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Avatar n tn That is what makes us jittery (it's long acting in the Advair and may be called something else, but it is just like albuterol). Remeber when you first used your inhaler? I remember I was shaking like crazy, but just happy I could breath. Now, with Advair, it's a constant ongoing crappy feeling. I'm going to use the Advair one time daily because we have to treat asthma. But, stay positive and know that you aren't he only one with this problem and there are other ways to treat it.
Avatar m tn The cells do become used to the albuterol medication and don't respond as readily. Try taking a simple magnesium glycinate supplement, 500 mg a day (the magnesium helps to dilate the airway passageways) and discuss with your physician about prescribing Foradil, an unhaled beta agonist, that is taking twice a day (it lasts for twelve hours). Some people have problems with Foradil, but for others it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Avatar m tn Let's get to bottom of this first. Advair and Albuterol are *asthma* medicines. In your post, you do not describe any symptoms of asthma. Do you actually have this disease? If so, attempting to stop these medicines could be dangerous. If you *don't* have asthma, then these medicines were inappropriately prescribed to you and stopping them should have no adverse effects -- and may actually be a very wise idea! The symptoms you described should not be treated with those medicines.
Avatar n tn I am using advair for my asthma and it seems to help with those symptoms and I also have a rescue inhaler Flovent. But i do clean my advair diskus before and after each use. I dont have any infections in my mouth or lung i just have the white mucus and it has only been happening for two months and I have been using the advair about a year now. I heard from someone that the white mucus could be from that true?
1425157 tn?1311655279 i got bronchitis and the doc first put me on abuterol and it knocked my heart for a loop and then he put me on advair and it did the same thing so we just stopped it....they are obviously loaded w. steroids and we all know how great that is for all of us....i could call the doc and ask him/her if there is anything out there on the market that they can prescribe to you to keep your bronchials open w. no side effects of the adrenaline rushes....
1679876 tn?1304747215 I have been given Advair to take for my copd, but one side effect is fast and irregular heart beat, chest pain and increased BP----I take Metoprolol succ er for my PSVT--- -Will the Advair Diskus work against my metoprolol meds? I am alllergic to Penasylin, tetrocycoline, decadron, dyphahidromine, and benedril. My other meds I take are: zolof, welbrutrin, seroquel xr, gabapentine,tizanidine hcl and pravastatin sodium----will there be any adverse reactions to any of these meds?
Avatar f tn After I have been laying down for a few hours, I wake up with wheezing and difficulty in breathing just about every night. I have been using my Albuterol Inhaler with one spray to open up my ability to breathe normally and then go back to sleep. Now my doctor tells me that using a rescue inhaler more that twice a month is not safe and that I can further damage my lungs; or that daily use, even if only once a day, could cause my lungs to shut down.
1057060 tn?1266516726 anyways my point is my asthma is manageable, like i wont pass out or anything without medicine it just can make me really lightheaded and very uncomfortable. i have always been on advair and albuterol but since i got pregnant i have refused to take them just because im really uncomfortable taking medicine at all. i wont even take tylenol. this is probably stupid but i figure that if i dont have to have it theres no point in taking it.
Avatar n tn -Had GI workup and am now on nexium 2/day and zantac at night. Baclofen 3x/day and elavil 50 mg at night.(nutcracker esophagus diagnosed) -missed advair a few times and burning seemd little better. Started up again - yesterday burning was increased. -burning REALLY seem to be in trachea - not esophagus. sometimes burning so bad when I do albuterol it REALLY burns.
Avatar m tn I am 81 years old and stopped smoking at 56. I have been getting short of breath gradually, but am still active:I ride my bike and I can walk a mile ,perhaps not briskly, but I can do it without trouble. I have been tested by a Respirologist and he says I have COPD. He wants me to start using Advair. I am resisting, it being a sort of lifestyle thing with me.
Avatar n tn I have a 10 year old son who takes 2 puffs of Advair (115mcg) daily to control his Asthma and uses Albuterol (fast acting inhaler every 4-6 hours as needed). He is currently in his second year of immunotherapy maintenance (monthly shots) for his allergies and has responded well to this treatment. My son also was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in the fall of last year 2008.
Avatar m tn I have been taking advair 500/50 and spiriva 18mg for over a year now in combination with each other. When I get a chest infection, guess what? can't breathe. When I do not have a cold I can breathe just fine. I recently had a full physical with my family doctor and just about died when I hit the scales. He is telling me that as long as I am taking steriods (prednisone included at times) I will have weight problems.
Avatar n tn who sent me for chest/lung xrays and bloodwork. She also gave me Advair 250/50 and Rhinecort. I started using both that day. Since then, I have a pressure or heaviness behind and slightly above my sternum and feel like I have something stuck in the back of my throat. Also sore throat and body aches. When I returned to the dr. for 1 wk.
Avatar f tn I first had bronchitis and they gave me Albuterol and the Zpac of antibiotics. I didn't get any better so then they put me on steroids for 5 days, then that didn't help now I'm on Advair and antibiotics again. Can anyone tell me if this sounds right to them and what kind of side effects have you had on the Advair. I've only been on it for 2 days now and I still have some tightness in my chest. I'm a runner and this is frustrating to me since I can't get out and exercise!!
