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Avatar f tn There are creams (prescription) you can apply such as Aldara (imiquimod). Talk to your doctor about it. The Net has many home-made treatments like: Garlic pills, Elderberry pills, Apple Cider Vinegar, duct-tape, etc. Google "wart treatment" and you will find some of these remedies. We all believe that boosting your immune system via vitamins, exercise, stop smoking and drinking, eating healthy will result in less breakouts or faster recovery.
Avatar m tn I have completed 2 courses of therapy on Aldara and that just seemed to make the warts grow faster. I have used salicylic acid, 4 weeks of duct tape occulsion therapy and have started regularly taking echinacea to boost my immune system. The duct tape therapy seemed to slow/stop growth but did not get rid of existing lesions. The exiting warts seem to keep growing and new one keep popping up no matter what I do.
Avatar n tn Hi! My son has been dealing with warts since he was four. We have been to three dermatologists that have frozen them, used "bug juice", duct tape, Compound W bandages, and now we are using Aldera. He has them under his nose (the biggest one that is mostly flat with raised areas, and also on his thumb, a patch on his leg and a couple on his arm. If we could just get rid of the one on his face we would be thrilled (it is almost the size of a dime)!
Avatar n tn 1) Vinegar 2) Salicidc Acid 3) Herbal treatments 4) Electronic treatment from (too painful!) 5) Duct Tape (gets moist and slides off) 6) OTC Freeze kits The wart grow much faster than I can "chip away". Ive went to 3 separate doctors to try and resolve this issue but no one can help either. Doctor 1) Froze the wart twice. It did not budge. Doctor 2) Prescribed Aldara. It did not help. Doctor 3) Just told me to keep applying Salicidic acid. month.
Avatar m tn Place it over the wart and then cover it with duct tape (or the waterproof band aids if you want to do it during the day). Just make sure the moisture stays locked in. It can hurt a lot, but it should turn dark and then go away within a week or so if you do it every night. The Aldara helps boost your immune system, so I would think that would help too...or taking vitamin E.
Avatar n tn I have tried -Doctor applied acids -Dozens of doctor freezings -many self freezings -Candida antigen injections -Duct tape for months -Aldara -50% salicyclic acid (self applied) The only thing that seems to be left is bleomycin which my doctor is unwilling to do. She said I could be left with a hole in my foot.
Avatar f tn I have them on my legs , I have tried every at home / over the counter treatment with no results they always come back even a daily bleach rinse to kill any virus , apple cider vinegar, duct tape , I have had them frozen a multiple times . At one point I had a bi-weekly standing appointment for cryo it seemed to really help . I as well have done Aldera cream .
Avatar m tn You can cover the place which is affected by a duct tape for about six days. if he tape does come off by the end of these six days, then a new tape has to be replaced. at the end of the sixth day remove the duct tape and let the wart soak in water. now use a pumice stone to scrape off the top layer of skin. once this is done follow the same thing until the wart disappears. this however should be done at a gap of twenty four hours. Some kids refuse to use duct tapes.
4929120 tn?1361162745 When I use compound W or wrap the finger in duct tape, when it is removed the skin is almost an egg shell white, unlike other skin covered by the duct tape, and you can see small "nodules" below the skin. Of course unfortunately I have no problem picking and had read where people just dig warts out, so I would use the duct tape and then dig these nodules out.
Avatar n tn ACV, duct tape (I gave up this method because I couldn't go out with tape all over my face), tea tree oil (I got really bad burn because it's too strong). I tried 3 prescription medications, veregen (made from green tea, very effective) but it's very expensive. My co-pay for this medication is $350 and if your insurance doesn't cover it would be $1000, but this medication caused lots dark red scarring, they didn't fade until 2 years and warts came back again!