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Avatar n tn This year I got a BUNCH of new ones on my chin and cheeks. A new dermatologist said they were a staph infection AFTER I asked for Aldara. (15 years, remember) I got depressed, wondering if I was going to be one of those people who die of treatable skin cancer. I saw another who said they were warts, froze them, and said there was no topical treatment. I stayed in my house last week with 9 purple, swollen, weeping sores on my face from the freezing.
Avatar m tn I have decided to stop using it for this reason even though the warts are not completely gone (i hate aldara now). Just wondering if there was any chance of these white blotchy spots getting any color back or if there was anything i could do about it (reasonably speaking)? Im really hoping its not serious hypopigmentation scarring.
Avatar f tn He recently surgically removed 2 keloids on his chest and our dermatologist gave him ALDARA cream to be used about 3 times a week on the wounds. I really want to know if he is doing the right thing. What chance is there that these keloids will re appear? and if they do will they be worse than before? what is your best advice? According to our dermatologist (who is known to be one of the best in our country) there is only a 10% chance that they will re-appear using ALDARA cream.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with genital warts for two years. I unsuccessfully used aldara for four months last year, and was recently prescribed condylox. It worked well, with all the visible warts gone within a month, but now I have a new problem. There are two small patches of skin on my penis that have no color left to them at all. They are completely white, but the texture of the skin is normal. It has been like this for a month now, and I'm wondering if it is permanent.
Avatar m tn I inquired to my doctor about trying Aldara, as I have some old aldara that I tried on my keloid scars years ago, he told me to "try it" and that it should work in three days, after reading much online about people having horrible experiences with this drug i chose to try condyline one more time in my last trial which is where I am now. Now that I can see the warts coming back again, my question is; Should I try using aldara?
Avatar n tn The best thing now is to see a dermatologist, both about the best treatment(s) for future recurrences and advice about the cosmetic effects. Most likely the scars will fade with time, but a dermatologist would know for sure.
Avatar m tn Im am a 24 year old male, and i have had genital warts for 3 years. I am using Aldara and it has seemed to stop the growth of new warts where the cream is applied, as well as destroying a few small ones. I was wondering if i could get cryotherapy on the unaffected warts while i am still using the aldara 3 times a week. Also is it normal for skin to turn white where warts are treated? they still appear to be warts but just white and possibly smaller with treatment.
Avatar m tn when she saw the white scars, she said we could try a higher concentration of podophilotoxin, or aldara (aldara is too expensive for me).after getting cut on other parts of my body, when the scab falls off i usually have a white scar, however if i look at old injuried, the pigmentation has gone back to normal so here are my questions: 1- do these white spots go with time? can you give me a ball park time frame? 2- is there any way to help repigmentation at home?
Avatar f tn Scars on the lower extremities are notoriously poor because of reduced blood supply to the skin and reduced (adenexal) skin glands (compared with the face). Some lasers will reduce redness, but do not expect significant results. Over time, the scars will fade (time is your friend). Aldara cream can be helpful, but how much improvement is not predictable on the lower extremities.
Avatar f tn Or a cream I have read called Aldara, can that help fade scars. I know VIt E scar creams don't have much success at fading scars.
Avatar m tn I have had genital warts for over a year. I can trace my aquisition of HPV to an encounter 2 months before my first outbreak. I have had all visible warts frozen off 8-9 times this past year and they keep coming back. I have completed 2 courses of therapy on Aldara and that just seemed to make the warts grow faster. I have used salicylic acid, 4 weeks of duct tape occulsion therapy and have started regularly taking echinacea to boost my immune system.
Avatar f tn Or I have read about a cream called Aldara can that help with scars. Thanks for your time.
Avatar m tn Frankly, I’m not even positive these are even warts, and not, instead, scars from the apple cider vinegar or aldara abuse. I am reluctant to go back to the doctor -- to pay $100 dollars -- just to have him say, again, Yes, your warts remain. I know you can’t tell me if they are warts or not. My question, I suppose, is that is it possible these are scars? If they aren’t raised, are they contagious? I have not been sexually active since February and am very reluctant to be until they are gone.
Avatar m tn Has anyone ever had them frozen off? Was it successful and did it leaving any scars? Experience with Aldara? And has anyone here ever dealt with scars from hpv? Please feel free to add to this discussion for others who might be in the same situation.
Avatar m tn it can take up to 3 months for the aldara to fully work. did you use it for that long? don't continue to pick these off!!! the pain of wart removal isn't as bad as it sounds. if you are getting the return of warts frequently, seeing a dermatologist for removal is a good idea.
Avatar n tn Burning is highly effective, although it does leave scarring and is typically used as a last resort. Cryotherapy (freezing) typically does not leave scars. Aldara is effective and doesn't typically cause scarring, but seems to be moreso effective in females than males I've read, and TCA acid also doesn't cause scarring if done correctly. There are an array of treatments that do not cause scarring, and if your son hasn't begun treatment yet, I would urge him to do so.
