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Avatar m tn I have only used it for three applications and I have seen zero effects - as if I had never started using it. I have read that Aldara doesn't work for everyone, especially males... but I would like to know if anybody has had any success stories without unpleasent side effects? I'm sure I could just apply it for the next 3 months, but I'd like to have a little bit of hope because right now I'd be happy with pain, redness, and itchiness, so long as the warts were being destroyed.
Avatar f tn Hello doc, I was diagnosed with genital warts and on Aldara cream for it. My wart went away quickly in about 2 weeks. Here’s my worry: I had mild skin irritation while I was on it, but a week after I had stopped the Aldara I developed a rash around my anus near where I had been using Aldara and I’m worried it’s herpes. It was a red rash. It itched, felt irritated, and the skin was shiny. I would compare it to mild sunburn. I never saw breaks in the skin: no blisters, ulcers, or scabs.
Avatar n tn i used aldara and i worked for me i used it for bout 2 wks n they went away. but dey came back.
Avatar m tn My question is that if this is a hpv lesion and not a visible wart as such can it be treated with aldara? I'm concerned that it may damage the skin as it is very thin here.
Avatar m tn I know I'll be advised to check with a professional regardless, but I just want to understand if this is a reported side effect of Aldara for some men.
Avatar m tn While these bumps are only visible if I really look for them, they are demarcated and easy for me to locate if I'm close to the mirror (unsure if this is the early stage of wart formation). I also noticed a depression in that part of my face as well. Now its been about 9 days after my encounter and the redness on my face has nearly gone away but the bumps and depression remain.
Avatar m tn He prescribed Aldara cream 5 % and asked me to apply. I applied a full sachet at a time daily in the nights for about 20 days. I think that some of the excess aldara cream also got on to me scrotum testicle skin which turned the area red. After a few days, there was a watery discharge which further developed into small ulcers. I tried all types of creams and neem oil on it which i think worsened the situation. I showed them to my doc and he told that it is herpes so get tested for it.
Avatar m tn I don't know how long it can be latent in men, but my husband and i are in a similar situation. We have been married for a couple years, and recently I was diagnosed with genital warts. Neither my husband nor I have been unfaithful, so obviously one of us got it from a partner before we were together. (years ago). According to my gyno, it can lie dormant for years before someone has warts. What triggered mine, according to my doctor, was when I got the flu this year.
Avatar m tn Is it true that the HPVirus clears out of your system forever after 1 to 2 years? Is this true for both men and women? Thank you. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn the anus and vaginal area are right next door to each other, so to speak. But it's often the same for heterosexual men, whether sexually acquired or through auto-inoculation (e.g., their own fingers). So the location of your new wart really isn't a surprise. The other issue is the reappearance of warts anywhere. Most HPV infections clear up entirely within a few months, and reappearnce of a new infection anywhere -- anus, labia, vaginal opening, etc -- is atypical.
Avatar m tn Veryworried420, I'm also surprised there isn't a test for men. They say its because the risk for men is so small and limited and rarely know they're carriers, but men being aware of having something they don't have symptoms for could help prevent spreading it to women who are in greater risk of cancer from it. A lot of what is being done with HPV doesn't make sense to me.
Avatar n tn The only test that comes close is the kind used to test pap smear specimens in women, and they are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in men; even if you were to be tested, I would not rely on the result. You heard wrong about HPV-6 and -11 with respect to cancer orally or anywhere else. The oral cancer story is limited to HPV-16, one of the types most prone to cause cervical and anal cancers.
Avatar f tn There is no test for men and so unless your partners get warts, they will never know but they should assume they have it. Go 6 months of no sex with anyone. Once recovered (no symptoms or good paps for 1-2 years), you can have unsafe sex with your husband and/or partner because they ALREADY have it too. Sorry to tell you this but they cannot be "HPV free".
Avatar n tn 3)Is there a good way to tell what is a wart and what isnt, I asked my dematologist three times (bi-weekly check-ups) and he tells me that it doesnt matter the aldara should take care of it (I do not like this answer because aldara does not seem to work that well on men or me for that matter)... Is there any way to really tell which bumps are warts or get a good idea? It is fustrating that every doctor tells me it is not a big deal when HPV is all i think about...
