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Avatar n tn After this didn't go away I visisted a urologist who insisted that this was entirely anxiety driven and that nothing was wrong, but it still is there, and seems to become more irritated after masterbating or showering. What can I do?? is this because of the antibiotic ointment??
Avatar f tn I had done some research and found that radiation may be a good option for the type of cancer she has (see my post on March 13). After examining her and looking at the biopsy, he said that radiation may be the better way to go, being that her leision is infiltrative/nodular (although he did say he wanted to see the slides of the biopsy, which we are waiting for).
Avatar n tn I wouldn't use Aldara--if it's a single lesion, you're better off just having it treated, and if it's not, then the Aldara may irritate and confuse the issue. If there's any relationship at all with the blood pressure, most likely it's due to anxiety. I suggest you see a dermatologist or STD specialist, rather than somone who isn't certain and freezes the spot just to be sure (and thereby makes you anxious, perhaps unnecessarily.) Best. Dr.
Avatar f tn I have had about one week pain in penile head not related to the apple cider, could be from wart or what and how can I know what is wrong?! I can send some pictures of before two months and now. I'm 25 years old. Medically free Except that I have noticed also losing weight last month about 4 killo And laps show Ca 10.3 What should I do next? MRI? Aldara? Biopsy unfortunately is difficult to do so here in my country due to lack of experience.
Avatar f tn I have had about one week pain in penile head not related to the apple cider, could be from wart or what and how can I know what is wrong?! I can send some pictures of before two months and now. I'm 25 years old. Medically free Except that I have noticed also losing weight last month about 4 killo And laps show Ca 10.3 What should I do next? MRI? Aldara? Biopsy unfortunately is difficult to do so here in my country due to lack of experience.
Avatar m tn Ok so i noticed something not directly on my penis when i was showering the other day. I had unprotected oral sex the night before from a girl and do not know her sexual history. I thought I might have contracted warts. but is that possible to show warts only after a few hours and i could have sworn i seen it there before i might just be paranoid because it was unprotected sex. I doesnt hurt it doesnt burn when i pee or anything.
Avatar n tn We have not been intimate and I plan on having the discussion with her before any sexual activity. I have a very real fear that she will be scared away when we have this discussion, and I was hopefully that my body would clear the virus by now. Any suggestions on a approach to take with her? The weight of this conversation has been wearing me down for weeks and I am getting to the point where I fear I will have the GW for life and not be able to have a normal sexual relationship.
Avatar n tn I've had them before, but never this bad. I had sores and blisters on both sides of my thighs and along my vagina. Was finally diagnosed later that year as some type of bacterial infection inconjuction with the yeast infection. - ever since then I have been constantly itchy and irritated. Well, not constantly, but at least once or twice a month for about 2 days. I never see anything, it just looks a little irratated an red in one spot.
Avatar n tn However, after going home I noticed some of the super tiny ones he missed, and I scraped those off. He prescribed veregen, and although I brought up aldara he said that studies with aldara mostly used children and were not double blind- sounds like he was repeating a veregen sales rep line to me but hey why not I’ll try it.
Avatar m tn And another thing is since aldara didnt work could it possibly not be gential warts? Ive looked at some pictures and mine dont look like them. And one more thing i seem to have a new symptom. I get these pimples on my thighs which look like there all blood? Could an STD cause this? Any help would be great thanks alot!
Avatar n tn the dermatologist applied a blistering solution to the area that wiped out all the skin in that area and after a really painful week, everything cleared up totally - but then, 3 weeks after the treatment, they came back with a vengeance - with a really bad break out that measured almost an inch wide on either side of my anal area. i am hiv-negative and i have no other medical conditions.
Avatar f tn I have genital HPV and I was treating the warts using Aldara. Applied a lot of the cream Monday to the outside of lower labia minora. Wednesday the labia was hard, swollen and really sore. Friday the swelling was reduced and in it place were 2 sore lesions located just inside the labia. I am now convinced it is herpes from looking at pictures online and reading the symptoms. I am also experiencing tingling down there too!
Avatar n tn Advised follow-up after one month. Doc 4 - Checked test reports and said e.coli like infection. Asked me to take lots of water and get circumsised. Am very confused as I have received 4 different diagnosis plus the infection didnt reduce much. However, never developed pain or anything. But during this course of 2 weeks, noticed some sort of allergy like ulcerations at the corners of my lips and spread througout the upper and lower lipline.
Avatar m tn OK, it's been over a year and they keep coming back. So I asked for a prescription for Aldara which he gave me. After a few weeks of using just a little bit as instructed with no reaction or results I increased the dose. After a week of upping the dose my penis head swelled to the size of a tennis ball, no joke. I was too embarrassed to seek help.
Avatar m tn Well anyways went to planned parenthood here in town and the nurse said it was a genital wart and the red little bumps were other warts that may form or wont form but it doesn't look like anything i saw in pictures for genital warts because it is really thin and flat and not cauliflower shaped. The nurse told me about treatments and recommended and aldara type cream she said it was the best way to boost my immune system. So i went to a urologist and got a second opinion.
