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Avatar m tn treatments for Bowen's disease?
Avatar m tn org/posts/Dermatology/Treatment-Course-for-MisDiagnosis/show/1130063 This is a photo of a skin coloration on the base of my penis (the photo is a collage at various resolutions). The area is about 1/4" wide and high, is asymmetrical and brown in color. I first noticed this spot about 6-7 years ago (2002). Fifteen (15) months ago I showed my dermatologist, and upon clinical observation, he said "this has to be removed" and referred me to a urologist.
Avatar f tn 1. What is the chance that this lesion was HPV related? I have never had any lesions or warts of any kind in this area. 2. If not HPV, what other reasons as I am a non-smoker, maybe genetic predisposition? 3. If this is HPV related, is this a common area for HPV lesion about an inch below waistline close to right v fold? 4. If this is HPV related, what is my chance of recurrence since the lesion had been present for ten years and if I have immunity from this first lesion now. 5.