
Avatar m tn (we've never had anal sex). 4. She was prescribed aldara, is this an effective treatment? Should she consider getting the vaccine?
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with genital warts in May 2007. My dermatologist administered acid treatment and prescribed Aldara cream. Treatment took a long time, but the Aldara seemed to do the trick and the last wart I remember was around Sept 2008. I have been dating my current girlfriend since September 2009.
Avatar n tn Dead horse indeed; or we could be said to be splitting hairs. It's "normal" in that MC lesions probably can be hair-associated by random location of some lesions near hair follicles. But to my knowledge, MC lesions do not preferentially occur at hair follicles -- which of course is a requirement for folliculitis. And I doubt you'll very often see a hair actually emanting from the center of an MC lesion, but that happens all the time with folliculitis.
Avatar f tn How long should it take for the warts to go away using Aldara treatment? 2. How long should I wait to have unprotected sex with my husband? 3. Can a person carry and transmit different strains of the HPV virus? The 6 and 11 and also the cancerous type? Although my PAP smear showed negative, it was done in December and I'm worried that I might have the dangerous type of virus. Do you recommend immunization to prevent other types of HPV? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I didn't start taking medication until June 2010.The whole time I was using aldara, Trichloracetic acid, podifilox, and condylox thinking it was genital warts and I continued to have outbreaks every couple of weeks to once a month. I went back to the clinic when I had a bad outbreak in April 2010 and she said that it was herpes and my results came back as genital herpes. I started treatment in June 2010 and I was outbreak free until september.
Avatar m tn I walked as if i'd just ridden a horse. Upon returning home the pain somewhat subsided as I wasn't so stressed. I went to the store and bought L-Lysine and Zinc and the swelling went away that night. Although I had taken about 5 pills of bayer and aleve that very early morning when the pain begain after midnight. Urine had smelled foul and was dark but after that it hadn't been so much. Was dark today but I drank a glass of tea.