Avatar f tn There are no withdrawl symptoms that I know of. And just to add....if you are not taking Advair as prescribed and you DO have an asthma attack, this drug will not help you. It is not a fast acting medication. Be sure to have albuterol or the like near by.
Avatar n tn drugs every year, but really they are re-hashing the same things over and over again. The latest ones are Advair and Symbicort. These are just combinations of previous drugs. Corticosteroids are non-specific and essentially shut down your immune system at the site of application. They do nothing about the cause of asthma. I used to get 6 chest colds and numerous sore throats a winter when I was on Flovent. I took all the precautions such as frequent gargling after application.
Avatar n tn My five year old son is currently taking singulair, advair, and albuterol for his allergy to dust mites. I have just recently found out that advair is not recommended for children under twelve, and am really concerned about this. He takes two puffs, twice a day of advair hfa 115/21. Is this safe for him?
Avatar n tn ) could be related to advair use but it's just one possible culprit. I'm a runner and just finished a marathon and got thrush again from advair so decided I wanted to at least take a break from it. Well, it's been a few days and I have never had such breathing problems before I used advair, I have a constant headache and I'm exhausted. I did taper for about a week.
Avatar n tn My former pulmonogist made me do this PFT test before taking albuterol and after taking it and there was no change at all and I do have asthma.
Avatar m tn From recent exacerbations, I suspect that cat allergens are an important source of flares that set off immediate and delayed asthmatic responses. I started Advair 500 nine days ago and began to decrease the dose of oral prednisone per orders (now on day 20 of pred) andI take cetirizine 10 mg once daily. My questions are as follows: 1. how long should it take for me to notice some meaningful improvement with noticeable decrease in the use of albuterol? 2.
Avatar n tn My pulmonary specialist just gave me an Advair Diskus and increased my Albuterol breathing treatments to 4-6 daily and my Combivent Inhaler every 4 hours. I almost died from an asthma attack last weekend. I had emergency heart surgery in June and have been having arrhythmias so I'm on a heart monitor for this month. I understand that Advair causes heart palpitations. Since I'm already having trouble with my heartbeat, I'm afraid to try the Advair.
Avatar n tn for the SOB (shortness of breath) symptoms even though already had been taking occasional Primatene tablets and albuterol inhaler for seasonal hayfever and allergy symptoms of SOB which worked quite well). Had a nightmare the very first night - have not had nightmares in decades (with the exception of Bushbaby in the White House but that is a real life nightmare). Also became easily agitated, restless and quick to anger.
Avatar m tn My daughter had acute bronchial asthma at the tender age of two and was on daily, regular meds as well as albuterol for rescue meds and steroids for lungs and through the nose for chronic allergic rhinitis. After 5 years of nonsense with these high dosages of meds and no long term results, we finally found the answer in salt therapy aka "halotherapy" or "speleotherapy" (cave salt therapy).
Avatar f tn It is ok to use all 3 of the medications mentioned. Although rare, albuterol and Advair can cause adverse cardiovascular effects such as hypertension, angina, palpitations, sinus tachycardia, or arrhythmias. Only take these as directed, do not take it more often than instructed by your physician.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have asthsma and use Advair. I have heard about some potential worrysome side effectsd and it's damm expensive. Does anyone have a better choice for controlling asthsma?
Avatar f tn Ever since I stopped taking Advair, I've become hypersensitive to any and all drugs!! Everything from Prilosec to Tagament. From vitamins to digestive enzymes. From Albuterol Sulfate (in nebulizer) to Singulair. Everything that I ingest in pill form or inhale (chemically) results in a SEVERE allergic reaction or SEVERE adverse reactions!! I've learned to combat the GERD by controlling my diet and eating more raw foods seems to do the trick. BUT my asthma really concerns me.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am a 26 year old female who never smoked and has no history of asthma in the family. For the past 9 months, I've been experiencing a mild shortness of breath, sometimes accompanied by a sharp (and sometimes dull) pain on the left side of my chest just above the breast. I've noticed the sharp pains from time to time when I inhale deeply or when I exhale fast and hard. Other than that, I don't wheeze or cough like many asthmatics do.
Avatar f tn The pharmacist's recommendation that you discontinue the Advair™ Diskus® (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Powder and substitute regular daily doses of albuterol was inappropriate and wrong. It is not consistent with the national guidelines for asthma treatment. The elevated residual volume is consistent with sub-optimally controlled asthma.
Avatar n tn 52 yo active/athletic male with asthma since childhood. I have been on Advair 50/250 for years and under good control. Within the past 3 years my asthma has become uncontrolled with daily chronic shortness of breath - I try using Albuterol as rescue med but derive little benefit. As a runner I have used Albuterol pretreatment before running (for >20yr), but again now find myself short of breath. Tried using Singulair, Accolade and Prednisone within past year all without much benefit.
Avatar n tn I have a daughter, highly allergic to dogs and cats, at eight we started her on Advair with specialist. We do not see a specialist for checkups and wonder about the longterm effects of Advair. Singular, albuterol did not help. I have heard bone density may be an issue so added calcium will help but what about eye problems. Should we have her screened...... We are from MA Advair has made an incredible difference.