Avatar n tn The pimples look similar to molluscum, which I had a bout with about two years ago. I cannot be sure though. After looking at Folliculitis pictures on the internet and re-examining myself, it appears that a hair is growing through most of the pimples. My questions are A)Can molluscum reoccur?B)How long does it take for folliculitis to develop, if this is what it is? C)Could it be something else? There is no fever or pain urinating.
Avatar n tn They are not red, and I have been looking at pictures of fordyce spots that seem to resemble what I have. Small clusters of whitish-yellow bumps. I also have some irregularities around the edges of my tongue and along the cheek. My throat has also begun hurting since I last saw the doctor a week ago.
Avatar m tn Then, the next day is started to itch and turned red. And looked like the pictures of a herpes blister. At first, my thought was that it was too many weeks out to be a primary HSV2 outbreak. Plus, it was only one, and it didn't have all of the prodrome symptoms. Now, I do have oral HSV1, and in fact, noticing this bump just happened to coincide with one of my cold sore outbreaks.
Avatar n tn This i believed appear after i notice sort of a rash on my penis gland, i usually get these rashed from sweet, or if i wear humid clothes, I had sex a couple of days before the bumps appeared, the girl i had sex with got her self check up before and after we had sex and she seems to be clean.
Avatar m tn this doctor saw nothing abnormal but sent me to a dermatologist. He looked at them and said they were flat warts and used liquid nitrogen to burn some off and then i used the aldara for the rest of the time. throughout this treatment he said things looked good and the redness was because the cream was working. In February after 16 weeks of aldara i went back to the same dermatologist and he said everything was clear.
Avatar n tn I even went to the city clinic and got a visual examination of the areas and some suspecting small bumps. It started to hurt in the perenieal area so I went back to my school's health clinic and had a prostate exam (of all things...). Still nothing. I saw a newer doctor at my school and he examined my penis and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.
Avatar f tn If you had an active herpes sore you would test positive, ask for testing to ease your mind. If you are not comfortable with your doc, get a second opinion. If you didn't have this sore til after your treatment then it is odd you would suddenly have an outbreak. I guess it could happen but there is no way to know what it is without testing/doc confirmation.
Avatar m tn On the fifth day I went to a Dermatologist, he said it might be genital warts ( on the fifth day after exposure!!!) and prescribed Aldara 5% cream every day for 5 days, three days after that I returned for a follow up as things did not go any better. The Doctor said it is not warts nor Herpes for sure. He said it is Allergic Contact Dermatitis and gave me Topical corticosteroid 0.1% cream and Xyzal tablets.
Avatar f tn How long after freezing will it take for them to go away? I have read that some people use this Aldara cream after having them frozen and that in combination, this is the most effective. I was going to ask the doctor about that. Would you recommend this?
Avatar n tn I recently started working out at the gym and doing a lot of cardio. I sweat a lot and thought that it was just folliculitis since I had that before. They do not have an umbilication that the pictures on the web sites have (I've used a mangnifying glass). Nor do they look like any picture of molluscum that I've seen out there on the web. I noticed about 3 of them in that area under my navle and as I looked deeper into my pubic hair I noticed about 5 to 6 more of them.
Avatar n tn Recently, my boyfriend was having some bowel trouble, and just to see what I could find I was googling possible causes and wound up coming across some pages and pictures of anal skin tags- and that's really what my condition looks like. I don't think I mentioned my hemorrhoids to either NP, but I'm sure I mentioned the sexual history recent to their appearance.
Avatar n tn I am sexually active and i have seen a gyno before and its scary at first but its worth it trust me I'm going to see one again soon but until then I really don't know what the bumps are.
Avatar n tn Even while we were having protected sex she would often bleed while engaged in certain positions and after my symptoms I recalled that at one point she had indicated that she had dsplaysia but was in the process of getting it resolved. It was just never explained to me properly and again I never researched it until months later. Roughly about 5 months ago I noticed a stalk maybe about 1/4" on the tip of my penis not only on the glans about 1/4" to my urethral opening.
Avatar m tn I was wondering if it was possible to have pearly penile papules on an area other than around the head of the penis? I have genital warts but after cryotherapy and 4 months of aldara, my derm said i was fine and that i should stop using the cream. I had what he had called flat warts and right now it still looks like i may have a few of them. The bumps are so small that i have to look very closely and pull the skin tight to even see. My last visit the dr.
Avatar m tn Recently, I've been soaking my feet in Epsom salt, applying Terrasil wart removal cream at night and rubbing aloe vera gel on my feet during before I start my day. It seems to be working somewhat with the smaller warts, but the bigger wart on my opposite foot hasn't noticeably decreased in size. Will be trying the apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball remedy starting tonight... I drink an Emergen-C and eat an Activia yogurt every morning for breakfast.