Avatar m tn Should I just give it some more time or is it apparent that Imiquimod isn't going to work for me? Wondering if Podofilox or the stronger 5% Aldara cream would have been a better choice.
Avatar m tn I fear that the biopsies might have been skewed, because they were first taken only after I had used Aldara cream for about five weeks. (A first-opinion from my urologist was that it was maybe Molluscum Contagiosum. He has sinced concurred that he also believes it is Lichen Planus.) The Aldara made my genital area look like a war zone. Would biopsies still show "Lichen Planus" clearly?...
Avatar f tn He has no clue about his HPV status because there is no test for men. Safe sex is needed for now, but maybe not forever. Either he will love you warts and all or he won't. Don't let this bug beat you. Email me if you need more advice. Good luck and stay positive somehow.
Avatar f tn Aldara helps the immune system recognize the infection so that it may fight it, also it may take up to 16 weeks of use for the medication to work. Usually Aldara works better in women than men, not sure why. Getting infected via towel or secondary items is not possible. (says Dr. Handsfield) You should consider getting your fiancé the Gardasil vaccine if she has not, not sure how effective it will be but definitely something to consider.
Avatar m tn You need to see a doctor about this reaction if it's causing this much physical pain. It's not common for men to have to be circumcised because of using Aldara cream. How long ago were you treated for genital warts? If it's recent, give it some time and see if this goes away. And killing yourself over something like circumcision is highly irrational.
Avatar m tn I understand there is a chance my immune system can suppress the virus. I am just starting my prescribed treatment of Aldara. My question is due to the location of the warts( no symptoms on penis or scrotum) is there a high chance of transmitting the virus through 'normal' vaginal intercourse? I am stressed to think this virus will impact my future relationships and be a risk that my future wife will have to overcome.
Avatar n tn (It works better for women than men). If your warts haven't cleared up after 4 weeks of Aldara, they're not going to. You need to return to your dermatologist for confirmatioon that the residual lesions are warts and not scar tissue; and if they are warts, get a recommendation for alternative treatment (there are several options). There is no evidence that tea tree oil is effective against warts. Good for you for not smoking, taking vitamins, and otherwise staying healthy.
Avatar n tn It gave me 'sores' all over the head of my ****, im uncircumcised, i beleive it is a better option for circumcised men because there isnt as much moisture without the foreskin. also, it didnt work. ive gotten them burned off 2x now, which hurt like a *****. my good friend back home does these procedures for a living and he has mentioned that the 'burning technique' and then aldara application is outdated. i am in a different country though, so i'll take what i can get.
Avatar m tn As a matter of fact I may be infected with HPV as well (since there are no HPV tests for men). Therefore, as impossible as it seems to you right now, the human body finds a way to fight the infection. Most of the people that have HPV, have no symptoms at all, and most of the people have only a few warts through their whole life. First thing you should do is to accept HPV, since there isn't a pill or something for it.
Avatar m tn I tried Aldara for 2 and a half months, it didn't do anything. So not having much knolwedge, I led a very unhealthy lifestyle for 2 months drinking and smoking without any excersize and let my immune system make them even worse. I started receiving cryotherapy and the liquid nitrogen has worked very well. I have had about 6 treatments, started working out everyday and taking 3 active men multivitamins a day, i've been eating very healthy, so my immune system is definatly at its peak.
Avatar f tn I had unsafe sex w my new partner for a month. Hes from China and hes living here. So 3 weeks ago, I wnt to my gyn and she detect me some small warts.. I tsarted with aldara and next week I had more warts so she made me an Electrocautery and I had only one left to treat with aldara. One week after, I found a new one and im treating it too. I feel so depresed and I know that help the virus, Im starting to nderstand this virus and realize that its not the end of the world..
Avatar m tn I asked is there a HPV test for men he said there was no way to test for it for men. What are the chances of passing this on to a sexual partner once the warts are gone. I do not sleep around with every girl in town. He also mentioned that it could be a benign wart. Could this be something else instead of a wart I have never had a std disease before so I am praying it is something else.
Avatar n tn Aldara is effective against moist warts, e.g. on the labia in women or under the foreskin on men, but it's poor for warts on dry skin. But follow whatever treatment your dermatologist or family medicine doc recommends. But don't worry about conception and parenthood. It's not an issue.