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Avatar n tn A few months later the warts came back and I revisited the clinic and they were frozen once again, but this time I was given 'Aldara' cream to apply three times a week on the warts. I have visited the GUM clinic around four or five times since and been given the freezing treatment followed by Aldara cream and although every time I had the full STI testing this was found to be the only virus I had (or had symptoms for).
Avatar f tn Im taking Aldara or m GW its been a lil ova a week and it just started burning around my out breaks is this normal like when water hits it something like dat. is this normal should it burn. its like a burning itching feeling. should i call my doctor or is this suppost to happen?
2206935 tn?1373642205 Hi im 19yo guy with anal warts tried warticon all august didnt work (no side effects also,no burning nothing) been using aldara for 2 weeks and i feel burning and its red the area is it working? how long does it take?
2206935 tn?1373642205 iv been feeling sick daily (sneezing,tiredness,runny nose) this all started a year ago since i was positive for hpv and herpes i used warticon for a month for hpv ..didnt aldara been 4 weeks...
Avatar m tn I have just been to my local GUM / STD clinic, and the senior consultant doctor has prescribed the use of Aldara 5% cream, both externally around the anus, and also INTERNALLY, with the proviso that I do this 3 times a week for 3 months, using half the sachet internally, washing off after 8 hrs.
Avatar m tn I had tried Imiquimod, Aldara and some other creams for a while without seeing improvements. My girlfriend used Imiquimod and got positive results. Maybe, I was not so lucky.
Avatar n tn I just found out I had HPV yesterday and had my warts frozen and was given aldara to use in two days time. My question was, when would it be ok to masturbate again, and when would it be ok to have sex again?
2206935 tn?1373642205 Hi...try using wartstop24 to remove warts. It's safe and easy to use...
Avatar f tn and if they are up my bum god knows how they will remady the situation. just feels as though its getting worse not better warticon feels a bit hot and itchy and its ever multiplying wart virus.
Avatar f tn I did one a week for four weeks and now I am about to start Aldara tomorrow but I have my period so I might delay til it is over. I have to figure out if I can do it while on my period or not. Regardless of that my doc told me to wait a week after the last acid treatment before starting the rx. So that might be the same with you. I am a bit worred about what the new treatment will do as well but I would rather have a bit of pain than warts!!!
Avatar f tn at first i was using a condom in all my relationship but my dr diagnose me with hpv about 5 months ago as i had one small outbreak in the shaft of my penis and he advise me to remove it.. and i agreed i dont have any outbreak after and i went twice for check and nothing found !! untile now after i removed that possible wart i read it can be tested to confirm hpv diagnosis and the type.. but my dr didnt tell me that.. i really feel angry and sad..
Avatar n tn I just was wondering if there were any types of topical creams and such that I might be able to use to speed up the healing process and make these red spots look less shocking. Also, once these things heal over, is it likely that they will leave a permanent scar? Thanks all.
Avatar n tn I was given Cryotherapy treatment to warts on the head of my penis in my home country and told that if that did not work I should go to a pharmacy in Vietnam to get any Topical cream (Podophyllotoxin - Condylox, Wartec, Warticon, Podofilox, and also Aldara and Imiquimod) if the warts persisted. Unfortunately I have searched through many pharmacies and clinics here in Vietnam, and also in Cambodia, and none stock any of these creams or are much help in providing similar solutions.
Avatar m tn If this is not possible, only in your case (and not your wife's) you could treat them yourself with either Warticon (podophyllotoxin) or Aldara (Imiquimod). However in the case of your wife, these are contraindicated during pregnancy. Genital warts may rapidly enlarge during pregnancy, probably as a result of altered immune system or increased oestrogen/progesterone, but they regress after delivery often with complete resolution without any treatment.
2206935 tn?1373642205 No one treatment is better than another. People react differently to each type of method used. Your doctor may try to use liquid nitrogen and freeze your warts. I do not recommend surgery. Your warts will resolve eventually on their own anyway, be patient.
Avatar n tn I went back to the GUM clinic and another doctor gave me the warticon again, I have used this for the last 4 weeks and it has had no effect, the wart is growing again. Although I do not think the smaller cluster on the right side is coming back. What is really depressing me about all this at the moment is that the last doctor I saw told me that it can take upto 3 years to get rid of HPV. I've tried 3 different treatments now and I still have the HPV.
Avatar f tn Hello, i got diagnosed with genital warts 3 months ago, at this time i got given some warticon cream to apply, to which i did and the few warts got a bit smaller, i was happy, then they started appearing again with my next prescription, but this time there are far more, bigger and all over.
2206935 tn?1373642205 im 19yrs itll be my 20th month since 2011 with warts NEVER going away i have anal warts and sometimes i s ee blood during bowel movement due to it.. i tried aldara warticon acv no effect...Now i just did freezing and am waiting to see if it work.. i feel so depressed and very bad..why cant doctors cure this? will it ever so tried emotionally i just wanna die!
Avatar m tn About 3 years had passed and I decided to try and get rid of them once and for all - I have had several cyrotherapy treatments and also I use warticon cream - they both work initially - but then the same warts come back within a week - I must be on my 6th cycle of treatment at least by now and yet they still keep recurring - in one instance a new one has appeared at a completely different location.
Avatar f tn So again, I am applying warticon to them for 3 weeks and then to go back to the sexual health clinic. It's not fair, I just want them gone, I can't have sex with my new boyfriend who I have been with for 6 weeks now because there is no way I want to pass it onto him. I haven't told him why and I don't want to, because even though he's lovely and understanding he will think I'm dirty! And I know he will get bored of waiting for me to have sex with him!
Avatar n tn cryotherapy and also treatments that can be prescribed for home use like Warticon paint and Aldara. I looked your Gynotrol up and all I could find was statements that doctors were hiding secret natural remedies from an unsuspecting public. The secret ingredients were not mentioned. Personally I think probably complete rubbish. You can wait for your warts to go - mean duration = 9 months without further re-infection.
Avatar n tn I have them bad, they've been in my penis head, under the foreskin, loads in and around my anal passage and on my scrotum. I tried electrosurgery first and that zapped them away but they came back. I tried acid which didn't really seem to work. I tried aldara which irritated everything but didn't seem to impact the warts. I've been using warticon which painfully gets rid of them but what happens is the skin grows back a week later, but then the week after that warts magically reappear.
Avatar m tn I have recently been diagnosed with Genital warts. My GP started me on Aldara 5%. I have 2 starting and now i have about 15. Im getin depressed over this as i cant see any improvement and started a new relationship the same week i was diagnosed. I have of course talked to him about it and he has been checked out at the local STD clinic and is clear. Im so upset about this im not sleepin. Has anyone any advise as im considering getin them frozen off.
Avatar n tn ) so now I don't get angry about it. I have tried various treatments such as Warticon and the Cryo (freezing) but each without much success. I've got to admit I didn't use the treatments thoroughly enough at first, which is maybe why im still suffering? I'm now in the middle of a treatment called Aldara, which is meant to stimulate the bodies immune system into fighting the virus. Warticon is the least powerful, which is why I think they give it to new cases.
Avatar m tn About 3 years had passed and I decided to try and get rid of them once and for all - I have had several cyrotherapy treatments and also I use warticon cream - they both work initially - but then the same warts come back within a week - I must be on my 6th cycle of treatment at least by now and yet they still keep recurring - in one instance a new one has appeared at a completely different location.