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Avatar m tn Supposedly it's available at Walgreens drug stores without a prescription. I bought an identical product for a friend in Mexico for $6. Aldara prescription cream for warts is ridiculously expensive, so unless you can get it at a huge discount try Podofilox first. There are other options like freezing them off, etc., but that requires a doctor visit.
Avatar f tn I am just not happy with the slowness of Aldara and the fact I have new warts in an area that is hard for me to see or treat. The lame part is I made the appt. the day before my son will be getting an award at a local university, he is young they are just holding the ceremony there. LOL I felt the need to say I am not old enough to have a college student, yet! :) Anyway, I will be dressing up and sure the things wont be some comfortable down there that day.
Avatar m tn It began in one area, spread to the other side of my penis, and I now have recurring warts in 8 different patches on my penis and testicles. I have tried Condylox, Veregen, Cryo, and am now on Aldara. I have one large one about2.5 cm across, and one problem patch of 5 surrounded by dozens that recur immediately after every treatment and have for years now. I have smoked marijuana daily for about 10 years.
Avatar m tn Some places will let you make payments and give you a discount as a cash patient. I hope you can get it to calm down till you can have it excised.