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Albuterol use during pregnancy

Common Questions and Answers about Albuterol use during pregnancy


1057060 tn?1266513126 However, my asthma inhaler is a different story, Like Losingmymind said, it is VERY important for the baby to have the proper amount of oxygen. The only inhaler I currently use is my Albuterol and I used it with my first pregnancy too. I did a ton of research and found out it's been around for years and used safely to control asthma during pregnancy.
7730563 tn?1393781747 Some medicines are not so safe during pregnancy. But, sometimes the risk of not taking them is worse than taking them. I have seasonal asthma/ allergies. I have been on my inhaler, sinus meds, and 2 rounds of antibiotics in the past 2 weeks.when having respiratory problems such as asthma, when an attack happens it usually causes a fast raipid heartbeat and anxiety. This is not good for the baby. That is why a breathing treatment with the machine is a last resort.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone here uses an albuterol inhaler and are they safe to use during pregnancy? I use one every now and then but not on a daily basis. I'm only 5 weeks along. I used mine tonight because I felt like I absolutely had to.
Avatar f tn I haven't used it myself, but my mom did with my baby brother and he's a healthy one.
435139 tn?1255460391 ve had asthma through all my pregnancies and have used my albuterol inhaler during all of them. Only necessary a few times during the beginning but towards the end with it being harder to breath becuase of pressure on the lungs I've had to use it more...I haven't had any problems come from the use of my albuterol. It may be cat. C however the benefits outweigh the risks.
Avatar f tn Phill, the nebulizer just delivers the albuterol in a better form, doesn't it? It's still albuterol? If your doc knows you're on that, it sounds like it would probably be safe to take. Do you have an after hours nurse you could call to confirm that? If you can't get your breathing under control and you feel like you can't catch your breath it's an emergency situation - you can always go to the ER and they will treat you right away. Best wishes with it.
746512 tn?1388807580 When do you know to use the albuterol? My main complaint was coughing fits (up to 3-4 a night and constant during the day) and chest tightness. I now have a peak flow and monitoring that as well, the "normals" they have for me (female, 20 years, 52" tall) is between 444-460. At the doctors just as I was starting advair I was normally around 250-280 and now I'm up to 360-410 at home.
Avatar n tn Most inhaled asthma medications are safe to continue during pregnancy. It is very important for you to maintain your health and ability to breathe so that the baby can be healthy. The general thought is that your ability to breathe well is more important than any risk the meds may pose to the baby (which are very low). You should follow-up with your doctors to make sure that you are on an apropriate treatment plan at thist time. God bless.
Avatar n tn My opinion is that the wrestling career has to come to an end and it is irresponsible to use an albuterol enhaler before the matches. The coach who knows about this should be suspended from coaching. Asthma is life-threatening. If a doctor recommended this protocol his actions are irresponsible. Your son could have an attack that could end up in his death and I am certain there is not an ALS crew at the match with someone certfied in endotracheal intubation. That being said, take heart.
370736 tn?1247242917 I have asthma and use inhaler (long acting and short acting) and Singulair. My pulmonary doc and OB said they're fine to use in pregnancy. I have been using my inhaler a lot more during pregnancy and I'm pretty sure it's because we are now breathing for 2 and our blood flow (which carries oxygen) is going for 2.
1987536 tn?1337916244 their daily affair treatment plus albuterol as needed? The reality is that I have had allergic rhinitis during the whole pregnancy, I am 18 weeksand the last two days have been horrible w my breathing. So, I used my rescue nebulizer yesterday and today with albuterol. I feel much better, but curiosity intrigued me and I started Googling about the risks of not taking meds vs taking the meds and they both blow.
2022046 tn?1334494634 I use it all the time. And I did with my other two pregnancies as well! You have to breathe!! Don't make yourself miserable or in distress.
1754037 tn?1327886811 I was told the steriod I was on would be safe while pregnant but I didn't want to take any risk so I did end up needing the albuterol inhaler more. I took it at least once a day sometimes more depending on if I was around smoke or up moving a lot. This pregnancy I've had to take my albuterol everytime I walk outside and I still take it every morning when I wake up.
Avatar m tn During that time he got an ear infection, now it has recovered, but during one of the doctors said he should start using albuterol for his cough if it contiues, that he had during his ear infection. His ear infection has gone away, but his cough hasn't! Should I use albuterol or some other medicine, or am I able to treat it without using any drugs. I also gave him claritin to see if it was caused by allergies but that did not work. Help would be appreciated! Thank you!