Avatar n tn ive heard freezing them off can leave scars, but idk for sure... but unless you have the need for them to be gone immediately, aldara is the best thing i know of out there...
Avatar m tn There are also a few really tiny ones surrounding it, I think. I had cryosurgery done, and also tried two different creams (Aldara and Podofilox). That wart is still here even after those treatments. Does anyone have any advice for what I should do? I was hoping it would go away on its own after a year but it's still here. Also, I have a couple of minor whitish scars from previous cryosurgery. So I'm very nervous about having any more scaring.
Avatar m tn I have also tried the following prescription creams Salex, Retin-A Micro and Aldara. Aldara worked for a couple of weeks but then it started attacking parts of my skin that I did not have warts. I started getting blisters and fevers. I had to get these blisters treated because they were oozing. I went to urgent care since my other Doctors weren’t available. They prescribed Floucinonide which stopped the burning and the blistering.
Avatar m tn Since i have white scar spots resulting from last July's electrocauterization (first time I got HPV), it might be just the scars...but I couldn't tell which are the scars and which are the active new warts...(since definitely i have a lot of scars). I dont know if im too paranoid or something but I just feel some of those white spots weren't there before last Friday's outbreak...
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor and he said it was probably a form of coccus, and told me to use Fucidine 2 times a day for a week. I did so but there were no results. Now I saw the doctor again and he said it was probably a mole, but then said it was probably a virus and prescribed me Aciclovir Zovirax 5 times a day. I'm taking Ciprofloxacin antibiotics since i first went to the doc. I'm starting to panic because no one can tell me for sure what this is.
Avatar n tn 1. He gave me aldara to use to treat it. how long would it take for me to get rid of these molluscum when i start treating them with this cream? what will this cream do to my molluscum? what kind of irritation occurs? do they get inflammed? 2. if i leave them alone will they go away on their own? if they go away does that mean your immune system became immune to it and it wont come back? 3. if i freeze them does it hurt and what is the recovery rate for this procedure.
Avatar f tn *sigh* i've had molluscum for close to a year, but a mild case. only a handful of bumps throughout the whole time, only one of which was visible outside a bathing suit. That ONE visible one was there longer than any other, and eventually it was the last remaining one. It was irritated one day and I was so sick of it I finally decided to try out the sterile needle-removal method.
Avatar n tn In 2011, warts diagnosed. Again, multiple rounds freezing/burning, then Aldara worked. Scars/permanent change in skin color remain. December 2013 wart in same area treated successfully with Aldara, but with further change in skin color, likely permanent. January 2014 doc thought 4 warts present in new locations. I didn’t agree. Past warts were hardly noticeable, this time, I couldn’t even see at first what she was referring to.
Avatar n tn I really don't mind spending for our treatment and we don't mind the scars and pain... I just want to be normal again... Now we're in fear of cervical cancer too.....
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from flat wart for nearly 7 years now. They usually appear on my chin, behind my ear and on my head scalp. But the ones on my chin are very very stubborn. I have been to dermatologist every month, removing on an average 3-4 warts. I doctor have tried out various way to remove them (Applying cantharidin, liquid nitrogen + Currettage and burning the wart ).
Avatar f tn You can get them lasered off, burned off with bi- or tri-chlorocetic acid (although I'm a bit hesitant for this one... my doctor used bi-chlorocetic acid on me, and I actually have scars where my warts used to be, despite the fact that eeeeeeveryone said that it doesn't scar). You can also be prescribed Aldara, which works to jump start your immune system. It's really up to you... there are a ton of options, and if cryotherapy isn't taking, then maybe it's time to try something new.
Avatar n tn Hi doc, i've been living with HPV for about 14 months and my last genital wart recurrence was 2 months ago. I have several questions regarding genital warts and HPV that cause it.. first of all, health organization and doctors believe that we can heal our own HPV infection within 24 months time. My question is, let's say these people never treat their genital warts with anything, if one day their body has been able to suppress the virus, would the genital warts fall off by themselves?
Avatar n tn My son had it, roving all over his trunk and legs, for almost 2 years before it went away completely; he still has a few small dent-type scars on his torso. My daughter fared quite a bit better (hers came about while my son still had his). Then my youngest got a very nasty case, 2 years after everyone else had cleared up completely. Dermatologists pooh-poohed it, insisting that leaving them alone is the best course.
Avatar n tn is it really helpful to stop drinking, in order for the immune system to kick this thing out for good? 3. What treatment is available that does not involve needles (freezing? does that involve an injection followed by freezing or ?) 4. The scars I have from the first treatment of the burning.. will they ever go away? The way they look right now, I doubt I can persuade anyone to give me oral sex again..