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Avatar n tn I have emphysema. i use advair twice a day and spiriva one a day. The biggest problem for me is that I always seem to havemucus build up in the mornings. My doctor has told me to try mucinex, but that doesn't seem to work all the time. So i try using albuterol in the morning to help loosen up the mucus so that I can breath better.
Avatar n tn I am using advair for my asthma and it seems to help with those symptoms and I also have a rescue inhaler Flovent. But i do clean my advair diskus before and after each use. I dont have any infections in my mouth or lung i just have the white mucus and it has only been happening for two months and I have been using the advair about a year now. I heard from someone that the white mucus could be from that true?
1987536 tn?1337916244 He actually switched me from advair to symbicort, and from albuterol to xopenex. 24 weeks now and my little girl is doing just fine. They do need us to give them oxygen, so take your meds if you need to.
Avatar n tn s too soon to go on oxygen, until we see if advair works. but i worry about the advair too. will i ever get better and be able to switch to lower advair dose? my MD says i have "moderate" COPD....does it get better, or what?
Avatar f tn It is ok to use all 3 of the medications mentioned. Although rare, albuterol and Advair can cause adverse cardiovascular effects such as hypertension, angina, palpitations, sinus tachycardia, or arrhythmias. Only take these as directed, do not take it more often than instructed by your physician.
1425157 tn?1311651679 i got bronchitis and the doc first put me on abuterol and it knocked my heart for a loop and then he put me on advair and it did the same thing so we just stopped it....they are obviously loaded w. steroids and we all know how great that is for all of us....i could call the doc and ask him/her if there is anything out there on the market that they can prescribe to you to keep your bronchials open w. no side effects of the adrenaline rushes....
Avatar n tn My pulmonary specialist just gave me an Advair Diskus and increased my Albuterol breathing treatments to 4-6 daily and my Combivent Inhaler every 4 hours. I almost died from an asthma attack last weekend. I had emergency heart surgery in June and have been having arrhythmias so I'm on a heart monitor for this month. I understand that Advair causes heart palpitations. Since I'm already having trouble with my heartbeat, I'm afraid to try the Advair.
Avatar m tn My husband who is 61 has AFIB. He takes albuterol and advair when needed. Are any of these drugs dangers with his AFIB?
Avatar f tn Albuterol created a vocal cord problem. Now been put on Flovent Diskus 100mgc and continue the Albuterol. Question, do the Flovent and Advair have the fluticasone propionate ingredient in common? Tonight will be my 1st use of the Flovent. Concerned that I may have a mitral valve problem plus the emphysema. My symptoms of attack are severe shortness of breath, high heart rate, and the immediate need to urinate. Does anyone have anything similar to this?
1679876 tn?1304743615 I have been given Advair to take for my copd, but one side effect is fast and irregular heart beat, chest pain and increased BP----I take Metoprolol succ er for my PSVT--- -Will the Advair Diskus work against my metoprolol meds? I am alllergic to Penasylin, tetrocycoline, decadron, dyphahidromine, and benedril. My other meds I take are: zolof, welbrutrin, seroquel xr, gabapentine,tizanidine hcl and pravastatin sodium----will there be any adverse reactions to any of these meds?
370736 tn?1247242917 I have asthma and use inhaler (long acting and short acting) and Singulair. My pulmonary doc and OB said they're fine to use in pregnancy. I have been using my inhaler a lot more during pregnancy and I'm pretty sure it's because we are now breathing for 2 and our blood flow (which carries oxygen) is going for 2.
Avatar f tn Long acting forms are not recommend for use by asthmatics unless they are also being used with a corticosteroid as in Advair (Symbicort and Dulera as well). Short acting forms are a form of albuterol. They last about four hours and are considered the rescue inhaler. Advair and Spiriva is a common combination of meds for COPD patients. However, you should also have a rescue inhlaer containing some form of albuterol. Combivent is another option used by many COPD patients.