Avatar f tn Has anyone here taken albuterol inhaler during pregnancy and had a healthy pregnancy? I'm 22 weeks and asthma has been a little bad it's controllable but the only thing that calms it is my albuterol inhaler doctor said its fine to take I'd rather not be taking it but its the only thing that helps me I usually just take up to 2-3 puffs a day..
Avatar f tn Hi everyone... I was just wondering if anyone knows about asthma treatment during pregnancy. I am a 24 yr old who is looking to get pregnant and have come off my advair and singlair but am now taking my albuterol MDI several times a day. I don't know if there is something other than the advair that I can take or If I should just go back on it.
1754037 tn?1327886811 Has anyone taken their albuterol inhaler thru out ur pregnancy??? I'm a bit worried if it is safe for my baby! I been taking it since it's the only thing I can take when I can't breath. I just need some re assurance that it is safe & wondering if any1 else pregnant & taking albuterol inhaler.
Avatar f tn Both were treated with albuterol and an oral steriod. The second attack caused him to be hospitalized during treatment because he was not responding well to 3 doses of albuterol via nebulizer and had low oxygen sat. (88%). Both of the epsiodes occured during a cold/virus. My Dr. is reccomending a once daily pulmicort treatment for prevention purposes. I am a little hesitant to be giving him this at such a young age and only a short time of displaying these symtoms.
1154802 tn?1266485720 If by inhaler you mean the dose measured albuterol, I would say use albuterol in a nebulizer instead. The reason I prefer the nebulizer is that you can use as little as you need since it is not measured. I have a small portable nebulizer (slightly bigger than a cell phone) which I take everywhere with me. As far as effictiveness is concerned, albuterol is albuterol no matter how you take it. I got off the inhaled steroids because they were killing me (literally).
Avatar f tn Now im looking online and see its a class C! Im nervous I may have done harm to baby. Anyone else use albuterol while pregnant first trimester?
Avatar m tn As you are now having to use your Albuterol every few hours, you do need to make an appointment to see the doctor and have a lung function test done to determine if the asthma has not got worse. Sometimes there are triggers that make the asthma worse, like when it is cold or too hot, smoky atmospheres and doing more strenuous exercise, stress, getting a viral or bacterial infection, allergies to house dust mite, feathers and other things.
726605 tn?1231368596 Do you take these on a daily basis. Medrol is hardcore. What does your doctor say about medrol during pregnancy. I assume you mean albuterol in the nebulizer. I've taken that during pregnancy...but that's when my asthma's been out of control. Sound like the meds you are taking are "short-term". Those aren't anything you would take on a regular basis for controlling asthma. In any event...
Avatar f tn It is always a good idea to ask your physician about taking any medication during pregnancy. That being said, ocasional use of albuterol sulfate should have no adverse impact on the fetus. Respiratory arrest, which is a possibility in an acute asthmatic attack (if the inhaler isn't used), most certainly will. The inhaler is basicly keeping your airways open. The systemic dose is very small.
677938 tn?1226344160 Hi. I Have Asthma && I Use An Albuterol Inhalation.And Everytime I Have An Asthma Attack I Use It And It Feels Like I Cant Catch My Breath..Whats Going On? Its Had Me In The Hospital Many Of Time ??
Avatar n tn Is the flovent the same type of medicine lije as the albuterol inhailor. I can use the albuterol inhaler but i am not sure if i can use the flovent or not. Can someone give me this answer please? i have looked and looked for this type of answer but cant seem to find it any where. I would appreciate if someone could help me out please.
Avatar m tn I am 36 yrs. old. I have three normal echos on file before my last c-section (two were taken during the last trimester of my last pregnancy & one during the second trimester of the last pregnancy). DURING THE LAST C-SECTION SURGERY, the anaesthesiologist said I had an episode of v-tach straight out of an episode of House.
Avatar f tn And, phew... I used albuterol inhaler during Tx because of bronchitis for months. It was ventolin Susan. So I just searched everywhere & could find NO contraindications w/ SOF or LDV ( Harvoni) !! Hi Linda, excited for your labs & bday next week... gonna be a great year! I listened a bunch of times & ad says amiodarone, St John's & rifampin. Grateful I first thought he said albuterol too, but it , of course, was amiodarone . We can all breathe now :-) Thx again Pat!