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Avatar n tn Is there a significant difference between using an albuterol inhaler as opposed to a Combivent inhaler? I have a family member that receives an extra monthly Combivent inhaler but am not sure if it is safe to use long term instead of the albuterol I was prescribed.
Avatar m tn I have the same thing going but I have an Albuterol inhaler and only when i wake up my voice is like a whisper and then i cough but whenever I take a shower it will go away and that's possibly because I take very hot showers and so when the hot water hits it i guess it just goes away. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone... I was just wondering if anyone knows about asthma treatment during pregnancy. I am a 24 yr old who is looking to get pregnant and have come off my advair and singlair but am now taking my albuterol MDI several times a day. I don't know if there is something other than the advair that I can take or If I should just go back on it.
16483458 tn?1448372795 I was on MDI for 5 years, then the pupm for 2 years and I asked to go back to MDI, it's been 3 years. Results are similar good, pain was hirgher so was financial cost. I fell more freedom with MDI.
Avatar f tn Really hard to say which will work better. Since like punk others prefer mdi. However it week be very valuable if you can get him a cgm (continuous glucose minitoring).
Avatar f tn I was having a hard time breathing 2 nights ago and decided to try my daughters albuterol inhaler. I used 5 puffs over a 24 hour period. I dont know why but I assumed it was harmless to use while pregnant. Now im looking online and see its a class C! Im nervous I may have done harm to baby. Anyone else use albuterol while pregnant first trimester?
Avatar f tn Hi, Asthma cannot worsen angina but over use of inhaler albuterol can lead to low potassium levels in the blood, which in turn can cause palpitations, arrhythmias, irregular beats etc. So if you are experiencing frequent attacks of asthma, you should try to prevent triggering agents which cause asthma and also get evaluated by a pulmonologist for correction of dose of polemicist for preventing further attacks of asthma. Hope this helps. Best.
Avatar n tn recently diagnosed with COPD/emphysema. hospitalized three times: finally determined that i'm allergic to sulfate based albuterol, combivent, all of the usual "suspects." i'm now on advair (one week= 115 ) and doing okay - except the only rescue inhaler i can tolerate is primotene mist. just took an oximeter test - came out 86-87. i think it's too soon to go on oxygen, until we see if advair works. but i worry about the advair too.
Avatar f tn Does she take inhaled steroids daily? I was unable to use an MDI when I was sick and had to switch to nebbed pulmacort. That with the constant albuterol helped a lot. She may need to switch to a nebbed ICS while she is sick. Praying for you and her.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with an exercise induced asthma and prescribed a 90 mcg albuterol inhaler. I didn't use it much as I was fine most of the time. But just recently I have been having to use my inhaler every few hours or so because if I don't I get really short breathed. I don't know what's going on and it's worrying me.
746512 tn?1388807580 I was just wondering if anyone here gets side effects from taking albuterol. I have only had the inhaler for about 2 weeks and notice very painful calf muscle cramps that occur a couple hours after taking the inhaler (suppose to pre-treat for a lecture hall that really bugs me). They seem to be getting worse with every dose (only noticed the last couple of times of using it), today my legs are still very sore and crampy and I took the dose 10 hours ago.
Avatar n tn My pulmonary specialist just gave me an Advair Diskus and increased my Albuterol breathing treatments to 4-6 daily and my Combivent Inhaler every 4 hours. I almost died from an asthma attack last weekend. I had emergency heart surgery in June and have been having arrhythmias so I'm on a heart monitor for this month. I understand that Advair causes heart palpitations. Since I'm already having trouble with my heartbeat, I'm afraid to try the Advair.
Avatar f tn Hi, I just saw it on my local nbc news, very nice. I thought I heard it say to let your doctor know if you take albuterol, why? That is a very common drug, I took it while taking Sovaldi. Just wondering. FYI I am coming up to my one EOT next week, and my 65th birthday.
Avatar f tn Sent me on my way with increased dose of prednisone and told me i was wheezing. Said my daughter was fine and she coughs so much ot makes her sob and requiring albuterol tx. I am at crossroads with her what to do.
Avatar n tn We are currently using an albuterol inhaler 15 min before his matches, also a Flovent inhaler twice a day, and have recently started taking singulair. Thus far these have not worked. Please help with any suggestions you may have...we are desperate to help our son succeed in the sport he loves.
Avatar n tn I took a one time dose of 40 mg of prednisone along with albuterol this past weekend due to being in an asthma attack, and Iam still experiencing side effects from the prednisone. How long does a one time dose of prednisone stay in your system, and how long can the side effects last?
1154802 tn?1266485720 If by inhaler you mean the dose measured albuterol, I would say use albuterol in a nebulizer instead. The reason I prefer the nebulizer is that you can use as little as you need since it is not measured. I have a small portable nebulizer (slightly bigger than a cell phone) which I take everywhere with me. As far as effictiveness is concerned, albuterol is albuterol no matter how you take it. I got off the inhaled steroids because they were killing me (literally).
Avatar f tn A blood test showed up positive for a small amount of alcohol and there had been no alcohol drank or even in the house. That day a dose of liquid methadone was taken and an albuterol breathing treatment given. Someone told me they thought methadone could metabolize into alcohol in the body, but I've never heard this. How is it possible for alcohol to show up?
Avatar f tn The textbook answer is "absolutely not". But my answer would be there is no significant harm in doing so. The problem with albuterol is that the cells become de-sensitized to the chemical, and suddenly it doesn't work at all. Sometimes a short "holiday" from albuterol will cause the cells to reset. You mom has what is sometimes called a "twitchy" lung. And it has to be de-sensitized. Often a single week or two of prednisone will do the job.
1057060 tn?1266513126 anyways my point is my asthma is manageable, like i wont pass out or anything without medicine it just can make me really lightheaded and very uncomfortable. i have always been on advair and albuterol but since i got pregnant i have refused to take them just because im really uncomfortable taking medicine at all. i wont even take tylenol. this is probably stupid but i figure that if i dont have to have it theres no point in taking it.
Avatar m tn Have you tried using just albuterol and natural anti-inflammatories? Steroids can have nasty side effects. I am managing (after many problems) without them and am doing fine (actually better than I was before).
Avatar f tn And I was wondering if you could get an MDI in your hip, because I am experiencing similar pain in my hip and shoulder.
Avatar f tn s been hospitalized a few times with bronchiolitis when he was 1 years old. The typical treatment has been 2ce a day pulmicort and 3xs a day to every 4 hours of albuterol. If that didn't work they would add predisone and sometimes zithromax. And those combos knocked it out. Well he now has 3 weeks of a rattling cough that just doesn't go away. They said no wheeze and we've been doing the pulmicort and albuterol. Well it isnt' helping. So the ped feels we'll add Singulair.
1574314 tn?1296201282 s who use prednisone as a crutch or a way to get the patient from stop calling or complaining that a dose or taper will make there breathimg much better very quickly, There can be serious complications because of this use.