Avatar n tn I have had several problems with advair such as thrush and irregular heart beat. Also, my endocrinologist suggested that my osteopinia (sp?) could be related to advair use but it's just one possible culprit. I'm a runner and just finished a marathon and got thrush again from advair so decided I wanted to at least take a break from it. Well, it's been a few days and I have never had such breathing problems before I used advair, I have a constant headache and I'm exhausted.
Avatar n tn I dont recommend coming off the advair though. The initial 3 days I had horrible congestion and wheezing that albuterol could not relieve. Funny doesnt sound like asthma if the albuterol doesnt help. I dont have productive coughs anymore after stopping the advair. It seems the advair was making the mucous come up like crazy. I am seeing a doctor in a couple of days to get a pft without the advair.
Avatar f tn well advair is a steroid and it acts on the relive inflammation.. in the lungs to open constricted airways to breath..the only thing this could become from advair realy nothing wants you stop taking,s done...but did you ween urself off of it?? it can cause adverse problems but thats only wile your using i cant say the advair is a factor in whats going on with you..
212161 tn?1599427282 I use advair twice a day and combivent when my asthma kicks in and i don't notice much racing when i use em
Avatar f tn s recommendation that you discontinue the Advair™ Diskus® (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Powder and substitute regular daily doses of albuterol was inappropriate and wrong. It is not consistent with the national guidelines for asthma treatment. The elevated residual volume is consistent with sub-optimally controlled asthma.
Avatar m tn I currently take advair and Spiriva medication.. is this the one and only mediacation,since there are no genericand here in the united states unlike the rest of the world which has a free market, we are controlled by the drug industry.
Avatar f tn I spent the next 3 months going through Albuterol inhalers and albuterol in my nebulizer. And also then Budesonide in my nebulizer. Nothing helped. I was having near-death experiences trying to get to the nebulizer to open up my air passages. I finally called my pharmacy to find out why I did not get my advair and it turned out that I could still get it and my price was the same as always with my medicare. After just one day I was immediately on the mend.
Avatar m tn The cells do become used to the albuterol medication and don't respond as readily. Try taking a simple magnesium glycinate supplement, 500 mg a day (the magnesium helps to dilate the airway passageways) and discuss with your physician about prescribing Foradil, an unhaled beta agonist, that is taking twice a day (it lasts for twelve hours). Some people have problems with Foradil, but for others it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Avatar f tn I take my rescue inhaler only when absolutely needed. I had no meds like Advair and Spiriva last winter. And I only had bronchitis once. Went to my family doctor and got an antibiotic for that. I am not suggesting everyone give up their breathing meds. NOT AT ALL. But, personally for me, I am doing better without all those meds. Sure I have symptoms. Some days I do good. Other days not so good. But, at least I am not getting sick nearly as much, while I was being given Advair and Spiriva.
Avatar m tn Usually it goes away on its own. I currently take advair, singulair, and proventil hfa. It seems to help with it some. I'm still working on getting asthma under good control though. None of the doctors I went to mentioned having this kind of problem until I flat out asked and they said yes it is pretty common.
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if anyone knows about asthma treatment during pregnancy. I am a 24 yr old who is looking to get pregnant and have come off my advair and singlair but am now taking my albuterol MDI several times a day. I don't know if there is something other than the advair that I can take or If I should just go back on it.
Avatar f tn That said, I have been on Advair for the last 10 years, and my asthma is now very controlled. Only time I need my inhaler is if I am doing extreme cardio exercise. Advair is a god send for me. Also, it is never a bad idea to have a nebulizer (breathing machine with liquid albuterol sulfate solution) in your home for those days where you can't seem to get relief from your inhaler. Not sure what would be causing the pain, maybe sleeping posture. Maybe stress.
1754037 tn?1327886811 I have used my albuterol and flovent inhalers in all but ONE of my pregnancies and my kids are fine. I did not take any oral medications though.